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January 31, 2002

January 30, 2002

It's so weird how you

It's so weird how you could see/hear of something for the first time that you had NEVER noticed before, and all of a sudden, you can't get away from it. It happens ALL the time to me. Most recently, it was a person. A few weeks ago Aarti and I were driving through the parking lot and we passed these two guys that I didn't even really LOOK at, other than to not hit them, and she said "Did you see that guy?" and without thinking, I said "Which one, the one that looks like Wade?" And she said yes, and I said "What about him?" and she said "He looks like Wade." Lol. ANYWAY. I see him EVERYWHERE now. On the quad, on the street, in buildings... He ushers with me. Lol. He's actually pretty cute, close-up. ha ha. But yeah. It's kinda freaky. You'd think that, for as often as I run into him, I'd have noticed him before that night. Oh well.

January 29, 2002

LMAO!!!!! Look what Carolyn found!!!

LMAO!!!!! Look what Carolyn found!!! LOL!!! With only 7-10 minutes of natural exercise (jerking off, perhaps?? lol!) per day, you, too, can enlarge your penis. Lol. I am seriously cracking up here. And, may I remind you, CAROLYN pointed me to this website. <.eg>

For the record: Carolyn was as SHOCKED at this website as I was. Lol.

I have been instructed to

I have been instructed to blog. Usually I don' t need someone poking me with a stick to get me to blog, since I usually do it excessively anyway, but apparently today has not been a blogging day. Lol. So today. Well, I didn't go to bed until almost 3, and I had to get up at 6:30. Not fun. I need to go to bed earlier. I talked to John last night. John, are you reading this? Heehee. I hadn't talked to John in forever. So that was cool. I was actually about to call him, and he IMed me. Talk about wavelengths, or something. We're going to dinner, John, Greg, Meghan and I, on Sunday. I also talked to Joaquin today. He IMed me out of NOWHERE. That made me really happy, because I had been thinking that maybe my friends in Florida (as in the full-timers) had forgotten about me. Heehee. So I was VERY happy that he IMed me. Ya know? Like, I didn't initiate it. Heehee. So he is doing well. He wanted to know when I was coming back to visit, which was also nice to hear. So that made me happy. =)

Ooo! I'm a child of

Ooo! I'm a child of the 80's. This was REALLY long so I posted it on a separate page and inserted my own little comments. <.g> What FUN!

January 28, 2002

I just walked home from

I just walked home from class CARRYING my coat. It's January 28th and it's in the mid-60's. This is extraordinary. Lol. Usually it's around 20 in January. I think the average is 24 degrees, or something, but the last couple years it's been COLD. And snowy. We haven't had ANY snow. Maybe some flurries. At home we got an inch or so just before Christmas, but it didn't last more than a couple days. Usually we've had tons by now. I think two years ago there were 2 feet on the ground when we came back to school from break, and last year during finals week we totally got dumped on. The rumor is that we're going to be getting some snow this week, but I kinda wish it would just stay in the 60's. Lol. Anyway, there's your weather report for the day. <.g>

January 27, 2002

Today I ushered the womens

Today I ushered the womens basketball game. We won. Woohoo!! No Strings Attached sang the National Anthem and did the halftime show... they were cool. I had never seen them perform before. They are an a capella singing and dance group. And then after the show there was autograph signing, so we had to circle the court with a rope and stand there like security guarts. heehee. Made me feel kinda important. We were all standing in front of the rope, like 30 ushers, all with our hands behind our backs holding the ropes at our waist. Lol. We be bad-ass ushers. We also had real security guards (cuz, you know, those eight-year-olds were gonna rush the court...), one guy named House who is this HUGE black guy and SO NICE. Like a big old teddy bear. And then Mr. Hott Security Guy was standing by me (because that's where the most kids were). Hoo boy. He has JC's little goatee-line thing and it looks GOOD on him. Hot damn. Lol. And he speaks in complete sentences, which really impressed Kathy, one of the ushers. ha ha.

Ugh. Stress setting in. I still have to read and do my reaction paper and it's after 11. Tomorrow I have to present the report on Empathy Patterns in Monozygotic Versus Dizygotic Twins at Ages 14 Months and 20 Months. Yeah. Right. If I understood what I had read, I might be able to better report on it. And I have to HAVE to do my resume. That is stressing me out majorly. Ugh. Okay, I am going to work on this reaction paper. It shouldn't be hard, if I could concentrate enough on the reading to form an opinion. lol.

Don't pay this post any

Don't pay this post any mind. I need to organize myself for the week, and this is the easiest place to do it.
Tonight: finish 396 report, read 396 article, write reaction. Print out 310 and 201 notes.
Monday: Do Wednesday's 396 reading & reaction, do RESUME.
Tuesday: Read 201 ch 1 & 2, study for quiz. Start stats.
Wednesday: Amie, work on stats.
Thursday: Finish stats, read 310
Friday: Home, read 310, 396
Saturday: tickets, read 396, back to school
Sunday: Work 10-2, write 396 reaction, dinner with Greg and John

January 26, 2002

Just ushered Janet. Show was

Just ushered Janet. Show was awesome, night was not so much. They gave me these wonderfull little ear plugs that so nicely filtered out the screeching of the crowd and let me just hear the music. Fabulous little invention!! It was my first concert to usher, and I have to say I liked the crowd considerably more than the Aerosmith crowd. I had been a little worried after attending the Aerosmith concert, because they'd had some crowd problems there, but Janet Jackson brings nice people. =) Except I spent the ENTIRE opening act moving people around. They can't seem to get their correct seats on their own. =/ I must have moved seven or eight different groups of people. One group couldn't find their seats, so I had to move people out of them... when I got them to their seats, had to move MORE people, and so on. Ugh. So I couldn't tell ya if Ginuwine was good or not. Lol.

Okay, now to the part where my evening stopped being so good. I was ushering with this cute little man, Everett. He even gave Aarti and Meghan ear plugs when they came to visit me after Ginuwine. So Everett told me he didn't like working concerts because it was too loud, and if they let people go early, he was going to if that was alright with me. And then around the third song, he told me he was going down to get a drink of water. He didn't come back for a while, and then all these paramedics and security guys were running everywhere. Turns out my friend Everett had a heart attack in the hallway!!!!! They worked on him for thirty minutes, and by the time they put him in the ambulence he had a blood pressure. They kept coming to give me updates on him. He is in intensive care now and has a blood pressure, a pulse, and is breathing on his own. Thank GOD. But I spent a good portion of my evening either being worried about Everett or hearing updates on him. And THEN the head usher told me I had to keep an eye on the three girls in front of me because one of them was prone to seizures. So. My attention was on a lot of things other than just the concert.

But all in all, Janet is awesome. She put on an excellent show, she looked great... it was ALL GOOD. I'm so glad I got to see it, and I'm even happier I saw it for free and even got paid to be there. Lol.

Aarti, Shefali, Amy and I

Aarti, Shefali, Amy and I just went to the High Dive, this club in downtown Champaign. It was so much fun! I really liked the atmosphere. It wasn't the campus crowd, which was nice. (Miggie, this description's for you <.g>) There were lots and lots of people, but not so many that you couldn't move or that you felt suffocated. The music was mostly techno dance music and there was a ground floor, a raised dance stage with a raised platform on it as well, and an upper level also. Upstairs you could find a quieter area to talk or whatever, and I think there was a bar up there, too, but the main bar was downstairs. There were other rooms off the bar that had stuff like dart boards or whatever, but we didn't really go in there. That good? Heehee.

But this guy started dancing with me... oh my. He was freaking on me. He was having a JC problem. You know what I mean. Ugh. I don't mind dancing with people, but I need my space. Lol. I was so stuck and I kept looking at Aarti and Shiffi to help, and they were just laughing at me. I kept making faces at them, and the guy's friend was watching the whole time. Finally Amy grabbed my arm and pulled me back into our little circle. Lol.

Oh, I also saw A Walk to Remember. We had the most obnoxious group of junior high kids... there were seriously like 35 of them. They took up two entire rows. But once I tuned them out, it was actually a pretty good movie. Mandy Moore did an impressive job. I thought she was quite good. I had a feeling she would be (she seems like the actorly type), and I was glad to see that this was not On the Line-esque. Whew. The only complaint I had is that it hardly followed the book AT ALL. Like, it would have been better if they'd just called it something else and renamed the characters. Almost nothing was the same, except for the characters. And even they were changed, as this version took place more than 50 years after the book version did. Lol. The plot loosely (and I emphasize loosely) corresponded with the book. But if you looked past that, it was a good movie. I cried. Lol. Even though I knew what was going to happen, even though much of the second half of the movie seemed to be there specifically to make you emotional, I'm a sucker for films. I get really into them no matter what they are. Ha ha. So, overall, I would say it's worth it to go see. Probably not one that I will add to my personal film library, but I certainly think it's good enough to pay $6 for, or whatever. <.g>

January 25, 2002

The Friday Five! I look

The Friday Five! I look forward to this all week... <.g>

1. What cologne or perfume do you wear?
Gucci Rush and GAP Heaven. Not at the same time. <.g>

2. What cologne or perfume do you like best on the opposite sex?
Ooo I just discovered Victoria Secret's Very Sexy for Men. Yummy.

3. What one smell can you not stomach?
There are certain food smells that make me feel sick. Soy as it is being processed (as in.. the way Decatur, IL smells) is quite nauseating. And puke. I can't stand it when people throw up.

4. What smell do you like that others might consider weird?
Babies. They smell soooo good.

5. How do you plan to spend your weekend?
Today I have class, and then I have to do my reading and write up a handout for my presentation, and a reading reaction, and then Aarti and I are going to dinner and to see A Walk to Remember, and then I think I'm going to a party with Meghan and Renee. I have to do laundry and go grocery shopping, so one of those will be this afternoon, one will be tomorrow. Tomorrow night I'm ushering Janet (Yay! I'm excited!), and Sunday I'm ushering a women's basketball game. And I HAVE to do my resume and cover letter so that I can send them out on Monday. Internships, here I come!!

January 24, 2002

Isn't this cute?

Isn't this cute?

Okay, SOMEBODY in my psych

Okay, SOMEBODY in my psych 290 lab is an *NSYNC fan. Lol. We have to listen to tapes of interviews and transcribe them. When we transcribe them, we can't use their real names, so it's up to us to make up whatever names we want for the people mentioned. I'm just checking already-transcribed tapes for now, so basically I listen to the tapes and read the transcript and make changes or whatever. So today, the dad's name was like Adam Williams or Andrew Wilson or something. And he has two sons -- Owen and JC (which stands for Jason Collin, I think). JC's the three-year-old, so he's the target child (they're looking at self-esteem in three-year-olds). Anyway, the dad's made-up name was "Alan Wade." That makes sense. Kept the initials constant. Owen turned into "Justin Wade" (but he wasn't around much... he was playing with the little girl they babysit for and only came in to ask for a drink) and JC is "Joey Wade." Lol. I was cracking up. MAYBE that was unintentional, but based on the fact that I found a tape for a "Rachel Aniston" and another where the little girl is "Phoebe Greene"... I'm thinking a lot of pop culture is making it into these transcripts. ha ha.

January 23, 2002

I actually had a pretty

I actually had a pretty good day today, albeit LONG. I got into my social psych class!! Thank goodness. Now I can stop going to abnormal and I can sell that book back (and get $91 back... YES!). Then I went to my first research lab. I was checking an already-transcribed interview. This guy was SO INTERESTING. THe study is on parenting and self-esteem. This guy is a single dad. He's black, from inner-city Chicago, is one of 9 kids. His mother had her first child when she was 13 and dropped out of school then. He's the only one in his family to go to college, and he's a senior. So he's MY age, and he has a 3-year-old son and is raising his 5-year-old niece. He's an education and educational psychology major. He was SO COOL to listen to. He's the kind of parent I want to be. He's way into Eastern religions, and just had all these awesome philosophies on parenting and everything. I can't wait to finish the interview tomorrow.

So we didn't go to choir. =( SOMEBODY was late meeting me. Lol. So by the time we got to the music building, it was 10 after 3, and I just can't walk in late to stuff. Especially not when the people have already taken attendence and are standing in circles giving each other massages. Just can't barge in on that as a new addition to the thing. So hopefully Friday we will go.

Amie (my 11-year-old mentoree (is that a word?)) came over tonight. She brought along her new *NSYNC Gameboy Game. SO FUNNY. But man, it makes those boys seem like spoiled brats. =( First you have to run all their errands. Then you have to put them all to bed and shut up everything that's noisy. Of course, when you get the buttons mixed up, you start putting the noisy things to bed and shutting up *NSYNC members. Oops. <.g> THEN you have to make them hamburgers. Tetris-style. Like, you have to catch the correct ingredients and avoid the "bad" ones. LANCE IS SO FREAKING PICKY. I got stuck on his burger SO many times. I kept "dying" and having to start that level over. After you make their burgers, you have to run MORE errands on the way to the concert. Chris kept wanting to go bowling, Justin just HAD to have flowers, and Joey needed to get his phone fixed. Like, who needs to get their phone fixed or go bowling on the WAY to a concert?? Yeesh. Lol. JC and Lance never made any requests. And I was playing with JC being the main guy, so he kept complimenting me on what an awesome job I was doing after every task. Lol. And the last task was getting them all to hackey. Dude. If I'm awful at it in real life, ya think I can do it on a video game? You gotta push those little buttons FAST. And you had to do each level five times, once for each guy. Whew. But after it all, you got to make them dance. Dance, little video game boys, dance!!

Whew. Today's going to be

Whew. Today's going to be a long day. I can feel it already. Here's my schedule:
8:30-10 Advertising
10-11 Social Psych
11-12 Statistics
12-2 Research Lab
2-3 Speech Com
3-4 Choir (I'm joining a choir!!! EXCITEMENT!)
5-8:30 Amie's coming over to show me her Christmas presents and watch some *NSYNC (HER request, not mine <.g>)
But BOY am I going to be exhausted after this day. And tomorrow's not looking much better. It really sucks when you're looking at your semester and it's only the second week of school and you already can't see when you're going to get a break. Like, all my weekends are already filled through February 17. That's what I get, right? Lol.

January 22, 2002

Oh my god. I have

Oh my god. I have a crush. Lol. Of course, it's another celebrity... why don't I meet any real guys to have crushes on?? Too bad. Innis=HOTT. Dontcha agree? A fine specimen of manhood.

Break me off a piece of that!

Lol I found these... somewhere.

Lol I found these... somewhere. Gosh. I've been wasting time and browsing through stuff all afternoon and I forgot what site these were on. But they made me laugh.
Those crazy muppet guys Those crazy *NSYNC guys

Mmmm. I'm eating Edy's Girl

Mmmm. I'm eating Edy's Girl Scouts Thin Mint ice cream, which is heaven on a spoon. On Sunday when Tammy came up, she and I got a craving for mint chocolate chip, but when we went to the store and saw the Thin Mint, we decided to try it. YUM. Lol. I think ice cream is one of my favorite foods. ha ha. Moosetracks, Glacier Mint, just about anything from Ben and Jerry's... delicious. Why can't I have a particular liking for carrots or celery or something healthy?? Anyway. If you ever have the chance to try the Thin Mint ice cream, I would strongly recommend it. Tasty.

January 21, 2002

Aarti got her keyboard! I

Aarti got her keyboard! I am SO excited! We just spent the last two hours up in her room trying to play things. My goal this year is to gain a working knowledge of the piano. I can pick out the melody to almost anything. Okay, that's not true. Lol. If I have the melody in my head, if I know it well enough to sing the correct notes, I can pretty much translate that to the piano -- one-handed. Lol. I got Tearin' Up My Heart, God Must Have Spent, This I Promise You, I'm Not a Girl, and about half a dozen Christmas songs. But I need to move that into being able to play music. Shelley has the Celebrity piano score, which is cool and all, but I can't look at it and play it. I could look at it and sing it or look at it and play it on the violin, but I don't know what notes on the music translate into which keys on the piano. Lol. And the other thing making all of this difficult: I can only read the treble clef. Not bass clef. I played violin.... treble clef. I sang soprano... treble clef. All the notes are different on the bass clef!! So if I'm going to do this, I really need to learn those notes as well. Ha ha ha. I think I can do it. I think I can, I think I can!

Aarti said it about herself, but it's really true for me: I'm a jack of all trades, but a master of nothing. I wish I was really good at one thing. I can do a whole lot of things decently, but nothing extraordinarily well. Ya know?

Did you know that my

Did you know that my birthday is Pins and Needles Day? Aaaack! How much more not appropriate could that be? Lol. Shelley's going through and finding obscure holidays for her Singing Elves to sing about.

Okay, so these articles I read. Here's proving we do really learn things in college.

  • In the 1880's in one tenement in Manhattan there were over 2,000 people living per acre. Today in Manhattan, which is the most densely populated area in the US, there are just around 100 people per acre. My parents' house is on a quarter-acre, setting the average for my neighborhood at about 16 people per acre. Can you imagine 2,000 people in the space of four houses on my block???
  • In Manhattan in the 1880s the death rate for children under five was one in seven. It was the third worst death rate in the entire world, including third-world countries. To put things in perspective, today the United States' under-five death rate is one in 125.
  • In 1906, children under the age of 14 comprised more than 25% of the workforce in Southern states, particularly in the textile industry. There were more than 60,000 children under the age of 12 employed in the South, starting as young as five or six, and working 10-16 hour days.
  • Pennsylvania had the highest child-slave-labor rate in the United States at that time. Most were boys between the ages of 8 and 13 working in coal mines.
  • In the Chicago stockyards, rotten meat sent back from overseas was treated with borax and put into the grinders for sausage to be sold in the US.
  • The phrase "everything but the squeal" was actually true as it related to the use of pigs in meat processing.
  • If a person accidentally fell into the vatts, he was usually no more than bones by the time he was found, and became part of the lard to be shipped to stores and sold.
  • Poisoned rats, the poisoned bread used to poison the rats, and the rats' droppings all went into the processed ham.
  • Thankfully, the Manhattan tenements were torn down in 1887 and replaced with parks, and the residents of such tenements were given more adequate housing. Child labor laws are now enforced. And the publishing of The Jungle lead the the Pure Food and Drug Act, put into effect in 1906.

    And that is just a sampling of knowledge I gained from this unit on muckrakers around the turn of the century. <.g> That tuition money is actually worth something!

  • Today I've actually been pretty

    Today I've actually been pretty productive. I think less sleep actually suits me better. Go figure. I got up at 10 after finally having gone to bed at 5:30. I read all three of my articles (excerpts from The Jungle, an article on living conditions in Manhattan in the 1880s, and an article on child labor in 1906... all VERY sad, which I may comment on later), wrote my essay for that class, read my article and wrote my reaction paper for my Speech Com class... I think I'm doing well! I have to read a couple text book chapters as well, but those I will probably skim more than read carefully.

    Shelley and Gen and I have our own domain name now! Some-dreams.com. Exciting, eh? There isn't really anything up there right now (except, maybe, for Shelley's blog), but there will be. So I will eventually be moving over there and perhaps changing templates. Maybe. I really like the one I have, but maybe it's time for a change. We'll see. <.g> It all seems pretty complicated to me, but Shelley assures me it's actually quite easy... once she figures out how to do it.

    What time is it? Yeah,

    What time is it? Yeah, it's 4:30 a.m. I'm still up. Why? I don't know. Am I tired? Not a bit. It's days like this when you think, would it really be beneficial to go to bed? Or should I do some reading and just stay up? Hmmm.

    Tammy and her friend Rachel came up from Eastern today. That was fun. We went shopping. There is this COOL used book... area...(not a store, cuz there are just shelves set up in this little area) in the mall. SO COOL. I spent like a half hour looking through them. They have all these old old fabric-covered hard-bound books with yellow pages. I found a book of poetry (but sadly, I forget whose) that was printed in 1916. And a Little Women given to someone on Christmas 1947 and a Little House in the Big Woods (didn't have a year, but it was old) with the name Louise written in six-year-old handwriting. SO CUTE. They just had some really cool stuff, like the complete works of Shakespeare and some poetry books (like the Poet's Dictionary, complete with words that are hard to rhyme and word endings) that I would have so bought if I hadn't been dead broke. Oh well. Then I went with Aarti to her sister Shefali's dorm to watch While You Were Sleeping, which is one of my favorite movies. And THEN Aarti and I came home and started looking online at airfare. Somehow, we got the crazy idea to go to Vegas over spring break. Lol. Like we have ANY money. But she has two free nights in a hotel there that she won, and *NSYNC (according to that completely and totally unconfirmed schedule) is supposed to be performing there that weekend... so if we could find some damn good airfare, we might. Lol. CRAZY. I SO don't have the money for that. Who knows. And there will be NO gambling, since I REALLY don't have money to just throw away, but it would be cool anyway. This is just crazy 4-in-the-morning talk that will sound dumb and insane once I've slept. So we were just sitting here talking and watching a tape of random stuff I'd taped over winter break, and all of a sudden, before we knew it, it was after 4. Woops.

    Okay, going to try to sleep. Or read, or something. Sleep would be nice, though.

    January 19, 2002

    Okay, Becoming *NSYNC was SO

    Okay, Becoming *NSYNC was SO CUTE. Oh my gosh. So cute. Lol. Those boys were so dorky and SUCH *NSYNC fans, and they could ADMIT it, which was absolutely adorable. It would have been annoying if they'd been girls (but then they wouldn't have been becoming *NSYNC...), but since they were guys, it was cute. Man, they had more *NSYNC stuff than I do. lol. And the cutest (that's the theme of the night: cute <.g>) part was when they were at the Staples Center with the... basketball team (forget which one), and they were *practicing* their dances on the sidelines. SO FUNNY. Heehee. The only thing I didn't like so much was the fact that they put them in current haircuts and added in current dance moves into the Tearin' Up My Heart video. I guess the current haircuts were fine, but I thought the video should be the same, ya know? Oh well. Overall, very (let's say it together) CUTE. =)

    So last night I was

    So last night I was asleep on the couch at midnight, missing part of Live from Madison Square Garden, which I was watching with Shelley. I was about to drag myself upstairs when she said "There are only four songs left!" And somehow, four songs (and Aarti coming home) turned into my being up until 3:30. What's with that??

    Then Shelley had gotten this Interview CD at Borders that had old radio interviews with *NSYNC. There's this one segment where they're all talking about their Christmas memories/traditions, and we couldn't for the life of us figure out who three of them were!! Seven people talked. Not seven different people, just seven times. And three of the seven could have been JC, Joey, or Chris. We know both Joey and Chris told stories within the four we could identify... does anyone have this CD? We have our guesses as to who said those three snipits, but can anyone help? Heehee.

    Okay, so Jazzercise. Yeah. Sucky. See, we went in August, and we had to give them a canceled check for them to automatically deduct from our checking accounts. She told us we had to cancel by the 15th of the month prior to when we wanted to cancel. Well, we haven't gone since August. I honestly forgot about the canceled check and everything, until I went home for break and got my bank statements for the semester and saw that they have been charging us $34 a month since August!! ARGH. I mean, I know they are within their rights, but this is a small establishment. There is one instructor and the class doesn't have more than 30 people in it. She knows who is there and who isn't. Doesn't that feel unethical to keep charging people who haven't been to class in FIVE months??? So we went today to cancel and she said we couldn't cancel for February, so we were canceling for March. Yeah. So six months we haven't gone to Jazzercise that we've paid for. My Jazzercise instructor at home sent me a card when I hadn't been there for two weeks wondering if I was going to come back! SIX MONTHS!!! Grrrrrrrrr. I just think that's wrong. Even though they were legally within their rights, I wouldn't be able to do that if I were the instructor. I'd feel completely wrong about it! She could have at least called or written a postcard and let us know we were still being charged, ya know? That's $200 of my money GONE. Why am I stupid? =(

    January 18, 2002

    Did anyone else see the

    Did anyone else see the segment on TRL about *NSYNC's Chili's commercials? LMAO!! JC as the Crocodile Hunter... his Aussie accent isn't terrible, anyway. Lol. SO FUNNY. And when they did the whole "Justin goes solo" thing.... hysterical. I was cracking up the whole time. Thank goodness Shelley taped it! I can't wait to see those commercials. But the fact that *NSYNC is doing commercials worries me a bit...

    I'm watching Real World Chicago

    I'm watching Real World Chicago and I LOVE IT. I mean, I don't know about the people yet, but it is SO FUN to see everything!! They went to the top of the John Hancock Building... that's really a very cool thing to do. And cheaper than the top of the Sears Tower. Heehee. But your ears pop on the elevator ride up. And Navy Pier and Michigan Avenue, and the neighborhood they're living in is right by a theatre a friend of mine owns, and I know a couple people who live in that area... Very exciting. I'm just so excited to see all these stores and streets and everything that I know. Lol. I'm a big nerd. I know this. But seriously, it's so fun to see something and go "I know exactly where that is! I've been there a dozen times!" Lol. So little things make me happy. <.g>

    Got these from Miggie this

    Got these from Miggie this week.

    The Friday Five.
    1.What do you have your browser start page set to?
    I think it's Netscape.com, actually. Even though I use Internet Explorer. That's the one it had. I dunno. When I used Netscape, it was the U of IL homepage, but then my Netscape started crashing on me. So I haven't bothered to change the homepage on IE. Which is fine, because at least I get news headlines.

    2. What are your favorite news sites?
    The places I get most news from is Netscape.com, since that's the page I see the most, or the AOL Welcome Screen, but if I'm searching out news, CNN.

    3. Favorite search engine?
    Google. Really the only one I use... we did a little experiment on search engines in my technology class last semester, and it turns out Google is actually, like, the best. Altavista and I think Yahoo are also good... they're the ones that rank your results for relevance, which is oh-so-nice. =)

    4. When did you first get online?
    We got AOL sophomore year in high school... what year was that? I graduated junior high in '94, so... '95 or '96, depending on whether it was first or second semester. <.g>

    5. How do you plan to spend your weekend?
    I have a whole list of stuff I have to read. Eventually I should go buy either the Abnormal or Social psych book... I've been going to both classes, but haven't bought either book since I don't know which one I'm staying in. I'd really like to go see a movie... I'm in the Movie Mood, but I don't even know what's out. lol. I have to get Jazzercise canceled and see if I can get some money back. Ugh. And I think Shelley and I were going to watch some of the cool new *NSYNC stuff I got over break. Lol. Like the couple MMC episodes Meghan had. I wish I had more of them. She only had like 5 or 6 on tape. There HAVE to be more out there. I'm so addicted to Emerald Cove. <.g> So I've got three days in which to do all of that, not counting this afternoon, so I think I can handle it. =)

    January 17, 2002

    Model Behavior was on tonight.

    Model Behavior was on tonight. I hadn't seen it since I started liking *NSYNC. Lol. It was funny. But damn it, it made me think Justin is hot! Grr. He was just so adorable in it, though, with the suit and the rose and the fancy restaurant and the thousand-watt smile (okay, we've seen that before, but it's cuter in the context of a sweet little date where he's NOT being Justin Timberlake, if that makes sense). And The Color of Friendship is going to be on on Monday, and I'm SO excited because I had watched about 45 minutes of it this summer and had to leave to go somewhere, and I really want to finish it. It was soooo cute. Yay!

    All of my things are falling off the wall. My babies (a collage of pictures of all the babies I worked with at Happi House last year) fell yesterday, behind my desk, and I can't reach it. My desk is too heavy right now, and has WAY too much on top of it to try to move. Sadness. Maybe I'll get ambitious this weekend. And in the middle of the night, one of my Snow White thingies fell. And then this morning I was sitting at my computer and my On the Line bus poster fell and knocked my Hollywood Walk of Fame square behind my computer desk. What's up with this?? I'll have to put my entire room back up on Saturday.

    Which drink are you?

    Drink me!
    Which drink are you?

    Whew. 'Nother long day. I

    Whew. 'Nother long day. I had statistics for two hours this morning, right off, and I'll be darned if I just don't remember math! It's awful! I'm good at math. I've always been good at math (except for calculus, but this isn't calculus). I haven't had math since first semester freshman year, and the last time I had non-calculus was junior year in high school. But gosh. I'm sure hoping it comes back to me quickly, or it's going to be a long semester in statistics. Then I had abnormal, which looks like a REALLY cool class and it's a shame I might not be actually taking it. =( My teacher seems pretty cool, and the topic is just quite interesting. Then I had cognitive, which is going to be a rough class. It's at Sleepy Time (1:00-2:30). The professor is old and uses a microphone and he kind of performs the entire lecture. It's like he's dramatic and the entire thing is smooth and flawless and, honestly, the type of thing that could just lull you to sleep. Then I had a meeting with Grace, the grad student heading up the research I'm helping out on. First duty will be to transcribe interviews. Which she says will be tedious and boring, but the little part I listened to of one sounded pretty cool! They're all parents of three-year-olds, and when people are talking about their kids, how can that be boring? Should be cool. And I got a key to the psych building, and one to the lab. So wow, they trust me. <.g> Jen, Sarah's friend who is sleeping on our couch this week (she's student teaching in Chicago this semester, but had to be down here this week), is making us dinner. Woohoo!!

    January 16, 2002

    Lol!! This was sent to

    Lol!! This was sent to my mom by Jim, a teacher she works with. These are the children of a woman Jim's wife works with. Just so you understand the relationships, or something. Lol. This is why children should not play with markers. TOTALLY cracked me up. Ha ha ha.

    I'm not sick. But I

    I'm not sick. But I feel like CRAP. My head is going to implode. Ugh. I just took Advil and am drinking a Diet Coke (and I hope the caffeine will go straight to my head), and dinner will be here soon, so I hope all of that together makes me feel better. I do NOT want to have what Sarah had, I REFUSE.

    I am such a dork.

    I am such a dork. I know this. Lol. Today I was at Panera for lunch with Meghan and Greg, and all of a sudden these two guys walk in. Meghan and I, at the same time, both half-hissed, half-squeeled "Other Guys!!!" Like they're big celebrities, or something. ha ha. It was Aaron and Kyle from the Other Guys, and they are SO CUTE. Or maybe I'm just a sucker for guys who can sing. Especially ones who can sing a capella and sound awesome. That's impressive. So we're, like, Other Guys groupies or something. Heehee.

    So my day was pretty good, overall. I guess the whole "leave the house at 8:00, don't get back till almost 4" thing won't be TOO bad. Although I did have a lunch break today, which is a luxury I won't be enjoying pretty soon. I went to Aarti's Social Psych class today. Did I blog about this yet? I didn't see it in my quick skim through, but maybe I did. Anyway, Social and Abnormal fulfill the same requirement, and as interesting as Abnormal is, Social is more related to my major, so I'm *trying* to switch. Social is full, but the TA seems really nice, and he told me I shouldn't have a problem getting into it because people usually drop, and if I haven't gotten in by next week, to talk to him and he'd see what he can do. But that means that I have to continue going to Abnormal in case I don't end up getting into Social, and I have to go to Social because if I DO get into it, I don't want to be behind. So pretty much I'm going to LOTS of classes. Lol. Oh well.

    I am not one to

    I am not one to give up easily or back down when things get challenging, but... remember all those breaks in my schedule during the days? Gone. Poof! So I'll be gone on Mondays from 8:30-3:30 straight, Tuesdays from 9:00-3:30, Wednesdays 8:30-3:30, Thursdays 9:00-5:00. NO breaks. Not even a half hour here or there for lunch. It's class, research lab, class, class.. boom, boom, boom. I KNOW I was supposed to anticipate 6 hours of research in my week, but I was HOPING I could choose the times, or do some of it on Saturdays, or something. Man. I need to talk to my mom. Lol. I haven't talked to her since I left, but I want to see what she has to say about this. What she thinks I should do. Cuz boy, I sure use those breaks, for homework and stuff. Not that I want to ditch out on the research, but maybe I can take 1 credit hour rather than two, which would bring me down to three hours a week instead of six. But that would be wimping out, taking the easy road. Ugh. My semester is officially going to suck.

    January 15, 2002

    I worked tonight. It was

    I worked tonight. It was fun! I love working basketball games. I worked C again, though. HOPEFULLY all this working C will get me put in A, or better yet, on the FLOOR for Janet next weekend. Tonight was eventful. The cheerleaders run around with huge flags at 16 minutes in the second half, so I had to corral all these people, because last time I worked the girl at the portal next to me couldn't get a guy to stop and he got totally trampled. So all was good with that tonight. And then they did a County Market run and I had to keep people away AGAIN, but that went well, also.

    And then my supervisor, who is this, like, 60-some year-old guy, invited me to go out for pizza and beer at the bowling alley after the game. LOL! He said a couple of the supervisors go to the bowling alley after games, and if we ever wanted to come along, he would even give us rides home if we needed them. Lol.

    Oh look at that! Their

    Oh look at that! Their Vancouver stop would be at GM Place. Heehee. I was there! That's where X-Files filmed their final episode in Vancouver, and we happened to be IN Vancouver that particular weekend. Didn't get to go to the filming, but we saw the trailers and the Second Film Unit setting up, so it was cool.

    Oh, happiness!! Although I feel

    Oh, happiness!! Although I feel sorry for Tonya and Carolyn and my Southern friends. =( But heck, this is SO NOT confirmed in ANY sense of the word. Even so, Shelley and I are looking at our class schedules to make sure we don't have exams so if we miss classes it won't be catastrophic. Lol. Do I get in trouble for posting such unconfirmed information that could be completely not at all true? Lol. Perpetuating a lie, or something. Too bad.
    Major exclusive now I think... we have the dates for the forthcoming
    NSYNC US tour kicking off on February 28th....
    2.28.02 Portland, OR/Rose Garden
    3.1.02 Off OR Vancouver, BC/GM Place
    3.3.02 Tacoma, WA/Tacoma Dome
    3.5.02 Oakland, CA/Oakland Arena
    3.6.02 Oakland, CA OR San Jose, CA
    3.7.02 Sacramento, CA/ARCO Arena
    3.10.02 San Diego, CA/Sports Arena
    3.11.02 Anaheim, CA/Arrowhead Pond
    3.12.02 Anaheim, CA/Arrowhead Pond
    3.14.02 Phoenix, AZ/America West Arena
    3.15.02 Las Vegas, NV/MGM Grand Garden Arena
    3.16.02 Las Vegas, NV OR Off
    3.18.02 Houston, TX/Conpaq Center OR Off
    3.19.02 San Antonio, TX/Alamodome
    3.20.02 Dallas, TX/Reunion Arena
    3.25.02 Denver, CO/Pepsi Arena
    3.27.02 Ames, IA/Hilton Coliseum
    3.29.02 Grand Forks, ND/Alerus Center
    3.30.02 Minneapolis, MN/Target Center
    4.1.02 Auburn Hills, MI/Palace of Auburn Hills OR Cleveland, OH/Gund
    4.2.02 Auburn Hills, MI/Palace of Auburn Hills
    4.4.02 Chicago, IL/Allstate Arena
    4.5.02 Chicago, IL/Allstate Arena
    4.7.02 Buffalo, NY/HSBC Arena
    4.8.02 Albany, NY/Pepsi Arena
    4.10.02 Uniondale, NY/Nassau Coliseum OR Hartford, CT/Hartford Civic
    4.11.02 Uniondale, NY/Nassau Coliseum
    4.13.02 East Rutherford, NJ/Continental Airlines Arena
    4.14.02 East Rutherford, NJ/CAA OR Harford, CT/Hartford Civic Center
    4.15.02 Boston, MA/Fleet Center
    4.16.02 Boston, MA/Fleet Center
    4.18.02 Philadelphia, PA/First Union Center
    4.19.02 Atlantic City, NJ/Boardwalk Hall
    4.21.02 Washington, DC/MCI Center
    4.22.02 Pittsburgh, PA/Mellon Arena OR University Park, PA/Bryce
    Jordan Center
    4.23.02 Pittsburgh, PA/Mellon Arena
    4.25.02 Memphis, TN/The Pyramid
    4.27.02 Ft. Lauderdale, FL/National Car Rental Center
    4.28.02 Orlando, FL TD Waterhouse Centre

    If that's true, that's TWO dates in Chicago, and at the Allstate, which is AWESOME. Soldier Field (as were all the stadiums) was just too big, in my opinion, and for the NSA tour, the venue SUCKED. *NSYNC apologized for the suckiness of that concert at the one in June. First off, their stage got destroyed by a mini-tornado, so they had to push that concert back to the end of the tour, which was no one's fault, but was just unfortunate and kinda sucky. And then, there is ONE road into Joliet leading up to the arena, and the traffic was so horrid that TONS of people missed the concert and 13-year-old girls were walking five miles along the side of the road to get there, and STILL missed the concert. So, yeah. Allstate is where they came 3 years ago (or whenever that was), and I think it is a good choice. Lol.

    Enough outta me. I have to work tonight. LATE game. Ugh. Starts at 8. Why is it so late? Man. Oh well. Should be a GOOD one. I think we are playing Iowa. Woohoo!

    Since I had my Abnormal

    Since I had my Abnormal Psych class for the first time today (which I may drop if I can get into Social Psych, because as interesting as Abnormal is, it doesn't really help with my major and Social Psych will), I thought this was appropriate

    What Psych-Ward do you belong to?

    One way to drive me

    One way to drive me nuts fast: do and say things just to get a reaction out of me. Okay, I guess driving me nuts is really the point with that one. But it works, and it pisses me off. Maybe it pisses me off *because* it works. Grrr. She does it all the time. Like, ALL the time. This morning we're standing in the kitchen. She's making breakfast, I'm putting together a lunch. We're chatting about nothing in particular, and she says, "God, I'm SO GLAD I got 'Hey Baby' in my head, because before I had 'Pop' in my head and I hate that song." I mean, honestly, was it necessary to say that? I KNOW the only reason she said it was to see what I would say. She has made it very clear in the past that she hates Pop and she hates Gone. Fine. I honestly don't give one hoot if someone likes or dislikes songs. Really, it has no bearing on my life whatsoever. But the fact that she says it to me with that challenging edge in her voice. That's what drives me nuts. She did it with Shrek last year, too. "It's an awesome movie. It totally bashes Disney." And there was that tone of voice that sounds just plain mean to me. I think the fact that it knocked on Disney is one of the reasons that made her love it SO MUCH (and not because she dislikes Disney, but because *I* love Disney), and her loving it is one of the reasons I will NEVER watch Shrek again. Aside from the fact that I didn't really like it. I laughed a LOT during it, and I definitely thought the "Disney bashing" was amusing, I just didn't come away feeling like I'd seen a good movie. Whatever. Ugh. Way to start off a morning, I tell ya.

    Oh my gosh! I have

    Oh my gosh! I have been trying to get AOL to NOT be my default browser for MONTHS. Cuz every time I click on a link in ANYTHING it tries to open AOL, which consists of about three entire minutes of my computer putzing around, updating things, and generally being slow, and I just don't want to use AOL. I don't need to use AOL. All I need is a browser window. So I've been fighting with it to get Internet Explorer to be my default, which is nearly impossible, I've found. Well, Sunday I found something to click that says "check to see if Internet Explorer is your default," so I checked it. And nothing happened. So I restarted. Nothin'. AOL still the default. And then there was yesterday, and I started up my computre. Still AOL as the default. And today when I started up my computer, all of a sudden this box popped up asking me if I wanted to make Internet Explorer my default! WOOHOO!!! Yes! YES! I don't know why it took two days and about 4 start-ups to decide to do it, but it did, and I'm happy. =)

    January 14, 2002

    Alright. Another quiz. Lol. Take

    Alright. Another quiz. Lol.

    Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

    I'm all about the quizzes

    I'm all about the quizzes today, apparently.

    Take the What Should Your New Year's Resolution Be? Quiz

    I don't know why my

    I don't know why my cute picture of Ewan doesn't show up. =/
    Update: Shelley fixed Ewan. Yay!!

    Following Miggie's lead... You will

    Following Miggie's lead...

    M * A * S * H

    You will marry CHRISTIAN (played by Ewan McGregor) from Moulin Rouge, live in a sparkling elephant at the Moulin Rouge, and spend your days righting wrongs and singing songs because all you need is love (and it helps that it's Ewan McGregregor you're living with ^_^).

    What's YOUR M * A * S * H future?

    I wonder who the other choices were. I like mine... I love that movie. But I'm curious! Heehee.

    Bored. Bored, bored, bored. I

    Bored. Bored, bored, bored. I wish I had bought my books so that I could be doing something productive with my four-hour break.

    This morning I was watching MTV as usual, and I was all jittery, and right before I was about to leave for class (like, shoes on, bag in hand ready to leave), Girlfriend came on. Like, to send me off to class the right way. Lol. MTV knew it would make me feel better if it played Girlfriend right before I left. =)

    Okay, I'm talking about the People's Choice awards with Tonya, so maybe I'll comment here as well.

    Lance looked good. Even when he was laughing at JC.
    JC needs to not speak. Or he needs to think things through, first.
    JC looked like a girl. At least hair-wise. He had pretty good-looking clothes on, though. I guess it's a trade-off. But it was cheerful hair. I think it made him look happy. Doesn't he look happy in that picture? Okay, maybe not Lance-happy, but no one could look as happy as Lance. lol.
    Chris needs to cut off the beard-horns. Yes.
    JC's date, as Tonya pointed out, was Emmanuelle Chriqui. She's cute. I like her.
    Favorite moment: Chris thanking people. He thanks his four best friends: "JC (points at JC), Justin (points at Lance), Lance and Joey (sweeps hands around, because Justin and Joey aren't there)." It was funny. I think he's just used to saying them in that order, and Lance was there and Justin wasn't, and... yeah. It was cute.

    One class down. Doesn't look

    One class down. Doesn't look TOO bad. But she said straight away "This is a reading-intensive course." Eww. I HATE reading for class. I would prefer going to class double the amount of times it actually meets to reading text books. Lol. Oh well. The thing is, we have 4-5 chapters plus 5-6 articles each week. And this is just one class! I haven't looked at the books or the packets to see how long each is, but I'm starting to think this one's going to suck a great proportion of my time. Hopefully all my classes aren't this reading-intensive!

    Which brings me to my Semester Resolutions. Since I didn't make any New Year's Resolutions.
    1. KEEP UP ON READINGS. Guys, if you think I might be slacking on this, whip me into shape, k? I have to keep up. Especially if I'm expected to read hundreds of pages each week, which it looks like will likely be the case. Ugh.
    2. Talk to one new person in each class. I didn't do it today, but I still have Wednesday in this class. I'm sick of being the invisible girl who reads the Daily Illini and takes notes and doesn't interact with a soul. And I'm quite sociable when I know people in my classes, but I should be able to be friendly even when I don't. So, yes. I will talk to people I don't know. I might have to start a list of possible topics. <.g>
    3. Do whatever it takes to feel good about myself. I hate being lazy. I hate feeling fat. I hate being tired all the time. And I hate feeling overworked and stressed. Therefore. I want to work out, which should take care of the lazy, the tired, and maybe a little of the fat. Lol. I want to eat better, which will contribute to the tired and the fat. And I need to schedule better, so that I can get my work done in a timely fashion and still have some "down time" for me. Right? Right.

    Ready, break!

    School starts today. I'm a

    School starts today. I'm a little nervous, and I have no idea why. I've been doing this long enough. Lol. It should be second nature by now. Oh well. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I haven't even looked at what books I'm going to need, so I'm kind of going into everything blind and I feel unprepared. Not that I usually open my books before class, or anything, but I usually at least read the titles. <.g> I haven't even stepped foot in a bookstore. Maybe I'll do that today, during my four-hour break. Speaking of, here's my schedule:

    8:30-10:00 -- Advertising 310 (Consumer Communications and the Public)
    2:00-3:30 -- Speech Com 396 (Development of Social Communication Honors Seminar... we get to work with kids!)

    9:00-11:00 -- Psych 235 Lecture (Statistics)
    11:00-12:30 -- Psych 238 (Abnormal)
    1:00-2:30 -- Psych 224 (Cognitive)

    8:30-10:00 -- Advertising
    11:00-12:00 -- Psych 235 Discussion (stats)
    2:00-3:30 -- Speech Com

    9:00-11:00 -- Psych 235 Lecture (Statistics)
    11:00-12:30 -- Psych 238 (Abnormal)
    1:00-2:30 -- Psych 224 (Cognitive)

    11:00-12:00 -- Psych 235 Discussion

    I don't think I'm looking forward to this schedule a whole lot. I'm also doing that self esteem research with those grad students. Haven't a clue when in my week that will be, but it's 8 hours of it, somewhere. I guess we'll have a meeting about that pretty soon. Yeesh. I'm taking 19 hours this semester, which is an overload... I had to petition for that, and I'm kind of nervous about it. Maybe that's where my nervousness stems from. lol. They don't have much sympathy for you if you need to drop a class or something if you have an overload, because you had to prove you could "handle it" when you petitioned. Not that I've ever had to drop a class before, but you know. <.g>

    January 12, 2002

    I should so not be

    I should so not be allowed to pack to go back to school after winter break. I always break the things I like most. =( Last year I dropped my brand-new 2000 Disney Snow Globe. Shattered and leaking some awful-smelling chemical all over my wood floor. This year I knocked my NSYNC singing Christmas ornament off my bed and cracked it in half. =( At least this one was fixable, for the most part. We didn't have Superglue, so I used model cement (from my dad's plastic model-building days?), but you can still see a big crack in it. <.sigh> Sadness. I suck.

    Eww eww gross. Someone found

    Eww eww gross. Someone found my blog by searching "Pictures of ladies getting gynocologist exams." How sick is that. They found be because I have pictures, I said something about "ladies and gentlemen," I mentioned not knowing whether it was going to be worse going to the gynocologist or getting my wisdom teeth pulled, and I happened to have a week full of exams (like, school exams). So how they put that all together... yuck.

    Other fun querries: "disco light rotating wisconsin," "Who would you eat dinner with essay," "hologram icicles," "NSYNC easy piano notes." People amaze me. Lol.

    Mom needs the computer.

    January 11, 2002

    Whee! Friday Five! 1. What

    Whee! Friday Five!

    1. What was your first job?
    My first paid job didn't come until after I graduated high school. I worked for Civiltech Engineering, my dad's company (but not for my dad). I did everything. I started out running deliveries and pouring over accident reports, then I added standing on street corners doing traffic counts and license plate surveys, I transposed hours and HOURS of license plates which we spoke into tiny recorders, I learned AutoCAD and drew up exhibits, I updated resumes, I did accounting, I did everything you didn't need a degree in engineering for, and some things that having that degree might have helped. <.g> But prior to Civiltech I'd taught Sunday School and Vacation Bible School for years, and had volunteered at CARE, which was the afterschool program at the elementary school.

    2. How old were you when you had your first kiss?
    I kissed Eddie Matsumoto in kindergarten by the lilac bushes... and then I kissed Scott... what was his name? Forget. During Suck and Blow at a cast party freshman year. God love those cast parties. What fun!!

    3. What was your first car? What happened to it?
    I learned to drive on a 1988 Bonneville. Oh, what a car. It had every control imaginable on the steering wheel. Um... we sold it when Dad got the Lincoln. We had 5 cars for a while, and 4 drivers. Lol. The first car I actually owned is my 1999 Chevy Malibu. Light blue and it's my baby. Nothing, so far, has happened to it (aside from a small dent in one rear door where someone in Disney World of all places opened their door into mine)... knock on wood!

    4. What was your first concert?
    Ummm...heehee. *NSYNC's PopOdyssey in Chicago this summer. And what a concert it was! And my second concert was *NSYNC's PopOdyssey in Atlanta this summer. And I have also seen Aerosmith. So three concerts, two of them being the same *NSYNC tour. ha ha.

    5. How do you plan to spend your weekend?
    Laundry, packing, and heading back down to school. That's about it. Oh, and I need to fix my schedule before classes start Monday. Eeek.

    Oooo my mom made brownies.

    Oooo my mom made brownies. She made the kind that are really bad for you: Ghiradelli Double Chocolate. I'm eating one with mint chocolate chip ice cream.... heaven.

    I just went to see

    I just went to see kate and Leopold with my mom. Cute movie! I'd heard not many people liked it, but I thought it was adorable. A little predictable, but what feel-good cute-romantic movies aren't? And Hugh Jackman is quite enjoyable. Plus, Breckin Meyer was in it, and he's pretty cool, as well as Bradley Whitford and the guy who played Cotton Weary in the Scream movies. And Meg Ryan, who is looking too skinny and like she might have gotten lip implants (or whatever you call that) and like her hair is a bad wig, but can still pull off the cute little object of the main man's affection.

    I want it to snow.

    I want it to snow. I want, like, an honest-to-goodness, full-out blizzard. The kind where the snow is thick and heavy and goes up to your knees and shoveling is absolutely impossible unless you have a snowblower, which isn't actually shoveling, anyway. The kind where you have to use two hands on the brush to clean your car because the snow is too heavy to move with one. The kind that's too deep to even go sledding in, because you just sink in and don't go anywhere, even if you're on a steep hill, and you have to wait a couple days for the snow to pack down and get that layer of ice on it before you can even approach it with a sled. And everything, even the trees, would be pure white and beautiful and it would feel like winter. Not this crappy grey-cold where the sun almost doesn't shine and everything looks wintery and dormant and just not pretty.

    Good morning. It's too early

    Good morning. It's too early to be up. Again. Grrr.

    But I just went to Shelley's blog to find the Who's Your *NSYNC Soulmate quiz. I'd taken it before, last year, before I liked *NSYNC (or at least before I knew a thing about them), and I'd gotten JC. So I decided to be completely honest again, even though I could figure it out sometimes, but surprisingly not as often as I'd thought I could. I got JC again. They compared me to Vicodin! Lol. I'd be JC's Vicodin. What a thing to aspire to. Lol.

    January 10, 2002

    My FAVORITE Will and Grace!!!

    My FAVORITE Will and Grace!!! "If I could turn back ti-ome!" Yay for Cher! And yay for Jack imitating Cher!

    What did I do today?

    What did I do today? I went to the orthodontist this morning to get my tooth fixed. One of the little cement bumps that are helping pull my teeth down chipped half off, and it was all rough. So now it is all better. Then I took Meghan to visit my grandparents, because they just ADORE her. Last time I went in, my grandma said, "Why didn't you bring Meghan? She said she'd visit us before she went back to school. I mean, we LOVE seeing you by yourself, but you could have brought Meghan." Thanks, Grandma, I feel the love. <.g> So I brought Meghan. They took us out to lunch and I had a patty melt and curly fries. Really, really greasy and really, really delicious. Pretty soon I will be once again going on a diet, so I will enjoy it while I can.

    Which is why I'm going to eat my Heng Wing now with gusto. It's the BEST Chinese food ever.

    Okay, then rest of my day: installed Grandpa's soundcard... they have sound on their computer now! Woohoo!! But I slit my thumb on something sharp on the computer... ouch. Oh well. It didn't hurt so much as it bled. Lol. Woops. Then I came home and putzed around and watched JAG and Friends. And so we stand.

    Okay, those Music Survey people just called, and they asked what stations I listen to and my age and my ethnic group, and usually when they ask ethnic group, they list some and I choose. Well, they didn't, so I said "probably white." And yeah, I'm about as white as they come, but he was like "Probably white?" and he was laughing at me, and I laughed and said "Okay, definitely white."

    Hmm. Nothing much else exciting happened today.

    My anthem is "Hand in

    My anthem is "Hand in my Pocket", by Alanis Morissette.
    I coined the phrase "It's all good." I can see a bright side to every dark point in life, since everything in life is a delicate balance of good and bad. I can be a little childish at times, but that's just part of the whole inner peace thing...
    Find out what YOUR anthem is HERE!
    Here's the whole thing: One Hand In My Pocket I guess that describes me. Lol. I have been noticing that I haven't been real bothered by things lately. I've been kind of blasť about stuff these days. Ha ha. Oh well. Don't know if that's good or bad. <.shrug>

    January 09, 2002

    I seem to have been

    I seem to have been blogging a LOT, since Blogger has been down. Like the fact that nothing has been actually publishing has given me the go-ahead to just keep posting, like if I do it enough, eventually it will publish. Heehee.

    Cher is so cool. She's

    Cher is so cool. She's blond, now, which is a shock. But damn, she looks good. I'd LOVE to look that good when I'm her age! I'd love to look that good now! Man. Lol. The holidays and cruise have left me a little softer-looking. Heehee. That's something to work on this semester. <.g>

    Got up freaking early again.

    Got up freaking early again. What is wrong with me? But then I went shopping with Meghan and returned a pair of jeans, and bought a pair of jeans (so that evens out), and returned two sweaters, so now I have store credit. Hmm. I'd rather have the money. Oh well. Then we went to IKEA. I LOVE IKEA. It is the best store ever. I could SO spend money there. Lol. Then we went to Jazzercise for the last time before summer, and said bye to Linda. We did a routine to Britney's Anticipating. That was fun. With slides. Slides are fun. They feel very dance-y. Heehee.

    Josh emailed me and told me he talked to Scott!!! (Both friends from Florida, by the by, and I haven't talked to/heard from Scott in almost a year.) Scott is still in Arizona, and is graduating in March. Thank GOD. I was afraid he was overseas somewhere. I wonder what he does after graduation? Does he stay on some military base? Or does he go home and get a regular job like everyone else? Josh also told me Scott said hi, and to give me his cell phone number, which Josh did. Wondering if I know Scott well enough to call. Lol. It is good to know he is doing well. I wonder if Josh has Scott's address. I'd be more likely to write to him than to call. Heehe. Anyway, that made me happy.

    JC looked hot. What's new?

    JC looked hot. What's new? He didn't know what to say. What's new? <.g>

    Chris had to save him. Go Chris!

    Justin has hair, and it's dyed. A weird kind of blond. Yuck.

    They were missing two-fifths. =/

    January 08, 2002

    Bummer. I just compiled all

    Bummer. I just compiled all the pictures I have uploaded into my account onto one page (on my Links page)... I guess that was a bad move. Lol. If you look at all of them, you exceed the allocated data transfer for the site. Woops. So now it's down for an hour. <.sigh> What a pain. Ah well. So don't look at all of them at once. <.g>

    Oooo I'm going out to dinner with my mommy! Yay!! We're going to Chevy's. Yum. Only I'm not really hungry.. I haven't been hungry for dinner lately. Like, I eat lunch at like 1, and then I can't eat anything else all day. Oh well. I'll eat some, and then bring the rest home for lunch tomorrow. Heehee.

    Hmm. Something's weird with Blogger.

    Hmm. Something's weird with Blogger. Hopefully it's nothing bad.

    I just bought Making the Tour. What FUN that is!! I went to return my sister's CD player and to buy my grandparents a soundcard, and it was just sitting there, staring me in the face. So, what the heck, I have some cruise money left over... so I bought it. The funny thing was, I got a store credit of $64.94 for the CD player. The soundcard was $39.99 and the DVD was $19.99. With tax, my total was $64.94. Yeah, I planned that... <.g> The girl looked at me and was like "Wow. There's no money left on the card." Ha ha. Anyway. Time to write thank-you notes... little late... oops.

    January 07, 2002

    Is my cat my cat,

    Is my cat my cat, or what? I went in to my grandparents' house to pick up the cat, and of course he HATES being in the carrier and he HATES being in the car and he moaned and meowed and put up quite a fuss. I had on my mix CD, and he howled through "Superman" and "I'm a Slave 4 U" and then the Atlantis medley came on. Guess what? He stopped howling! He still mewed here and there, but it wasn't the long, drawn out meeeeoooooooooooooow that it had been through the others. Then I put the radio on and he howled some more. So I put in the Other Guys CD and he quieted down. He let me know when he didn't like the song, so I'd fast forward to the next one. He did pretty well with the OGs. Then the radio went back on, more howling, so I put the *NSYNC Ballads CD I'd made my mom for her birthday in, and quiet little mews. And then Sailing came on, and when JC started singing, he was completely silent until the chorus, when he started mewing again. I just thought that was so funny.

    The best laid plans... hmm.

    The best laid plans... hmm.

    For some reason, I woke up at 6:30 this morning, wide awake. Maybe I'm still on Caribbean time, since that would be 8:30 and about the time we'd been waking up... oh well. Or maybe it has to do with the fact that I like waking up before everyone leaves the house, just so that I can see someone. Ya know? So maybe somewhere in my mind I knew my mom was leaving a little after 7, so I got up in time to see her. Who knows.

    Anyway, I had the best plan for the morning. I was going to putz around online until 9:30, then take a shower and get dressed. After that, I'd settle down in front of the TV to watch Live from Madison Square Garden, which Jess left home for me, while I wrote my thank-you notes (oops... they're a little late). But a kink gets thrown into things when the sister leaves the DVD, but takes the DVD player. =/ We got Dad a DVD player for Christmas, but I don't want to go pulling it out and setting it up without knowing for sure that he's going to keep it. He's so particular about electronics that I want to make sure he's satisfied with that particular model. Ah well. Hopefully he'll want to keep it and I can set it up tonight.

    After lunch I'm going to pick up last week's mail, drop off the film, and run into Grandma Peggy and Grandpa Jim's to help Grandpa with his computer, and then to Grandma Jennie and Grandpa Phil's to pick up Speckles. Home in time for Linda's Jazzercise class, and it should be a wonderful day. Minus the thank-you notes while watching *NSYNC.

    Except maybe that's okay, because I did FINALLY see the Girlfriend video, and I'm watching some Best of the VMA's thing, and they keep showing NSYNC clips.

    And while on the subject of Girlfriend, I liked it. It is heavy on the Justin side of things, but ah well. That's been a trend with the videos off of Celebrity. But all in all, it was good. Chris looks hot. Joey looks goofy. Lance is pretty cute in the car. JC needs to lose the hat, but the whispery close-ups make up for that. When they're dancing on the cars, who is who?? Given, I've only seen it once, and there's a LOT to take in, but I couldn't tell. Lol. Guess that's something to pay attention to next time.

    January 06, 2002

    Carolyn was complaining about lack

    Carolyn was complaining about lack of things to blog about, so I sent her to Kristine's page to check out the Friday Five, and decided I'd fill it out as well. <.g> I know it's not Friday, but.. too bad. Lol.

    1. You've just won a complete collection of movies starring one actor - what actor would you pick?
    Oo, that's a hard one. Maybe Tom Hanks. I love his happy little romantic comedies (Sleepless in Seattle, Splash, etc), his stupid, just-for-laughs comedies (Money Pit, Big, Turner and Hooch), his serious films (The Green Mile, Forrest Gump), and his fun random films (Toy Story, A League of Their Own). So, yeah. Tom Hanks could keep me entertained for a while. <.g>

    2. What was the last movie you saw in a theater?
    Technically I saw Moulin Rouge in the Princess Theatre Friday night, but we only stayed for a little over an hour before we were falling asleep. And it's not near being a first-run film. The last first-run I saw in the theatre was Ocean's Eleven on Christmas.

    3. What was the last video or DVD that you bought?
    Hmmm. The last DVD I acquired was *NSYNC *N the Mix, which was the result of a trade, and thus could count as a purchase? Hmmm. Before that, I don't really know. Oh, I got Bridget Jones and Legally Blond for my birthday, but those couldn't be mistaken as a purchase on my part in any manner of the word, and therefore don't really count. lol.

    4. What movie could you watch over and over again and not get sick of?
    When Harry Met Sally, The American President, The Cutting Edge, Playing By Heart... I guess I like happy romantic movies. =)

    5. How do you plan to spend your weekend?
    Weekend's over. Guess I was too late. But it's technically still Sunday, so I'll do a recap. Saturday I spent in the airport. ALL DAY. Eight hours in the San Juan, Puerto Rico airport, about a half hour in Atlanta, half hour in O'Hare, and the other six hours on two different planes. Today we took down the Christmas tree and packed up Christmas decorations.

    I'm baaaa-aaaack!! Aw crap. Just

    I'm baaaa-aaaack!!

    Aw crap. Just wrote an entire entry and hit SOMETHING on my keyboard by mistake that made it go POOF! Gone. =( Hmmm. Do I have it in me to start over? Maybe at least some of it. I'm exhausted, but kind of on that "overtired energy" thing. We got up at 6:00 this morning, and it is now 2:13 a.m. Caribbean time. So after spending 16 hours either in an airport or on a plane... yeah. That's another story though. Well, I may as well start over. Ugh. Why are computers so mean?

    Let me first tell you who all went. It was my family (Mom, Dad, Jessica and myself), Meghan, and my godfather's family (Larry, who is my godfather, Adrienne, who is his wife Lisa, who is his 25-year-old daughter, Ryan, who is Lisa's soon-to-be fiance, and Jeff, Larry's 19-year-old son).

    Saturday, Dec 29, 2001
    Day started out fabulously. Limo was 25 minutes late. There was an hour and a half line just to check our baggage at American, and a 30-min line to get through security. They stopped and swabbed my dad. He looks real scary, apparently. By that point it was 10:08 and we had a 10:24 flight. My mother was a nervous wreck, to say the least. Well, there was a problem with the plane (which should have been a through flight to San Juan, PR) so they moved us all to a 12:30 flight. But that plane couldn't fly over water, so we had to stop in Miami. We got there about 5. Ugh. In Miami they didn't run our boarding passes through the machine and we were missing 2 people, so they had to take inventory to find out who they were, then get their bags off the plane. We left a little after 6 (7 Caribbean time) for a 2-hour flight to catch the boat before 11. We got to PR around 9:45 and were the last to get our luggage. We got thrown onto a bus with the command "Rapido, RAPIDO!" yelled at the driver, and boy did he go "rapido"!!! Wow. We felt like we were on Rockin Roller Coaster. He even turned RIGHT INTO TRAFFIC to get us onto the dock (which was about 10:30).

    So all the ship's officers are out there waiting for us. When we get out of the bus, there is a HUGE cheer. Everyone is up on the pool deck cheering and clapping for us. Yeah, we were the LAST to board the ship. Turns out it was set to sail at TEN o'clock, not 11:00, and they were holding the boat for us. Woops! Nothing like a dramatic entrance. <.g>

    But the drama did not end there. Oh, no. We were in our state rooms unpacking when the power went out, plunging us into complete darkness. Meghan was in the bathroom. Lol. So we had to go up and get some FOOD (we were STARVING) in the pitch black. Lol. THAT was interesting!! The captain came on the intercom telling us not to worry, the ship had only lost its main power and we were running on the emergency reserves. I think we're bad luck. Dinner was exciting... my dad found a tray that claimed to be cheese and turkey, but when he got his plate underneath an emergency light, he had two pieces of cheese, no turkey and a plate full of olives. Oops. Lol. That was enough excitement for us, so we went to bed.

    Sunday, Dec 30, 2001
    We were woken up at noon. Woops! When there is no window and no clock in your room, it's hard to judge the time. We basically laid out all day after that (although did NOT get tans... hmmmm) and had our first formal evening. We met our waiters, Gyula (Joo-la) and Kriztina, both Hungarian, both REALLY adorable and so, so nice.

    Monday, Dec 31, 2001
    Got up a bit earlier and hit Barbados. It was actually kinda icky. We went shopping in Bridgetown, which seemed very... I don't know. A bit dirty, a bit run down. Ah well. Then we went back and had our SECOND formal night (two in a row... how's that for planning?). We had a champagne waterfall, which was pretty cool, a massive balloon drop, and then we went to Jammers, the night club, and danced. Three drinks was enough to make us all a bit tipsy... put that on top of a moving boat that makes you feel drunk ANYWAY, and dancing was quite an experience. Lol.

    Tuesday, Jan 1, 2002
    Saint Lucia day. Oh, my FAVORITE island. It was GORGEOUS. We found a taxi driver, Ben, to take us all around the island. He was great. He drove us up, down, all around, letting us get out and take pictures (we got some really, really breathtaking ones, if they turn out... crossing fingers). Their biggest export on St. Lucia is bananas, and Ben stopped along the side of the road in a banana... grove? Orchard? Lol, whatever... and gave us the entire process a banana tree goes through, from planting through harvesting. Quite interesting. He was a cool, cool guy. He took us to a botanical garden to see a waterfall. We had to bypass the volcano because of time, which is sad, but ah well. Can't do it all. On the way back to the boat we came upon a car accident... the roads are NARROW, NARROW, NARROW with hairpin turns and zigzags every half mile around steep mountains, and this woman had taken the turn too quickly and sent her car rolling over the side. People were hurt BAD and Lisa is a nurse, so she got out to see if she could help. Ultimately there was nothing that could be done without the ambulence, so we left... and passed the ambulence heading to the accident about 10 minutes later. I hope everyone was okay. =(

    Wednesday, Jan 2, 2002
    Saint Kitts. Our favorite excursion! Princess Cruises sets up planned excursions you can go on, so this one was Snorkeling in Shitten Bay. Heehee. We took a catamaran out there and snorkeled for about an hour. SO PRETTY. WHY do I live in Illinois??? Why? Tell me this. Or WHY did I choose to go to school in Illinois? We asked ourselves this every day.

    Back on the catamaran, we got the party started. Adrienne, my mom, Lisa, Meghan, Jess and I started dancing to the music they had playing. Three of the boat workers really got into it, and in no time we had quite a party going. It was SO MUCH FUN. People stopped us on the ship the rest of the week to tell us they'd seen us dancing on the catamaran on St. Kitts and how much fun it had been. Lol. We learned the "Dollar" song.. "cent, five cent, ten cent, dollar" which I am going to look for on Kazaa. ONe of the guys who worked the boat taught me the "cha-cha slide," which I don't really remember... lol. He kept his hands on my hips and guided me cuz I couldn't remember which way to go. Ha ha. I bet they were thinking "Boy, these white people CAN'T dance!" Lol. Oh well, we had a GREAT time.

    Then that night was Island Night on the boat and we had a party after dinner up on the pool deck. We did the "Dollar" song again (which we were all pros at), learned the Dawn Princess Macarena (much cooler than the real Macarena... lol) and relearned the Hookie Lau (which I'm probably butchering... we'd learned it on our last cruise 8 years ago).

    Thursday, Jan 3, 2002
    St. Maarten/St. Martin. The island is half owned by the dutch (St. Maarten) and half-owend by the French (St. Martin). We were on the Dutch half and didn't make it over to the French side. We did some shopping, which was cool... VERY cute island, shopping-wise. We were harassed by women wanting to braid our hair, though. By the end of the day, we all wanted to wear hats that said "No Braids, Please" on them.

    We ended up going to the beach. BEAUTIFUL beach. If we stood in water up to our chins, we could still see our toes. So, so clear. <.sigh>

    After dinner that night, Meghan and I went to the casino with $10 each. I won 12 credits on my second pull on the slot machine, then didn't win anything else until the last two tokens I put in. I won 240 credits on that last pull!!! That translated into $63!! WOOHOO!!! The guy at the Casino Cage was laughing at us because we obviously had had NO idea whatsoever what we were doing, and with dumb luck, I won. ha ha.

    (What the HELL am I watching on MTV??? These people are dressed up in animal costumes and are having sex! EWWWWW!!!!)

    Friday, Jan 4, 2002
    LAST DAY. =( We were on St. Thomas. We went shopping in town in the morning and got eaten alive by bugs. First ones we encountered all week. Meghan tried calling her mom, and Jessica ended up putting her finger into the coin return on the payphone and coming out smelling like urine. GROSS. Someone had peed on the payphone. So then it became a mad search for a washroom. Yucky. But St. Thomas was also gorgeous, with all these cute alleyways.

    Jess got sick in the afternoon (not from the pee, but that may have contributed) and couldn't come on our final excursion. We (everyone minus Mom and Jess) took a ferry over to St. John's Trunk Bay. Also a GORGEOUS beach. We snorkeled again, and it rained. =( Ah well. We saw Michael Jordan's MANSION on St. Thomas, David Letterman's humble abode, Madonna's house, and the owner of White Castle's castle. Yes, his house looks like a castle.

    It was our last evening with Gyula and Kriztina. SADNESS!! We took pictures with them and gave them hugs and made Kriztina point out her boyfriend, thoroughly embarrassing her. Lol. She's so cute. Both Gyula and Kriztina were 24, but Gyula could have easily passed for 32, and I wouldn't have guessed Kriztina was a day over 20. Lol. They were so sweet and so cool. We will miss them.

    That brings us to today, Saturday, Jan 5, 2002
    The most fitting end to our trip, I guess, judging by the way it began. My dad had his holiday party tonight, at which he was supposed to present 10th anniversary gifts to the people celebrating their 10th anniversaries with the company. We had originally been booked on a 1:00 flight out of San Juan with a layover in Atlanta. The day before we left (so a week ago Friday), Delta called and told us they had cancelled that flight on September 11th and 12 days earlier (than the day they were calling us) had reinstated the flight, but on a smaller plane, so we had to take a 5:00 pm flight, also with a layover in Atlanta. Well, Dad was NOT happy.

    We had to leave the ship at 8:30, so we went to the airport in hopes of getting on an earlier flight standby. The STUPID people at the desk told us there was a good chance we'd get on. HA!!! They had overbooked EVERY flight all the way through to Wednesday. So basically, because of them, we sat in the airport from 9:00 until 5:45 when our flight actually left, instead of spending the day on the beach or on a tour of San Juan. I got stopped by security and they made me empty my carry-on. Since the ship had had us set our bags out last night, I had a full set of clothes, underwear and all, in my bag. Yeah, that all got set out for the world to see. What fun. Our flight was late leaving, of course, and we got into Atlanta with 30 minutes to get from A5 to D35. We basically sprinted all the way there. Dude, Carolyn, you have a bigass airport. Lol. At our gate, Meghan got stopped by security. Three out of five of us, at one point or another on this trip, got thoroughly checked and completely embarrassed in front of an airport full of people. Lol. Do we look that scary? Yeesh!

    So that was my trip. We made it home (snow and all... ugh), and I want to go back NOW. SO much fun. Wow, this was one gigantoid post. Lol. Woops!! I'm still not really sleepy.... 3 more hours and I'll have been up for 24 hours. I might have to drive my sister to Michigan tomorrow, so I better go to bed. And STOP watching this animal sex thing on MTV. Yuck. G'night everyone!

    Happy New Year!! I tried

    Happy New Year!! I tried to post this monstrocity of an entry last night about my trip, but something happened and it didn't go. I saved a copy, so if this works, I'll post it.