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December 29, 2001

So... wasting time before the

So... wasting time before the limo arrives to wisk us off to the airport. Whee! Excitement! Right now it is 11.2 degrees, without wind chill. It's highs in the 80s and lows in the 70s in Puerto Rico, and I assume for the rest of the Caribbean as well. WOOHOO!! Anyway, I want you all to party hard (but not too hard <.g>) on Monday.


Talk to you all in 2002. =)

December 28, 2001

I am all about stealing

I am all about stealing today, apparently. This one I stole from Kristine. The Friday Five. What a good idea! Wondering if I need to be in some secret Friday Five Club to be answering these... oh well. They're fun. <.g>

1. What was your biggest accomplishment this year?
Hmm. I survived a couple tough classes, both last spring and this fall. I made it through work this summer, which was a stressful, stressful thing. I started getting in shape 'n stuff, but that's kinda slipped the last month. Oops.

2. What was your biggest disappointment?
I've had a pretty satisfying year, truth be told. I think my biggest disappointment was actually September 11th, because my faith in humanity slipped a little then. It thankfully went back up again with all the pulling together everyone did. It's a give-and-take thing, though, because each time someone stupidly tries to do a mini-terrorist thing (like the guy with his explosive shoes), it brings me down a bit, and then the amazing reactions people have (coming together to stop mini-terrorist things) makes me feel better.

3. Will you be making any New Year's resolutions?
Probably. I want to start working out again. I've been doing it over break, and I know we did our little abs workouts every morning, but I want to keep that up throughout the school year. You with me, Shelley? <.g>

4. Where do you wish you were celebrating?
It's not so much where, but who with that I wish I could influence a bit. I'm quite excited to be going on the cruise, but I wish all my friends would be there, too!! One big par-tay on the blue-blue waters of the Caribbean with all my pals... now doesn't that sound nice?

5. What do you plan to do for New Year's Eve?
Not sure, exactly. I'm almost positive the Captain's Ball is that night. Regardless of whether it is or isn't, I know it's a Formal Night (we're having two... Yippee!!), so I get to dress up all pretty. Haven't done that since high school dances. Lol. Now if only I had a "special someone"... ha ha ha. In my dreams, right? Right. =)

I'm stealing things from Miggie

I'm stealing things from Miggie again. They previewed "Girlfriend" on TRL today, and here's part of JC's scene, as well as JC in a truly hideous hat. I'm not sure where that cap picture came from, because I didn't see it in the preview, but perhaps it was there... Can't wait to see the whole video! I want to see more than just Justin. =/

Good morning, good morning. Just

Good morning, good morning. Just sticking another picture on here so that I can retrieve it once I get back to school. Shell, I think you'll like this one. =)

Chris and JC playing... so cute!

December 27, 2001

Oh boy. Miggie posted about

Oh boy. Miggie posted about the new Girlfriend video which was apparently shown on MTV by mistake on Monday. HOW CAN I WAIT until I come home to see it? Ahhhhh!!!! That's it. I'm setting MTV New Years to tape here, even though I already set it to tape at school. It sounds absolutely delicious.

I tried to think of

I tried to think of New Years-y colors for the lyrics on my sidebar, but I couldn't really find any. I was aiming at silver and blue... too bad I can't find a shiny silvery color. So gray will have to do. Ah well.

Brrrr it's cold outside! Yesterday

Brrrr it's cold outside! Yesterday it was a high of, like, 15 degrees with a windchill of -3. Today it was somewhat warmer, around 20. But still DARN cold. I'm sooooo glad it's cold, though, because the fun factor of going to someplace warm in the middle of winter is raised like 20% when the people at home are suffering through frigid weather. <.g> I suppose I shouldn't complain about the cold, though... in high school we had Cold Days (like snow days, only no snow) because the windchill was -47. Now THAT is cold. First time finals got postponed in 17 years that year. Lol. Apparently, though, the record windchill low for Chicago is -88. Thank God I didn't have to suffer through that.

But anyway, in just under 36 hours I will be on a plane headed southwards! Southern Caribbean, here I come! Very excited. <.g> Today I bought two dresses, since we have two formal nights. I was only going to buy one, and use my homecoming dress from senior year in high school, but both dresses were on a REALLY good sale. One was only $51, marked down from, like, $125! No complaints. =) So one is short and black and only has a strap over one shoulder. It's pretty simple, but cute. And flattering, which is ALWAYS a good thing. The other is long and black (good thing, since I only have black shoes) and has a little bit of beading over the chest and down a little ways. Also flattering. Both minimize the bust AND the waist. Woohoo!!

So tomorrow I need to paint my toenails (sandals definitely require cute toes <.g>), finish packing, go to the bank... and talk to Carolyn. Carolyn, where are you?? I haven't talked to you in DAYS. Lol.

Okay, so all of a sudden, spell checker is not offered for free? Weird. Heck no, I'm not paying just to be able to spell check. ha ha. Strangely enough, I spell checked the post I posted this morning... why is it different now? Oh well. <.shrug> So don't blame me if I misspelled stuff. Ha ha. I am completely dependent on technology as far as spelling goes. <.g>

I keep forgetting to post

I keep forgetting to post my little Christmas Eve dream. It was so strange. I don't remember a lot of it. This was my first ever (remembered) *NSYNC dream, aside from the one where I dreamt I saw Justin's mom come out of some studio carrying a baby... if that counts. Anyway, this time I dreamt it was Christmas Day, and I was at school. Somehow, I knew this director who was going to direct an *NSYNC video. He was having auditions for girls to be in the video at the Auditorium. So I went. All I remember is sitting in these, like, church pews (which the Auditorium does not have.. they have regular fold-down seats in there.. <.shrug>), and I was sitting next to this director guy and chatting about things. Then he calls up a group of girls, including me, to have a singing audition. So I sang... whatever. And then this girl who had been sitting on my other side and I went to get snacks from the vending machine (which the Auditorium also does not have). And all I was worried about was the fact that it was noon on Christmas Day and I was three hours from home and I NEEDED to get home for Christmas. And I was pissed that they were having this video audition thing on Christmas because all the guys deserved to be home for Christmas, too. And the only appearance of a member of *NSYNC in this dream was that JC was sitting a few rows behind me in the Auditorium, and I knew the rest of them were there, somewhere, but I didn't see them. Weird, huh?

December 26, 2001

Today was a busy day!

Today was a busy day! Whew! I got up, went to Jazzercise, came home, went to lunch with Jess, Kyle, and Elizabeth from Civiltech (GOOD to catch up with everyone, but Kyle forgot the pictures of her wedding dress... sadness. So I will have to go back after the cruise to see them). Went straight to Borders to get a gift certificate for Connor (this is the second year in a row I've gotten him in the grab bag... lol) and I ALMOST bought an *NSYNC planner which was half off, but I already have my I-Book, and I really don't need TWO planners, even if it was for only $7.50. Ah well. Then I came home and turned around and went BACk out shopping with my mom. I returned a sweater which made my boobs look HUGE (and I don't need any help in that department, thank you very much). Then I came home and turned right around to go to Emily's for the gift exchange. After Emily's, Dorothy, Eric, Michelle, Pat, Craig, Jamie, Nicole and I went out for a drink. Then I came home. I seriously haven't spent more than, like, an hour and a half total at home all day until now. Ha ha.

Oo, I have pictures. Carolyn sent them to me. =) Every time I get pictures here at this computer, I'm going to have to post them to my blog so that I can have them at school, also. And with that brings the added bonus of getting to share them with all of you! Be excited. <.g>

JC and Lance on the couch. I miss seeing JC smile like this. Now, he does that sexy half-smile thing, but I never catch this cute little "happy smile" anymore.
This one's for Shelley.
Just JC and Lance. See, Lance looks all happy and smiley, but JC's doing that half-smile thing. Ah well. Heehee. I won't complain.

Okay, that's all. G'night everyone!

I hope everyone had a

I hope everyone had a FANTABULOUS Christmas. I sure did! Christmas Eve was wonderful. Both sets of grandparents came, my aunt and uncle and their two kids, Emmie and Erin, and my other aunt who is living with them right now. We sang carols, had a treasure hunt, had dinner, and then we went to the candellight church service, which was soooo pretty.

Then yesterday was nice as well. I got a new CD player which plays three CD's. Woohoo!! Very exciting. Heehee. I also got a Diskman, so this was the year for CD players, apparently. My sister was the most evil of all. I unwrapped her package and there were 4 smaller wrapped packages in there. I open one, and it's Patricia Cornwell's The Body Farm, which I had bought when we were in England before freshman year. But I thought she didn't know I had it, so I was all "Oh, yes! Patricia Cornwell! I have something to read on the cruise!" Then I opened the next one, which was the X-Files book Whirlwinds. Now I thought I'd had that one, too, but I knew I hadn't read it, and I wasn't sure which X-Files books I had. So I acted all happy and said "Woohoo! More cruise reading!" Then I opened the next one... a worn copy of The Shining. At that point I was like "I have this. This is mine!" and Jess burst out laughing. The other two had looked new. Well, Whirlwinds WAS new because I hadn't ever read it. So I opened the fourth present and it was a guide to Orlando that Mary (a woman I worked with at Civiltech) had given me before I went to Florida. So this time I said "And this was Mary's Christmas present to me two years ago!" By this point, Jess can't contain her laughter. So I'm all confused... and she's like "There's one more thing in the box." UNDER all the tissue is this one little piece of paper folded up. It's got a picture of *NSYNC (actually one I played with in PSP... lol) and it says "For your Christmas present, these guys want to do something special for you... They want to give you a membership to their fan club." Woohoo!! So all in all, it was a great gift. But dude, she was MEAN about it. Lol. I was soooo confused and trying my darndest to be gracious and happy about gifts I'd already read. Lol.

So anyway, after that we went to my aunt's house for dinner (lunch) and it was the first time my dad's entire family has been together in years. All five kids and their families (well, only three kids have families... the other two are divorced with no children) and both parents. So that was nice. And then we went to see Ocean's Eleven, which was pretty good. Lots of good people in it. Casey Aflek... he's hot. Lol. So, yay! Good Christmas!! I hope everyone's was nice as well. =)

December 23, 2001

I stole this picture

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!
I stole this picture from Carolyn. Heehee. Aren't they cute?

I just went to Durty Nelly's for Greg's 21st birthday party. What a place. Full of Palatine Townies. Excitement. It was a dive. Lol. There was this man with a microphone and a guitar singing dirty songs all night. I learned an interesting version of "The 12 Days of Christmas" and a great new camp song -- "There's a skeeter on my Peter, whack it off!" Just what I needed. lol. So I smell like smoke. Again. BUT...

IT SNOWED!!! And it STUCK!! We might have a white Christmas afterall! Woohoo!!

I just got my grades.

I just got my grades. I got a B+ in my evil psychology class! Woohoo! I'm a little disappointed because I had a B+ quiz average and an A- paper average before the last paper... I got a B+ on the paper, so that gave me the B+ overall. Ah well. It was a HARD class so I will be happy. Heehee. I got a B in Mental Retardation, which is the result of pure laziness. Grrr. That should have been an easy class. Ah well. And then 4 A's in my speech com classes! Woohoo!! This was, like, my hardest semester ever. At least at the end. So I am very happy I pulled off mostly A's. Yay!

Last night was the Holiday

Last night was the Holiday Party at the White Star Lounge. My family went out to dinner with the Gorskis to celebrate Jill's graduation (aaahhh!!! My friends are starting to be grown-ups! Ahhhh!!!), and then Jill and I went downtown to meet Aarti and some of her friends at the White Star. We never did meet Brad, the guy who owns the place and who was going to get us into the VIP room. =( But being on the list DID get us in for a $10 cover, rather than the $25 they were charging for the party. Yeesh!

Sadly, there were no sightings. Lol. But there was excitement. Jill, Aarti and I were out there dancing, and there were these Guidos dancing by us. This one guy had his sweater off (he was in a t-shirt) and his sweater was sweaty, and he kept whipping it around and hitting Jill with it, and the short guy had a cigarette that I was SURE was going to burn me. So we moved into the center, and they FOLLOWED us. Ugh. So we left the dance floor. When we went back out there, we were dancing (duh), and all of a sudden this circle opened up, and I thought people were break dancing or something. lol. Turns out it was a fight. I looked over just in time to see this one guy stand up, his face COVERED in blood. I mean covered. The floor was also covered in blood. It was spashed everywhere. YUCK. Good thing we hadn't been dancing too close. So people break up the fight and these two guys start making it back through the crowd... it was the Guidos! The short cigarette guy had his eye cut and it was all gross and bloody, and the other guy just had blood splashed down his back. GROSS GROSS GROSS. Then like 15 security guys ran in and I think they called the police.

Oh, and Shelley, we saw our friend... no, not Joseph. lol. We saw that short blond bouncer guy who kicked you out. But we were keeping an eye out for Joseph. Ha ha ha. All in all, it was interesting. QUITE a different crowd from the *NSYNC/OTL crowd we had last time. Lol. Some of the outfits in there... Yeesh! These girls were in competition with Britney Spears for Least Dressed, I think.

But we had fun, got home at 3:30, and Carolyn, you'd be proud. I slept till 12:30! I could have slept even later, but I knew my mom would give me crap if she came home from shopping and I was still in bed. lol. I really think it is my bed that keeps me from sleeping, because I've slept on the futon two nights in a row now and I've been able to sleep in both times.

Okay, cookies are about ready to come out of the oven. Yay! =)

December 21, 2001

Guess what Meg gave me

Guess what Meg gave me to borrow today? Her tape of the MMC marathon Disney played a while back!! I just spent two and a half hours watching MMC. Lol. SOOOOO FUNNY. JC is so completely adorable! Justin, Britney, Christina, Kerry Russell... all so cute. My FAVORITE is "Emerald Cove," though. Man. Wipeout. <.giggle> I think I might have to make a copy of this tape. Everything is so incredibly cheesey. Totally cute.

I went to Civiltech's office Christmas party today. It was good to see everyone again. A lot of new people have started since I last worked there, which was last Christmas. I kept having to ask Jess who people were. lol. But it was good. I'm going out to lunch with Kyle on Wednesday, so I'm excited. She's getting married in July, so she's going to catch me up on the wedding goings-on.

Ooo, look what Carolyn just IMed me!

December 20, 2001

My grandparents came out today.

My grandparents came out today. They're staying over here Christmas Eve, so my Grandpa had to have an oxygen tank delivered, so they came by to wait for it. Anyway, Road to Celebrity came on while they were here, and my grandma got TOTALLY engrossed in it. She kept asking "Now which one is the one you like?" and "Which one is Chris?" I don't know WHERE she came up with Chris. She really likes Chris. She's never seen *NSYNC before! I mean, Jess and I are both partial to JC... I really don't at all know how she even knew there was a Chris. Unless my mom was talking about them...Mom likes Chris, too. <.shrug> But RtC came on at 2. At about 2:45, my grandpa started talking about wanting to go home. I think he was getting tired. My grandma ignored him. Lol. Finally at 3:15 I said "Grandma, I have this on tape. Next time you come, I'll show you the last 45 minutes of it." That satisfied her. She was SO hooked on the show! She thinks JC's cute. Lol. And, like I said, she's quite into Chris. Might have something to do with the fact she named one of her children Chris. Who knows. My grandma is a character, let me tell you. She's going to turn into an *NSYNC fan yet. Just you wait and see. She likes them because "you can understand what they're singing." Unlike other bands on MTV. She was even trying to dance like them. Imagine that!! My 75-year-old grandmother trying to dance like *NSYNC!! I about died. The woman is a trip. You can't help but love her. <.g>

Funny little anectdote. I was

Funny little anectdote. I was at the mall with Meghan, and we were at the jewelry counter trying to buy earrings for her mom. The up escalator is right next to the jewelry counter. Meghan leans over to me and says "Look, it's a boy band." There were these five guys... they had the hair, the earrings, the clothes... they were practically O-Town. It was hysterical. And, of course, her saying that made me giggle. A little too obviously. Lol. All five of them looked at me as they rode up, up, upwards. When I started laughing, Meghan walked away. Ha ha. Oops. =)

Why is it that, if

Why is it that, if you rarely ever watch a show, you're absolutely destined to see only the episodes you've already seen if you watch it again? I'm watching "Beyond Chance" on Lifetime. I think I've watched this show maybe twice in the past. And, of course, I've already seen this episode. =/

December 19, 2001

WAHOO!!! It worked! My theory

WAHOO!!! It worked! My theory did not prove to be true (I thought that maybe because I was signed into a different geocities account, it wouldn't FTP into my KStarbuck5 account... but signing into KStarbuck5 didn't help either)... but something fixed itself (again) and it worked. Let's hope it STAYS fixed for a while. Because it's really annoying waiting around for this thing to fix itself.

Oo I have a theory

Oo I have a theory as to why I haven't been able to post. Let me test it out...

Okay, this is getting really,

Okay, this is getting really, really annoying. Someone isn't letting me publish my blog. Every day for the last three days I have been having this problem. Sure, it fixes itself at some point, but goodness gracious, why is it happening in the first place??? I don't know if it's Geocities or Blogger that is having the problem, but whichever one it is is having issues FTPing me. Grrrrr.

I'm ready for a nap. <.yawn> Maybe I'll try to take one. Maybe this blog problem will be fixed when I come back to the computer. Please?

Oh, it's days like this

Oh, it's days like this that I'm so happy I live in Illinois! It snowed. It's gorgeous out. It was that wet, sticky snow that stays on the tree tree branches. It looks like Christmas! If I look down my street, everything's white. It's supposed to get sunny this afternoon, so it will probably all melt... oh well. They're saying it's supposed to snow for Christmas. It's okay if it melts between now and then so long as it refreshes itself before the 25th. =) The BEST is when it snows Christmas Eve. Oh, I hope that happens!

December 18, 2001

I miss choir. Tonight was

I miss choir. <.pout> Tonight was the high school's Christmas Choir Concert. So good. They sang in so many different languages... even Lithuanian!! That's one I've never sung in. Lol. Japanese, check. Russian, Latin, Italian, Spanish, French and a number of others... but not Lithuanian. That was impressive. They had all the alumni go up and sing the Hallelujah Chorus, which I love, love, love. Too bad I've lost the very top of my range. Woops. I guess not singing for four years will do that to ya. Those high F's are tough!! Ahh!!

And boy, am I glad I looked good tonight. Good hair day and everything. I hate going back to my high school because everyone judges you and stuff. And you have to make small talk to people you didn't like and who probably didn't like you in high school, but because you're both back for a visit, you're obligated. But today I ran into Rob. I miss Rob!! Gen, Rob and I were Physics Buddies. Lol. We'd go to the library until they closed and then we'd be up in my room till 1 in the morning working on our take-home quizzes. That class was brutal. But we survived. And I haven't seen him since freshman year in college, I think. So that was a good thing. And that was also the reason I'm soooo glad I looked good tonight. <.g>

">Alicia has her own page!

Alicia has her own page! I wish the girl could do her own webpage stuff... ha ha ha. It took me, like, all day. Not really... I went to Jazzercise this morning (woohoo!) and then to Kohl's. But the rest of the afternoon I spent working on this webpage. It's not completely.. uh.. complete. I still need to post the actual links to In Every Dream (which, if you're interested, can still be found in the "friends" portion of my Journal page <.g>). But it's getting there!

December 17, 2001

Guess not! It was having

Guess not! It was having trouble FTPing me again. I guess that must be Geocities' fault. Oh well. It works now. All is good. =)

Is blogger down? Testing again...

Is blogger down? Testing again...

What a fun evening! Jessica

What a fun evening! Jessica and I braved the tanning salon. Eeek! It turned out to be pretty un-scary, actually. I'm only *slightly* less white than I was before, which is fine by me, as I had horrible images of myself being the lobster I was trying to head off by going tanning when I got out today. Did that sentence make sense? Lol. Anyway, I think this tanning thing will be a gradual introduction to the Wide World of Sun before the cruise. Woohoo!

Then Meghan and I went to Jazzercise for the first time since summer. Oh, how good it felt!! Linda, our instructor, was SOOO happy to see us, she gave us this HUGE hug and everything. So cute. And, just for us (not really... ), she played "Giddy Up" as the legs workout. I have to say that song puts me into hysterics. Which doesn't help when you're trying to work out your legs. <.g> Then, on the way home, I heard "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays" on the radio. I didn't know they played that song on the radio! What fun. Images of really bad flying effects along with really cute small children is enough to put a goofy grin on anyone's face.

Now to see if I can tidy up this little photograph of mine... ha ha. It was hard enough getting to look like it does. Not sure I can make it look clean and smooth and all pretty, but I'm going to have a go at it. <.g>

Alright, I've done it. Well,

Alright, I've done it. Well, sorta. I made a picture. My first ever! Woohoo! I'm not entirely sure I'm completely happy with it, but at least there's something up on Alicia's "In Every Dream" page for now. <.g> Maybe one of these days I will make Alicia her own page. Heehee.

Wow. I braved the Post

Wow. I braved the Post Office this morning. Mom had a bunch of packages to send, and I got nominated as the Official Doer of Dirty Work, as I am the only one in the family without a job over break. And believe me, I WISH I had a job. I need money. Bad. Lol. Oh well.... I left my house at 10:30. I walked in the door again at 11:45. The post office is five minutes away. UGH.

But packages are in the mail. And yes, Miggie and Carolyn, that means your packages as well. <.g> So keep an eye out!

December 16, 2001

Today was a Christmas Cookie-y

Today was a Christmas Cookie-y day. I made lots and lots and lots of Christmas cookies. We tried out my mom's new spritz cookie press, and I think we made like 180 spritz cookies. ha ha. Luckily my mom needed 8 dozen for this bake exchange thing she's doing at school, and then we froze most of the remainders for Christmas Eve. So there's only a portion left to munch on.

Okay, so I'm making this graphic for Alicia's webpage, right? <.g> It's going to (hopefully) be a woman and her daughter in silhouette (so that they're too dark to see their faces, as we don't want mental pictures to be formed prior to reading the story) with JC in the foreground. Okay, can't find ANY pictures of youngish women with little girls. Singular in both cases. I tried creating one, because I found one of a middle-aged kind of bird-like librarianish woman with a little girl, and I tried putting a new face on her with the cloning trick Shelley taught me, which would have worked if I could have found a decent head to go on the bird-like woman. So if anyone knows of good pictures that might work for this (either a good head or, better yet, a picture of a woman (early twenties) and girl (5-ish)...), please let me know where to find them!!

But in my search for "mother and daugher pictures," I came across this woman's website. First funny thing: her name was Jocelyn. Fitting, right? Then she's got pictures of her kids, pictures of her husband with her kids, pictures of her friends... and a picture of JC. Yes, random Jocelyn whose pictures I was going to potentially use for a story about a Jocelyn and a JC, had a picture of JC Chasez, looking quite adorable, I might add, on her photo album. That that was rather amusing.

Alright, I stink. Yick. Meghan and I went to Friday's for mudslides and I smell like raunchy second-hand smoke. Why do people smoke? It's so, so gross. I hadn't showered yet today because I was only making Christmas cookies, so I took a shower right before I went out, thinking that taking it at night would let me not need another shower in the morning... looks like I might have to take a second shower before I go to bed, even. Ugh. Better do that before it wakes me up TOO much.

Woohoo! It worked! And it

Woohoo! It worked! And it posted some back-posts I had done yesterday that wouldn't ftp themselves to Geocities. I was tempted to try and find out what was wrong and attemt to fix it... this just goes to show you that if you leave things alone, they will fix themselves. <.g>

Yesterday Geocities wasn't letting me

Yesterday Geocities wasn't letting me update my blog... I wonder if it's working now. So this is just a test. =)

December 15, 2001

I want it to be

I want it to be Christmas. I'm all in the Christmas mood now! Now that it's cold out, finally. Heehee. It's not even really that cold, but it's colder than it's been. One of the radio stations is playing Christmas music all the way until Christmas. I wish I'd discovered that yesterday on the drive home... oh well. Ha ha. The house is all decorated and pretty and stuff. I'm sooo relieved that it's Christmas break. I needed a break from school.

Okay, the Chicago Real World is starting soon. I don't think I'm going to like it. Of course, I said that this year, too, and I ended up liking the New York II house quite a lot. So we'll see. I have to watch, though, because when I went downtown for the On the Line premiere party, Real World was filming, and they filmed me. Not that anyone will be able to tell, if they even show that clip, because my face will be blurred out, but I'll know. Heehee. And that's enough. So I'm hoping they show that part.

Anyway, I think I'm going to go help Mom with dinner. She's so fed up with my sister and her newfound slobishness, so I'm going to take advantage of it and be the "good kid." <.g>

I'm exhausted and it's only

I'm exhausted and it's only quarter of two. I went to the doctor who took my wisdom teeth out for a check-up. Everything looks good. Then I went to the orthodontist to get three more sets of my Invisalign. Everything looks good there, too. Then I came home and started decorating the tree. Or started finishing decorating it, I guess. Jessica had started it. So, yeah. Did that for an hour or so with Christmas music on. Then Jess came home and didn't want to help... my mom had been complaining last week that she (my mom) was the only one decorating for Christmas. "In the grand tradition lately, Dad put the lights on, Jess put a few ornaments on the tree, and the rest is up to me." So I did most of the rest of the tree and started decorating the rest of the house. I took a break for lunch and my dad came home, saying "Why don't you get off the computer and decorate the house for your mom? She'd really appreciate it." UGH. He obviously doesn't want to do it, Jessica obviously doesn't want to help, Mom's been running on empty with school... and then he just assumes I haven't done a thing and tells me to do it. Grrrr. He's Christmas shopping. So he uses that as his excuse. I did my Christmas shopping already. What did I tell you? Being home is going to drive me insane all too quickly. <.sigh>

And now I have to share the computer with The Sister. Who just sat in front of the television for an hour and didn't help decorate, and now she's going to kick me off and send me off to decorate. Oh well. Such is life, I suppose.

December 14, 2001

Weird. My blog stopped working

Weird. My blog stopped working there for a while. Like, the page wouldn't be displayed. Something about having reached my data transfer limit. Yeah, me and my high-traffic blog. ha ha ha. All, like, four of you must have been repeatedly reloading my page, or something.

Okay, I just realized that being at home is far more conducive to an early bedtime than being at school is. Aarti and Shelley aren't around to be silly and crazy with until the wee hours of the morning. Sadness!! I'm going to have to go a whole month without my nutty roommates! =( Whatever will I do?

Carolyn just told me all

Carolyn just told me all my friends from Florida are coming to CHICAGO for New Years. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I miss them SO MUCH and I want to see them SO BADLY. What SUCKY, SUCKY timing. The ONE New Years I will not be here. Waaaahhh!! <.pout>. Man, that makes me so sad. Maybe they will come the 28th and I can see them before I leave? lol. I guess it's not confirmed... Carolyn heard from Gina, who was told by Jenny (who is one of the ones planning on coming), so it's kinda she said she said she said... but yeah. If it is true, what awful timing. Grrrr.

Oh, darn. When I just

Oh, darn. When I just uploaded that picture, I uploaded right on top of another picture I had which I had called exactly the same thing. Oops. So in my post about the Atlanta trip, there will be a picture of JC at the concert... only it will not be of JC at the concert. ha ha. Maybe I'll fix that one of these days. Those pictures are at school, though. So it won't happen for a month.

Okay, Tonya just IMed me

Okay, Tonya just IMed me this. What is he doing? Lol. He's all cute 'n stuff. I know Tonya wants to make it into a dirty picture, but...no. Even though I feel kinda dirty having it, like it's something one of his friends took and should not be on the internet, much less in my posession. Eech. Kinda gives me goosebumps. And not in a good way. Oh well. I try not to think about that. =/

(Okay, Shelley was having trouble seeing the picture, so she converted it for me, rather than my just "saving as" jpg, and I'm reposting it so that it will hopefully work for all. Cuz it IS a cute picture.)

I'm home! It's good to

I'm home! It's good to be home. I'll probably start going crazy by the end of the week, but for now, it's really good to see my family. They are, however, huddled 'round the TV watching Pearl Harbor, which I do like, but since I missed half of it... eh.

Okay, I'm going to do this Friday Five thing, which I stole from Shelley, and I have a feeling she stole it from Krissy. Anywho, here it is:

1. What did you want to be when you grew up?
Oh, I wanted to be a billion different things. For a long time, I wanted to be a teacher. That still appeals to me, but I haven't gone that route with my education. I started college wanting to go into biology, but not really knowing what I wanted to do with biology. Hence my not being a biology major anymore. Lol. I really like writing, but I'm a wimp and don't have the nerve to jump into something like that where I have to have real talent to make it. What I think I'm going to do is go into public relations or human resources. And I can write for fun, maybe tie that in with bio somehow, and hopefully be a mom. My mom says I should write science books for kids, tie everything together that way. Lol. Perhaps. =)

2. Do you have any nicknames?
Yeah, plenty. Kater, Kater Potater, Kater Bug, Kaki (from the crazy Chinese delivery people, and Kelly kind of latched onto that one), Katie Bear (one I don't particularly care for, a la Josh), Special K (although haven't heard that one in a while)... and probably others I'm forgetting. I seem to be the nicknameish kind of person, somehow.

3. If you could change something about yourself what would it be?
I procrastinate a lot. That is not usually a good thing. I wish I was thinner... lol. Christmas is not going to help. ha ha ha.

4. Have you ever bought anything from an infomercial?
Me, personally? I don't think so.. but my mom bought that ProActive stuff for my sister and I when I lived at home.

5. How do you plan to spend your weekend?
Not entirely sure, to tell you the truth. I plan to start my Self Improvement on Monday, though. Jazzercise twice a day, if feasible, finding myself an internship for this summer, perhaps a little weight lifting on Mom and Dad's nifty machine I have never used... lol. Oh, and I get to go tanning three times before the 29th. Eeek! Never done that before, but I think it would be a shock to my winter-white skin to go down to the equator like this. It will go from winter-white to Rudolf's-nose-red. So, yeah. I'm gonna ease myself into it a bit. Heehee.

Okay, that was fun! Even if I was stealing it from someone. ha ha.

Let it snow, let it

Let it snow, let it snow, let it SNOW!!! The first snowfall of the year! So exciting! It might be kind of a pain, though, since the first time I woke up this morning it was pouring rain, and now it's snowing... that usually is not a good combination. But man, when I got up, they were the freaking biggest snowflakes I have ever seen in my entire life! I swear, the things were the size of golf balls, but all soft and floaty. Really cool.

Okay, I have the worst headache known to man. My head is going to explode or break in two or something. God. Owww. I took Advil, but it isn't working. <.wimper> The snow makes me happy, though. It's going to be fun walking to the bookstore to return all my books though. Heehee.

Okay, staying in bed all morning is not going to accomplish anything. I've gotta grit my teeth and get some packing done, and hope my head doesn't just implode in the process. Ugh.

December 13, 2001

Okay, you know what the

Okay, you know what the weirdest thing ever is? Seeing your professor in Victoria's Secret. I saw my Public Discourse professor from last semester tonight... he was with his two kids (CUTE kids... little boy about 3 and a girl about 15 months) in Victoria's Secret buying something for his wife. Lol. I didn't know if he'd recognize me or not, since it was a relatively large lecture, but his kids kept coming over to me while I waited for Kelly to try things on, and I kept trying to avoid eye contact with him. lol. He was actually one of my favorite professors. But how weird to see him in an underwear store! Ha ha. Actually, it was really funny. There were, like, twenty guys in Victoria's Secret, and hardly any women. Lots of wives are getting somethin' special for Christmas <.g>. And I suppose it was actually kind of fitting to see him there... see, last semester for our final, it was pouring rain. We're talking torrential downpour. And he rides his bike. Well, he had on khakis, and he stepped out from behind the desk to display his soaked-through pants, and said "Well, I guess that answers the 'boxers or briefs' question, huh? At least they're nice boxers... my wife got them for me for Christmas." Ha ha ha. Anyway, bedtime for kate.

I'm done. I'm DONE!!! Woohoo!!!

I'm done. I'm DONE!!! Woohoo!!! I get a whole month off. Thank goodness. I need it. I think I did alright on my MR final. I didn't fail, anyway. It would be nice if I got an A. Heehee. It's always nice to get A's. I'm sooooo exhausted right now. I think as soon as I finish watching the Friends I taped, I might go to bed. <.yawn>

I don't wanna study anymore.

I don't wanna study anymore. Wah! I have two hours until my final. I kind of feel like if I don't know it now, I'm not really going to gain anything by re-reading everything.

Man, I wish I had something interesting to blog about. Cuz I don't feel like studying, and this seems like a pretty good mode of procrastination, if you ask me.

Oh, it looks like I didn't win the Secret Santa with *NSYNC sweepstakes. Lol. I guess there still is half the day to receive the phone call. ha ha ha. Cuz, you know, I was really expecting to win. Really, I was. I don't know if I can go on living if I don't win. <.sniff> Riiiight. I feel bad for those boys, having to spend all this time with random (most likely) freaky fans. I hope for their sake that whoever wins is *normal* and non-scary. I don't think I'd last five minutes as a celebrity. Having people following you around with cameras and note pads all day, having your every move documented, being forced to do things you probably don't really want to do, just because it will help your image, or whatever. Ugh. Not for me. I like my privacy, thank you very much. I give anyone who can pull that off a LOT of credit.

Alright. Back to looking things over. Just in case. That way, when I fail, at least I can say I tried my hardest and did everything I could do. =)

Woohoo! We have internet back.

Woohoo! We have internet back. I can do my practice quizzes for my MR final which is in... less than six hours. Eeek! I finished reading the text book, and I've just got a couple articles to read. Then I should probably go back and look over the notes for the entire semester. Ugh.

I can't believe it's Thursday. This week has gone by so quickly. Which, I suppose, is a good thing. Tonight we are having an apartment dinner, which I'm so excited about! I wish I could help cook, but my final is from 4-7, and while I don't think it will take that entire time, I still don't think I'll be able to come home and cook something before it's time to eat. Especially given Aarti and Sarah are being picked up at 8:00 so that they can go home and get cars to move out for the semester on Saturday. But we get to exchange gifts, and I'm all excited. I really like what I got Aarti. I hope she likes it, too. Lol. I think she will.

Man, I need to pack. And it's not only packing stuff I'll need for winter, but summer, too, since I'll be spending a week in the Caribbean. So I need to bring home, like, everything. I wish I could take my computer home, but it would be kind of pointless since we have cable internet that only allows one computer to be hooked up at a time. Oh well. Okay, back to studying.

December 12, 2001

My internet, again, is a

My internet, again, is a whore. Why do we pay so freaking much money for something that goes out so often?? Grrr. I had to dial up to get the sample questions for my final tomorrow. The internet had better be back up tomorrow morning, though, because I'd really like to take the sample quizzes, which are online and require more phone-tying-up time than I'm willing to devote at the moment.

A Christmas survey!!! 1. Do

A Christmas survey!!!

1. Do you buy a real tree (live or cut)? Do you have it flocked? Do you drag the colossal box down from the attic (or up from the basement) and spend an afternoon sorting the J4 branches from the K3's and fitting them in their appropriate slots?

Ours is real. We always go up to Wisconsin and cut it down, but this year everyone was busy and I think my parents just went to the Jaycees and got one there. Can't wait to see it!!

2. What special ornaments are a MUST for your tree?

Each year my sister and I get an ornament for Christmas, with the date on it somewhere, so we have to put those up. We have some old ornaments from when my mom was a kid, and a doll that was my mom's that always sits in the branches wherever there's a naked spot. <.g> We have the cardboard-and-macaroni Christmas trees we made at the library one year when we were like, four. Lots of fun old ornaments Jess or I made. We also have to have glass icicles.

3. Garland or icicles?

Icicles. Lol. As mentioned above.

4. White lights or multi-colored? Blink or non-blinking?

On the tree, multi-colored. On the house, they're white icicle lights. We have a new-Victorian-ish house, so it looks really pretty to have the white icicle lights on all the peaks and valleys of the roof. =)

5. Do you decorate outside with a creche? Icicle lights? The new rope lights? Santa and Rudolph on the roof?

Man, I keep answering the next question too early!! I should read ahead. lol. Icicle lights. That's all the Christmas decorations we have outside, though. Oh, I think we decorate our pole light with garland and white lights as well. But we have a bay window in the front, and that's where our Christmas tree goes, so you can see that from the outside.

6. Church? Midnight mass? Christmas caroling?

We go to the 11:00 service on Christmas Eve. It's not a mass because we're not Catholic... lol. But yeah, it's the candlelight service, and when you get out, it's Christmas! It's quite fun, actually. And we get to sing all the classic Christmas songs and it's really pretty and everything.

7. Christmas music: Are you more the classics kinda gal (Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Ray Coniff singers, etc.) the modern Christmas tunes ("A Very Special Christmas" 1-5, Country, Rap etc.) or do you prefer orchestral/chorale music?

All of that and more, actually. Every Christmas Eve my cousins and my grandparents come and we have a nice dinner and sing carols. And I was in choir for, like, my entire life, and we sang all the classics there. I have been rotating a Blues and Jazz Christmas CD my uncle made me with my *NSYNC Christmas CD, Mannheim Steamroller Christmas, Ultimate Christmas (classic carols), and Rosie Christmas (the first one). So that's quite a mix of old and new, don'tcha think?

8. What about food? Are you a sucker for Aunt Ruby's Eggnog? Do you use the annual fruitcake for a doorstop? Do you make fudge or candies and cookies for your friends and co-workers or neighbors? Share a recipe.

We always have Snowball cookies. Sadly, I don't know how to make them. Grandma always has the dough pre-made for us and we just roll them into balls, bake them, and roll them in powdered sugar. Someday I'll have to learn, because they're my favorites. <.g>

9. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

We always get a pair of pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve. I mean, we receive them on Christmas Eve and we wear them on Christmas Eve. So we open that present, but the rest are for Christmas morning.

10. What's the ONE thing you have to have/see/do/eat that makes it feel like Christmas?

Christmas Eve is the more special holiday for us. It's not all commercially-Christmas, ya know? We have Christmas music on, the TV stays off, my dad's brother and his family come, my mom's parents come, and it's just small and Family. We have a nice dinner, have a scavanger hunt for the kids (little fun gifts, and the girls like it now that they can both read the hints <.g>), we sing carols, do the Christmas play, and then my uncle and his family go to my dad's parents house and my mom's parents and my family go to church. Then they stay overnight so that they're here for Christmas morning. So Christmas Eve really makes Christmas special in my house. =)

11. Tell us about your favorite Christmas memory.

My favorite Christmas memory is from when I was about... five. That year my mom's brother and his family came for Christmas Eve, as well. Vaughn was two, Jess was three, and Weston wasn't born yet. Jess was the Angel, Vaughn was Joseph, and I was Mary. First of all, I had practiced and practiced with my baby doll as Jesus, but when it came time for it, I insisted on my stuffed Pink Panther. Jessica and I had been She-Ra's for Halloween that year, and Vaughn found one of our She-Ra costumes. He insisted on wearing the mask and cape, and he was carrying the pink sword. Jessica belted out her one line as the Angel and refused to do anything else. We had a She-Ra as Joseph and a pink cat as baby Jesus. Classic, I tell ya. Ha ha. It was actually really cute. We have pictures up at Grandma Peggy's house. Vaughn's pretty embarrassed that he ever dressed up as She-Ra, but there's proof!

Whew. Think I passed my

Whew. Think I passed my Children and the Media final. =) Actually I KNOW I passed it. I'm hoping for an A. That would help things quite a bit, I think. I figured out that I could miss 9 points (out of 80) and still get an A for the semester, and I think I counted 8 questions that I wasn't sure on, soooo... chances are I guessed correctly on some of those, but chances are also that I missed a few others that I thought I knew, so I guess we'll see. I could really use an A in this class. It's not a terribly difficult class, insofar as it's really interesting, so fairly easy to pay attention to. And that would help to balance out a few of my other classes. Heehee. This is not looking to be my best semester, overall. Woops.

Okay, I lost my keys. They have to be somewhere. Yesterday I drove to the DMV and came home. That's it, I think... I had to have the keys when I got out of the car, and I don't tend to drop things on the way to my door... it's not that far and I'm SURE I'd have heard them fall. They're probably in my bed somewhere or something. Yeesh. I kind of need those, though. =/

Plan for today: STUDY MENTAL RETARDATION. Last final. I need to go out with a bang. Lol. Or something.

December 11, 2001

Stop blogging, kate. Stop it.

Stop blogging, kate. Stop it. Now. Don't type another word. Stop. STOP!! Get to work. DO IT. Yes, you. STUDY. okay

Okay, my uncle made me

Okay, my uncle made me some awesome Christmas CDs!!! I'm listening to the Jazz and Blues one now, and it's fabulous! God, how much I wish I could play the piano. I think I might try to teach myself. Too bad we don't have a piano... I have a keyboard at home, and I think Aarti has one as well, which she has talked about bringing next semester. And I've got a guitar at home we could learn to play... ha ha ha. I taught myself a few songs on the guitar a few years back. Not that hard. Once ya know the violin, it's just a matter of transferring that knowledge to another medium, right? Heehee. And I can play some things on the piano, I just need to learn how to do the two-handed thing. Lol. I can pick out just about any melody, just have to get the coordination and chord thing down. So that will be next semester's project. Learn how to play some instruments. Around classes and homework and research and work and... yeah.

I am the Master Procrastinator.

I am the Master Procrastinator. Know how much I DON'T want to study? Yeah, I cleaned the bathroom. And I'm talking some serious cleaning, here. I got out the Draino and the bleach and the Scrubbing Bubbles and the Bon Ami and the scrub brushes and the rubber gloves and put some real elbow grease into it. I don' t think our bathroom has been this clean in a LONG time. All I didn't do was wash the floor, which is going to need to be done eventually, before we go home for break. But that's the easy part. Lol. Next semester we are definitely implementing a weekly cleaning system, where Shelley and I trade off each week, because we just can't let our bathroom get this gross again. It wasn't boy-gross yet... not quite at that level. But it was pretty bad. Yick.

I have been ordered to

I have been ordered to blog. Heehee. Let's see.. I usually don't have trouble coming up with things to babble on about. I got my new driver's license today. Woohoo!! I'm no longer "under 21." Lol. It's one of those shnazzy new credit card ones with the digital pictures and signatures. Better than my ghetto plastic-covered one with the penny hologram and my face inside the state of Illinois. Lol. So, yeah. Excitement!

What else is going on? Not much. I have my Children and the Media final tomorrow morning. I haven't done one ounce of the reading. All semester. I got an A on the midterm, though, so I'm hoping (and crossing my fingers) that I can keep that same trend up through the final. It's cummulative, though, which might be a problem...

I have my MR final Thursday night. That one has real potential to kick my ass. I need to know all this legislature... PL 94-142 (which I do know, thank goodness), the Americans with Disabilities Act, the ammendments to the constitution... eeek! Plus this one is also cummulative so I have to go back and remember all the biology, like what causes PKU and what is the treatment? I can't remember the cause, but I *think* the treatment is a special diet. Down Syndrom is... a deletion on Chromosome 21? Or is it a trisomy? Or a nondisjunction? And is it on 21, or 17? Goodness. Better look this stuff up. Eeek!

Studying now...

December 10, 2001

Man I'm tired. I have

Man I'm tired. I have been SO productive today though! I got up, did my thank-you notes (FINALLY), wrote my press release, re-looked at the apartment Shelley and I will be sharing next year, put down the security deposit and such... went to Walgreens to get pictures developed, went to TIS Bookstore to purchase diploma frame for my dad for Christmas, came home, finished typing up crisis situation plan (FIVE pages later... I felt relieved when I finished typing up my agenda for day one, like "whew, the day is FINALLY over!" and this was a fictional crisis. A real one is really gonna wipe me out), AND wrote my creative brief and ad campaign.

I wish I had a scanner for my ad. Heehee. I like it. But since I don't, I'm just going to explain it. It's for DeWalt Power Tools. We had a choice of six products/brands... this is the one I kind of randomly ended up choosing.

Headline: "When 'Some Assembly Required' Becomes Music to Your Ears"

Visual: College-aged young woman leaning against bookshelf she presumably just built, holding DeWalt cordless power drill

Body Copy: "She's in college now. Out on her own, away from her parents. A true independent woman. Now she wants to prove she really CAN make it on her own."

Slogan: "DeWalt Power Tools: Making Independence Easy."

Sub-Slogan: "Power in the Hands of Anyone"

So.. my first real ad! I wrote some corporate ads for PR earlier in the semester, but they were just headlines, visuals and slogans. This one had body copy and actual ad stuff. Like, selling a product rather than an image. So, yeah. Excitement! This stuff is fun. I may not be the greatest at it, but it IS fun.

December 09, 2001


OH MY GOODNESS. I'm not exactly clear on the string of events here, but... JC was in Chicago over Thanksgiving, according to this thread. And I'm not clear as to whether this picture was taken in Chicago or Orlando. There was also a reply to the post that said something about "home" for him being Orlando, Chicago or LA. Why would Chicago be home for JC? Tonya says his parents live there... What the heck? Lol. When did this happen? Why? How?

My first thought was that, had I known he'd be in Chicago over Thanksgiving, I could have kept an eye out, or something. Second thought... HAD I run into him, I'd have had chipmunk cheeks and been drugged up on Vicodan. Lol. REALLY attractive, let me tell you. So, yeah, stalking the boy really isn't my style. Like, at all. But now I'll know to keep at least one eye open when I AM out around town. Ha ha ha. According to the post the girl made, he seems really nice. Of course that could be a biased opinion (on her part as well as mine?), but it's refreshing to hear about someone being genuinely nice. heehee.

Okay, now that the excitement of JC possibly having a tie to Chicago has worn off... I signed a lease for next year! Well, I didn't exactly SIGN the lease, but I put down the security deposit and they will be sending the lease home for my parents to cosign. Ugh. I'm 21, I shouldn't need a cosigner. Oh well. It's about 2 and a half blocks CLOSER to campus than this year, which is a good, good thing. And it's nice. So, yeah. Excitement!

So I'm thinking of graduating this year. Getting late to decide that, but after these past two weeks, I don't know if I can handle another entire YEAR of school. Ugh. I might see if I can still apply to grad school here, since I AM signing a lease and am pretty much obligated to stick around here in some capacity next year. Aarti REALLY wants me to graduate. And Maya Angelou is the keynote speaker, which would be really cool. Lol. I might be making an appointment to talk to my advisor this week.

Okay, press release done, crisis situation half done... ad campaign NOT AT ALL done. Better get my ass in gear.

My computer really likes *NSYNC

My computer really likes *NSYNC lately. I have 61 songs on my playlist. 11 of them are *NSYNC. The thing is on random. I just heard Some Dreams twice, I'm on my third Everything I Own, I heard the Atlantis medley, Something Like You... oh goodness, here's the Atlantis medley AGAIN! Lol. I tell ya... my computer knows me.

So I downloaded the medley from the 2000 VMAs (or MVAs, as Shelley can't stop calling them <.g>) and dude... they turned Lance's mic WAY up there for a second! It was really funny! We're sitting there, and all of a sudden it's LANCE singing the melody an octave down. Then he fades back and it's all back to normal. We tried watching it on Road to Celebrity, but sadly they cut that part out. They started partway through the performance.

Goodness, now it's If Only Through Heaven's Eyes. You'd think my computer was stuck on *NSYNC. I SWEAR it's on random!

Our internet is a whore.

Our internet is a whore. That's all I have to say about that.

Last night Aarti and I went to a party with Meghan and Greg and Greg's friend Aaron. It was Greg's roommate from last year, Matt's birthday. Anyway, it was kind of a bummer party. Not that I probably would have drank much anyway, but they were charging for drinks. I think that's illegal. Lol. Anyway, there was this one guy there, and both Aarti and I thought he looked like JC from the side. He wasn't nearly as attractive as JC from the front, but from the side, he was pretty good-looking. He was wearing an orange Illinois baseball cap backwards and this nice grey sweater. Anyway, the whole time we were there, Aarti and I kept trying to spot him. Then this band starts playing, and they were pretty good, but they didn't have a singer. Or so we thought. So we were like "We'd like to listen to the band, but it would be nice if someone would sing!" Then Mr. Orange Hat walks over to the mic and starts singing. He was their lead singer! We thought that was pretty funny. Okay, maybe it wasn't... maybe it was 1 in the morning... lol. Oh well. =)

Okay, must finish PR final, must do Advertising final, must sign lease, must get film developed, must purchase diploma frame for father, must finish thank-you notes... anything else I must do today? Hmmm.

December 07, 2001


I'm BAAA-AAAK!! We FINALLY got our internet back. This was going on Day Three. How annoying. They didn't even know anything was wrong. They said "From our end, you guys have service." Well, from our end we don't, so fix it. They finally sent a guy out here and he fixed it. <.shrug>

I turned in my MTV paper today. Fourteen pages later... yeah. I better have done damn well on that thing cuz it sure took me long enough. But Persuasion and the Arts is OVER!! Woohoo!! Two classes completely done, and two more will be done by Monday when I finish up the last little projects, which are minor and fairly easy in both class. So that's all good. Then I have two finals next week, both of which have the potential to kick my ass.

Tonight is Brad's party. I'm soooooo sleepy I hope I can make it through. Sarah's been baking and preparing food all day, though, so I know it's one of those nicely organized things I should probably show up to. Aside from the fact that I will be the ONLY one (asside from respective significant others) who did not attend Danville High School. I know a bunch of the Danville Crew just because they hang around here on occasion, but it's going to be one big class reunion and I'm going to be sitting there smiling and trying to keep my eyes open. I can just feel it.

I finally watched my *N the Mix DVD all the way through, start to finish. I finally had the time to do it. Yee-haw! It was quite a bit of fun. Aarti and I made quesadillas and we got chips and salsa from Dos Reales, which was really yummy. And we ate our food and watched our boys. Lol. There are some wrong hair-dos and some wronger clothing (what were they thinking when they stepped into overalls? Grown men should not wear overalls. Ever. Not even in the mid 90's.). But I can't get over how absolutely adorable the kids are in Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays. I want one! And (this is totally, completely ridiculous and stupid of me to point out, but I'm in one of those moods) there was this one scene in I think You Drive Me Crazy where there was this stuffed elephant on someone's bed... I can't even remember whose, because I was so focused on the elephant...I HAD THAT ELEPHANT!! Heehee. It went through the wash, though, and got a little droopy. I think I might have sold it in a garage sale, or something, because I'm pretty sure I don't still have it, but it was fun to see.

Okay, I need to make an attempt to wake up and do something with my hair if I'm going to go to this partay.

December 06, 2001

UGH. Our internet has been

UGH. Our internet has been out for the past two days. I had to submit a question online for my Mental Retardation class tonight, so I finally broke down and dialed up, which requires crawling behind my dresser and computer desk to switch phone cords and such, so I was kind of trying to avoid it... stupid internet connection.

I think my computer actually knows when I need to get stuff done, though. The internet ALWAYS seems to go out when I've got a TON of stuff due... which has worked out actually to my advantage, thus far. Because more often than not, the internet serves as a distraction. So I actually got a lot of stuff done last night. lol. Someday it's going to bite me in the ass, though, because I'll need the internet to do my work, or something. Oh well.

Advertising DONE! Well, I need to do my ad campaign, but the exam is over, so it's all good. And I think I actually knew what I was talking about! Woohoo!!

I also took Shelley's Art Test.

If I were a work of art, I would be Pablo Picasso's Three Musicians.

I am colourful and provoking, always looking to break out of the mould and to pioneer new ways of doing things. I have a jaunty outlook and although I am a bit weird, most people have some idea what I'm about.

Which work of art would you be? The Art Test

Hmm. Does that describe me? Lol. Perhaps. What do you think?

So hopefully, hopefully, hopefully the internet will be back up tonight by the time I get back from MR tonight. I would like to do a little bit of research for my MTV paper. It's not necessary, but I think it would just add a little something. <.g> Anyhow... tying up the phone lines. =/

December 05, 2001

One class DONE!!!! Woohoo!! No

One class DONE!!!! Woohoo!! No more Psych 365 EVER. Lol. The quiz/exam wasn't horrible. I at least knew what he was talking about on every question, unlike the other quizzes where about 1/3 of the thing was pure guessing. Not even educated guessing. At least this time I could usually get it down to two. But it's over with, and I'll just have to wait for the results. <.g>

Now all I have left to do in my semester is my advertising exam tomorrow (NOT cummulative! Woohoo!!), creating an ad campaign for the same class, which is due Monday, writing up a press release and crisis situation plan for public relations due Monday, my MTV paper due Friday (which is actually almost done, and I'm checking it with my professor tonight), and then my Children and the Media and Mental Retardation finals. Both of which have the potential to kick my ass, but they're Wednesday and Thursday of next week, respectively, so I believe that gives me plenty of time to study. The end is in sight!

Okay, it's 11:15. My 1:00

Okay, it's 11:15. My 1:00 was cancelled, so that gives me until 1:35 to study for my psych quiz. If I even bother, because I haven't done an ounce of the reading. The way I figure it, I turned in a paper on Monday. If I did well on the paper, the 7% this quiz is worth isn't going to bring my grade down from an A. If I did poorly on the paper, the 7% of this quiz isn't going to bring me UP from a B, nor is it going to devestate my grade and drop me to a C, since i've got an extremely solid, completely borderline A-/B+ going right now. So studying, at this point, seems overrated.

I'll probably be home by 2:30 or 3:00, which gives me 2 hours to either work on finishing my MTV paper before my meeting with my professor at 5, or to start studying for my advertising exam, which is tomorrow at 2:30. Eeek. Haven't started studying for that yet. I'm not even sure if this is cummulative or not. Ugh. Tonight is going to be fun, let me tell you.

But now, I'm starving. I need lunch, even though I hate eating before noon. Oh well... such is life.

It's SEVENTY-THREE degrees today. Do

It's SEVENTY-THREE degrees today. Do you know how freaking AMAZING this is??? Usually it's, like, twenty degrees or colder. I think the only time in my life it's been even close to this warm was in 1982 when it was like 55 degrees on Christmas. And, yeah, I was two. <.g> Last year in FLORIDA it was colder than this. I distinctly remember huddling around a fire on New Years Eve, freezing whatever part of me that wasn't facing the fire off. Now, it will probably (even hopefully, though I don't know why, because I hate cold, but Christmas wouldn't be the same without it) will be cold by the end of December... But, yeah. It's December 5th and I'm wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Outside. Without a jacket. Craziness!!

Did you know that *NSYNC

Did you know that *NSYNC sings about <.gasp> sex?? What ever is this world coming to? That's it, pack your handbaskets. We're all going to hell.

Alright, I'm on page 11.

Alright, I'm on page 11. That's enough for tonight. It's midnight. I have been at this for twelve hours. Well, not really... I took a couple breaks, got a little distracted here and there. Like singing in the stairway. Lol. But I needed those breaks. I'm completely, completely exhausted.

Shelley is writing an *NSYNC fanfic! Woohoo!! I can't wait until it's finished. It's funny, because she reads so much faster than I do, but I write way faster than she does. Maybe that's why everythig I write is incoherent and jumbled... lol.

Anyway, bedtime for Bonzo. And kate. Nighty-night!

December 04, 2001

Guess what Aarti and I

Guess what Aarti and I just discovered? The stairway between the second and third floors is a GREAT place to sing. I was sitting in the stairway talking to Aarti (who was in her room) and Something Like You came on, and we started singing. There is this AWESOME reverb in the stairway! The ceiling is really high and the walls are kinda close... I don't know why, but somehow that works together to make a really cool sound.

We have been SUCH DORKS tonight. Seriously. Completely silly and crazy and fun. Sarah's not here. It makes me really sad to say it, but we have so much more fun when she's not. And it's NOTHING against Sarah. I like her a LOT. Heck, I wouldn't have lived with her for the fourth year in a row if I didn't. But I have never really been nutty and wacky and just plain silly with Sarah. She's too serious, or something. I don't know what it is. But when she's not here, Shelley, Aarti and I seem to get a serious case of the Sillies. Lol. It's really quite a lot of fun. I'm going to miss living here next year!!!

It's called "The World's Greatest,"

It's called "The World's Greatest," it IS by R. Kelly, and I love it. And it's downloading. I can't wait! Woohoo!! I had to set up Kazaa today, while I was supposed to be working on my paper. But all is good.

I'm on page six! Out of twelve. =/ But that's halfway to the minimum, right?? And I'm a little less than halfway through the material I have, soooo... I will write it all up, and talk to my professor tomorrow to see if he thinks I need more or less of anything, and it will all be good. I'm writing in Comic Sans 11, though, which is slightly bigger than Times 12. If he says something about the font, it might shrink it down a bit. No good. =(

The Billboard Music Awards are on tonight. Can you believe that I might be able to convince myself that I actually need to watch them, for research purposes? I am writing my MTV paper, you know. And I know these are not the VMA's, but if the same songs win Billboard Awards as won VMAs, that may prove a point. Or something. Who knows.

I have decided not to do any of the reading for my psych quiz tomorrow. The darn thing is worth 7.5% of my grade. This paper is worth 35%. Now given, if I had done one or the other earlier (like, when I was supposed to...), I wouldn't have this dilemma. BUT I did not. And I figure, when I DO do the readings, I STILL get like a 15 out of 25, which curves to a B. So obviously, reading isn't helping me out a whole lot. We'll see what happens. I couldn't get any more borderline with grades in that class... my quiz average is a B+, my paper average (not counting the paper I turned in on Monday, which I hope, I hope, I hope was good) is an A-... I've been to all the classes, but I don't think my professor knows who I am, so I don't know if my "attendence and participation grade" which can't hurt and can only help, will be able to help me, since he doesn't technically KNOW that the person who belongs to my name was in class every time... but oh well. I introduced myself once, so he might. Lol.

Ooo, R. Kelly finished downloading. Excitement! Gotta listen... and then GOTTA work on my paper. Ugh.

Woops, might have just learned

Woops, might have just learned my Christmas present from Shelley.... she was writing openly in her blog before I knew about it. Sorry, Shelley!!! Didn't think about stuff like that when I decided to read your archives (and neither did you, apparently, since you knew I was reading your archives. lol) So yeah. I kinda know. Unless she changed her mind, which I kinda hope she didn't... <.g> But whatever it is, I'm sure I'll love it. Heehee. I got her her Christmas present, too... shhhh. But I'm NOT telling her what it is, even though she might be able to make a few educated guesses, one of which is probably right.

Ooo I just found a

Ooo I just found a tidbit on my new favorite song! I knew NOTHING about it until just now. It's apparently by R. Kelly. At least that's what I *think* the "R. Kelly" in the corner meant. Lol. It's that song that I believe is for Ali, that new movie with Will Smith that I actually want to see. So when I get a moment, I'm going to have to re-download Kazaa and see if I can find it. I've only seen the video once and a half, and I LOVE the song.

Okay, I'm reading through Shelley's archives and I'm CRACKING UP. She blogged about me!! And the funny thing is, I remember the things she's talking about. Like the time when the guys on the walkway downstairs heard me say "Holy shit" REALLY loud (my window was open) and started lauging at me, and so I ran into Shelley's room all embarrassed, and when I went back, they were STILL laughing at me. lol. Or about how I had some kind of super-hearing because I could hear "Everything I Own" even when it was on REALLY quiet, and I'd come in for Lance's solo every time. Heehee. It's funny to read these!

Let me just say that

Let me just say that Joe Perry is HOTT. He had wonderfully floppy hair and a really nice voice. I don't think I ever noticed how really good he sounds. All in all, Aerosmith was awesome. They played a few too many songs I didn't know, and they didn't play Janie's Got a Gun, =( but it was a good concert. Wait! I don't think they played Dude Looks Like a Lady!!! Waaah!! I forgot about that one. Ah well. lol. They DID play the rest of my favorite songs (Walk This Way, Love in an Elevator, Livin' on the Edge, Pink...), and I was whisked back to Rockin' Roller Coaster. <.big sigh> Oh, how I miss G-Force Records!! ("Uh, Sam(?), we're gonna need another car. Make it a stretch. [Counting] No, wait. Make it a super-stretch!"<.g>) Steven Tyler had this really cute tail, too. lol. He's just an all-around cool guy. But boy were there mullets! I think all the hicks came out for Aerosmith. lol.

Okay, so I saw Aarti's SUPER HOTT security guard. She came home from ushering WWF yesterday raving about him, and BOY is he something to rave about. WOOHOO!! I stared at him for, like, ten whole minutes. He was strong-looking without being overly bulky, he had these great eyes and an awesome smile. And he had JC's little goatee thingy, but it might have even looked better on this guy. Hoo BOY! But Hair Girl was flirting with him... really badly. This chick was embarrassing me, and I wasn't even with her! Her poor friends! She kept flipping her hair this way and that, and I swear I was about to go give her a dollar and ask her where her pole was. What a hooch! Anyway, my ears are staticky (is that how you spell that?) and I think I need sleep. <.yawn>

December 03, 2001

What time is it? 5:40.

What time is it? 5:40. Where is Emily? CHICAGO. She's in freaking Chicago. The concert starts at 7:30. You think she'll make it here in rush hour in an hour and 50 minutes? I'm thinking fat chance. I'm thinking we'll be lucky if they make it in under 3. I'm thinking why didn't she give me the tickets on Friday when she was down here? Grrrr. So here I am, about to pull another Atlanta Concert and miss all the opening acts. I'll have been to three concerts in my life, and I'll have only been there on time for ONE. lol. Did I mention I hate being late to things? In Atlanta I could have cared less if we'd seen the opening acts; showering was FAR more important to me, but tonight... this was avoidable. I don't even know who the opening acts ARE, but it just bugs me that she didn't let me know what was going on, and now she's going to be like two hours LATE to boot. Argh. I guess that gives me more time to work on my paper... the silver lining! The silver lining!

Why do I procrastinate? Why?

Why do I procrastinate? Why? Why? WHY??? Why am I typing this blog instead of doing homework? Why did I do NOTHING productive yesterday even though I had the entire day free? Why do I have a thousand things due this week? (Well, duh, kate, it's because you procrastinate...) UGH. Just put me out of my misery. Please. Can it be December 14th? Pretty, pretty please?? <.sigh> I have to write my MTV paper. HAVE to. It's due Friday at noon. I also have a psych "quiz" Wednesday (which I may or may not actually do the readings for or care about, we'll see how much time I have) and my advertising final Thursay. I forsee a bunch of late nights this week. And that's not even touching on what I've got due next week. Grr. Two final projects and two final exams.

Three hours until Aerosmith. Two and a half hours before I have to pick Meghan up from class to go to Aerosmith. Do I know where we're sitting? No. Do I have tickets? No. Have I heard from Emily? No. Am I getting anxious? YES! CALL ME, EMILY!! I know you don't read this blog, nor could you possibly at the moment, since I hope to GOD you are in the car making the three-hour drive down here, but maybe if I send this desperate plea out into cyberspace here, it will somehow get to you. I am a planner. I like to know, NEED to know, what's going on. I HATE being late, I hate not knowing what to expect, and this is driving me nuts. Lol. How am I supposed to concentrate on this paper if I don't know what is going on tonight??? Okay, going to try to write about MTV... and forget about Aerosmith for now...

December 02, 2001

Guess what I just spent

Guess what I just spent the last half hour doing? Lol. No, not homework... ::sheepish grin:: I was watching behind the scenes Gone clips. Very nice. Very, very nice. Hint: if it doesn't flow well, try changing the 300 in the address to 28. Also, there are not clips listed for 4, 5, or 12... but there ARE videos for them. So plug in those numbers yourself. They're cute. =)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MOM!! Again, I don't have a picture to post. =( Oh well. Anyway, happy birthday to her. =) And Britney Spears. I think it's her birthday today, too. lol.

Okay, someone found my blog by searching for "I was the peeing Ferris Buehler." Lol! Sadly, I did have that quote on here at one point... I think that post is in my archive now. It was a Justin quote. But what a random thing to search for! Lol. I don't even know what that quote is supposed to MEAN. I don't get it. Oh well. But now that I got this thing listed in Google (Thanks Krissy!!!), I get to see what random searches people do. Quite amusing, actually.

Oh. My. God. I can't

Oh. My. God. I can't take it anymore. I NEVER thought I'd say this, but.... I'm *NSYNCed out. Not to worry, by tomorrow I'll probably be back to "normal" again, but for the moment, I can't bear the thought of watching one more clip of them. I just spent SIX HOURS (that's right, one-fourth of my day) watching *NSYNC. Why, you might ask? Well, I was making a tape for Miggie. (Miggie, dear, I hope you really enjoy this tape <.g>) So while I was dubbing, my television was stuck on whatever was coming through the VCR. I taped (and, consequently, watched) the Atlantis concert before I left, and then when I came home (which was about 7:30) until just now (1:45 a.m.), I taped the rest of the tape. Don't get me wrong, it was quite fun and enjoyable and I watched a lot of things I hadn't seen in a while, but man, I've got *NSYNC coming out my ears.

Other than that, today was a pretty productive day. I got up at 10:30 (which felt NICE), went to breakfast with Emily, Connor, Jamie, Craig and Greg. Then I came home and started my paper on media violence and aggression in children. Shelley and I went to look at two apartments. One of them we'd seen before, and it's really nice, really large... and really far. I'd get my exercise, and on a day like today, I didn't think it would be that bad. But it's also December 1st and 60 degrees outside. lol. That is NOT typical. Come January, those extra 3 or 4 blocks are gonna be not fun, to say the least. We saw another one that is much closer and still pretty nice, but the bathroom was HUGE and the kitchen was teeny-tiny. So we'll see. I think we might go to look at another one or two tomorrow. After that, I came home, worked on the tape, and finished my paper. Woohoo!! Tomorrow I have to get a GOOD start on my MTV paper. Yeesh. Okay, bedtime! Night!!

December 01, 2001

Yesterday I felt like I

Yesterday I felt like I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. It was night of The Big Party. Between cleaning, picking up the cake, going grocery shopping, making Chex Mix, and everything else I had to do, I managed to watch about 15 minutes of my new *NSYNC *N the Mix DVD. Woohoo!! I finally got it!!! VERY exciting. It was quite hilarious, actually. What I saw of it, anyway. The "I Would Walk 500 Miles" part had me dying laughing. Goodness. Takes me back to high school when we'd blast that song when we went out to lunch. That and "Free Falling." Those were our lunchtime sing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs songs.

So I think the party was a success. "Think" being the operative word, because a few parts are a little fuzzy. lol. But I had fun. My throat hurts from singing and my legs hurt a little from dancing, so I guess that's a good thing. And it wasn't at my place, so I don't have the mess, and Meghan's friends were actually *really* nice and helped her clean up last night, so I don't even have to go over there and do that today.

Today's agenda has homework, homework, homework on it. Ugh. I want to fast forward two weeks and have finals be over. But I just realized that my advertising class doesn't have a final! We have a last exam, but it's not a final. So next week I have three papers (psych, my MTV paper, and my PR paper) (and one extra credit psych paper, but I'm not entirely sure I've got time for that...) due, two exams, and an assignment for advertising, and then the next week I only have two finals. Good deal. This coming week's gonna be a bitch, but soon we will be on Christmas break. Soon. Anyhow... homework time.