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May 30, 2002

Not much exciting

Hola. Yes, my Spanish will get a refresher course working at Pizza Planet. Half the time people forget I don't really speak it and go for like two minutes before they catch the look of confusion on my face, laugh, and start over in English. I'm almost done training. Whew. Really nothing has happened since I last blogged. Nothing at all. I went to work, came home, went to work, came home... we're having a nice storm right now, which is fun. Lightening and whatnot. Um... yeah, really, that's it.

This weekend is Gay Days at Disney. Everything's getting all set up, looks like a big production. They set up this whole stage by the Hat at MGM, so maybe they'll have a show or something. I'm off this weekend, so I think I'll go play in the parks with Gina. Fun! Except we'll have to bypass the protesters, which may be less fun. Ah well. Always have to have a party pooper, right?

CFTC tickets go on sale next Saturday. Excitement! I still haven't completely decided whether or not I should go both days. Alicia, any word on plans and such? Or anyone else who will be in town?

May 28, 2002

Pizza Planet

It's official. I'm working at Toy Story's Pizza Planet in MGM. Sunday night we went to House of Blues. It was fun. We ran into David and Lance (David's roommate) randomly, which was SO cool. I love David. But we got home at like 2. Then yesterday I went to On With the Show, our intro to MGM class. I had to be there at 7:30, so I set my alarm for 5:45. Or so I thought. It was 6:45 when my alarm went off. I was like "CRAP!!!" I didn't have time for a shower. I washed my face, brushed my teeth, pulled on some clothes and left. No breakfast, no nothing. I felt so totally disgusting all day long. I was extremely glad that there were no cute boys in my group. Lol. I did see Joaquin, though. I love Joaquin. He works in MGM/DAK catering, so their kitchen is the other half of our kitchen. Yay! I get to see Joaquin every day!

Today was my first official day of work. My costume's not too bad. They've changed them since I was last here. They used to be these blindingly bright orange one-piece jumpsuits. I don't know what they were supposed to look like... orange space men or something? Whatever. Now we wear black jeans (which, speaking as someone who has worn flare or boot-cut jeans for the last five or six years, are WAY too tapered for my taste, and either go up to my boobs or hang down to my knees, but that's tolerable, I guess) and this cute red button-down polo shirt with the little alien guy all over it. Heehee. And a spiffy Pizza Planet baseball cap. Not too terrible!

Work wasn't bad. All we sell is pizza and salads, so it's not incredibly difficult. I did dump an entire large Coke (not Diet... it had to be full-sugar) down my leg, which was oh-so-pleasant, and my arm was so sticky from moving drinks through the little drink holders that it stuck to the armrest in my car, but all in all the day went by relatively quickly and most people are really, really nice. And as added excitement, one of the men who works in catering is Johnny Wright's twin, I swear. All day, every time he walked past, I would practically stare at him. Lol. I'm sure he thinks I'm a total freak. But this afternoon when I was making pizzas with Jessica (a HUGE nsync fan), I asked her if she thought so, too, and she was like "That's the FIRST thing I thought when I saw him. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so!" I'm glad, too. Lol. It's almost eerie how much they look alike!

So that was my big excitement of the past few days. Tonight I'm off to Wal-Mart to buy black socks. WOOHOO!

May 26, 2002


I'm going to try to record everything I do so that I can go back and read this someday. I wish I'd done it during my last program, and I didn't. And since I seem to be getting lucky with the computer lab, why not take advantage? <.g>

Yesterday we went to Animal Kingdom to see Brett. He's managing Pizzafari and Flametree. Oh, it was SO GOOD to see him! He was my favorite manager. We saw the parade again, too, and the Lion King show, which is awesome. It's the highest rated show in Disney property, it's excellent, go see it if you're ever in the area!!

Today I went to visit Gina in Lakeland. Since she left me directions at 2 this morning before driving home after going with Andrea to get her tattoo, they were a little unclear. I got a bit lost. heehee. But it all turned out well, thanks to the wonderful people at the Mobil, Texaco, AND Citgo. Heehee. I met her turtles, Humphrey and Bogart, and her birdie, Wincester. Cute! Then we decided to go to the mall. We weren't quite sure where that was, but all of a sudden we could see Tampa in front of us. Ha! We found a mall. Not sure if it was THE mall, but it was a mall. And we were mostly to Tampa. So I did just a bit of driving today.

I think we're going to House of Blues tonight. That should be exciting. I have never been there, to this one OR the one in Chicago. So, fun! Okay, since I blogged just yesterday, I really don't have anything else to say. Lol.

May 25, 2002

quick hello

Look at that. Twice in one week. All my roommates are at this training or that training, and lil old me doesn't start training until Monday. How 'bout that. Gina is coming to see me today!! She just moved to Lakeland temporarily while she looks for a place in Orlando, so YAY! I'm quite excited about that. We're going to Animal Kingdom today. It's like going home. <.g>

Last night we went to Magic Kingdom. I hadn't frequented that park on my last stay here because it's always so crowded, but we're having an uncrowded spell lately, which is NICE. We're also having a cool spell. It's probably only been in the low 80's with not a lot of humidity. And it's breezy. It's been quite pleasant. I got a tad sunburned yesterday, and even that feels good. Ha ha.

Hmm. Let's see. There has been no stalking as such, although we do go out to their (according to Carolyn) Wal-Mart for our shopping. It's really not too much farther than "our" Wal-Mart, and a whole heck of a lot less touristy, so I don't count that. Lol. We have some leads on frequented clubs, but we'll see. This weekend at least some of them are in Miami, and C knows the exact club. I've got the whole weekend off, but I'm sure as heck not going down to Miami alone. ha ha. Ah well. And then, I guess, JC and Chris are heading to Europe/Russia to promote Gone/see Lance off. So that's both cool and sad, as they won't be HERE.

Well, I think that's about it on my side of things. How're you all doing? Any noteworthy news I should be aware of, in my no-MTV, almost-no-internet access state here?

Oh, CFTC goes on sale June 8, correct? I still haven't decided which days to go to. Kinda looks like we're down to two, but the afterparty is still apparently in the works, which would be muy cool. Lookin' forward to that weekend already, and I don't even have a ticket yet!

Oo, my tummy's rumbly. I think I need some breakfast before Gina arrives.

May 23, 2002

Quick Update

Howdy folks!! I'm tying up phone lines, so this is going to have to be quick. It's GREAT to be back. The weather hasn't been too terribly hot yet, but I'm waiting. My roommates are all very cool. Carolyn's roommate-roommate is a HUGE BSB fan. Lol. It's quite amusing. Literally half the room is plastered in NSYNC, the other half in BSB.

I'm working at MGM, which is cool. That's my second favorite park (after Animal Kingdom). I've been told I'm at a restaurant called Pizza Planet (from Toy Story) but I'm not 100% for sure on that. But if so, that will be cool because it's inside as well as kind of in the back corner, so it won't be horribly busy. Hopefully.

Today we went back to visit people at Animal Kingdom, and they remembered us!! I was so excited. And the other night we showed up at David's house at like 11:30 at night to surprise him, and boy was he surprised. That was great fun, I must say. AND Chris lives right across the hall. I opened our door to go to a meeting and he was opening his door and we were both like "OH MY GOD!" I love it here. Lol. I'm home again.

Okay, before the computer boots me off again, I better wrap this up.

May 18, 2002

So long for now!

Well, folks, it's that time. In less than eight hours I will be on the road, on my way to Orlando. Wow. I'm just about packed, which I did all today, of course. I hope I don't forget anything. =/ I have WAY too much stuff, WAY too many clothes, and I tried so hard to eliminate things, but I couldn't. God help me if I end up living on the third floor.

So, The Plan. Leave at 7, try to make it to south of Atlanta, but likely will end up somewhere north of the city, tomorrow. Monday, get to Florida. Check in to All Star Movies, maybe do something Florida-y with Dad. Tuesday, meeting at the Orlando Science Center, drop my dad off at the airport, then meet Carolyn and do something else Florida-y. Wednesday, move in to Vista Way. Wheeeee!

And that's that. I won't have internet access until at least Wednesday. This is gonna be tough, going cold turkey like this. I'm going to do my best to keep you all updated, and, of course, to keep myself updated on everything. So if you all find vital news, interesting anything, good stories, etc, etc, etc... email me. Heehee. Especially vital news. Y'all are my only sources, now, because I sure as heck won't have time to search out news sites. Hear that, Shelley? <.g>

Oh, and Shelley? I'm counting on you to be my tape source. Don't you love me? I won't have MTV, or really any way to find out in advance when anything's on, anyway. I'll write you a pretty story or something when I get back. <.g>

So, is that all I have to take care of? Think so. I'll miss you guys!!!! (Thanks for the hug, Miggie. Hugs for everyone!)

I leave you with puppy pictures.

Alright, I'm off. See y'all real soon!!

Girl Next Door

Okay, really the only reason I'm posting this is because I'm about to leave and I won't have to be here when you all read it, if you do. Lol. I decided to get ahead on my narrative writing class for next semester, and this is my first attempt in quite some time. It's not my usual style, so if you think you have ideas to improve it before I turn it in to 25 of my peers in the fall, let me know. And now that I have my "More" working, that's where it's at. <.g>

Girl Next Door

I look in the mirror, turn sideways, suck in my stomach. Wish that my chest was a little fuller. I turn and face my reflection. I pull in my cheeks a little, like a fish, to give them definition. I read it in a magazine, once, that high cheekbones are beautiful. Julia, my seventeen-year-old sister, taught me how to put on blush to make my cheekbones show up. I still look twelve, I think.

But I’m not. I’m thirteen today. This morning I got up early and washed my hair and curled it. I’m wearing a straight navy skirt and a powder blue sleeveless sweater and I have a ribbon tied in my hair, like a headband. I twirl in the mirror, sing, “Venus, if you do, I promise that I always will be true” along with Frankie Avalon. I bought the record yesterday as an early birthday present to myself with babysitting money. I figured I should have something nice to listen to on the morning of my entrance into the teenage world. I glance out my window. I think that maybe I’ll see him today. I think he’s home, now.

I am the girl next door, and that’s what’s funny about the whole thing. Before I leave my room, I stand on my tiptoes in the doorway of my closet and reach up for the box. I set it on my bed and pull out the mess of magazine clippings. For luck, I think. My heart beats a bit faster as I look at his face, chiseled and smooth, even in black and white. I know his eyes are blue and sparkling, know it from hours of watching him at the movies. I saw his last film seven times, sat in the back row by myself, grinning through it all.

Today, it is my birthday. I am no longer a child, but a teenager. I have lived next door to Chase Mattson since I was six and his parents separated. He moved from California, with his mom. He’s lived in that house for more than half my life, now. He is eighteen, a year older than Julia. In the movies, though, he is more my age. Maybe fifteen or sixteen.

We live in Wisconsin, so when he’s doing movies, he’s gone for a while. Out to California where his dad lives. But he always comes back to Wisconsin when he’s finished. He’s only been in three films, but the last one made him famous. He started out doing commercials. He brought me to the set, once, when I was nine. He asked Julia if she wanted to go, but she said no, and I piped up and said yes. He didn’t object.

When he’s out in California doing movies, I go through my pictures, to remind myself. Someday I will be Mrs. Eleanor Mattson.

“Nora! Come have breakfast!” Mom’s sweet voice floats up the stairs to me. I quickly replace the lid to my box and slide it back onto the top shelf, behind the pair of shoes with high heels I got to wear to church last Christmas. They hurt my feet.

I skip down the stairs and make my grand entrance.

“What’s on your face?” Julia asks, already at the table. She looks perfect. It’s summer and she’s going to the bay, probably. That’s what she does on summer days.

I stick out my tongue at her. “I did my make-up like you taught me to,” I say.

“I’ll fix it after breakfast.” She looks me up and down and nods. I guess she’s satisfied with the rest of me.

“Happy birthday, sweetheart,” Mom says, kissing me on the cheek and putting a plate of pancakes in front of me. There are chocolate chips sprinkled on top, my favorite.

I open my presents at the table. I get a book from Mom and Dad, beautifully bound with pages that are uneven at the edges and a satin ribbon that ties to keep it closed. Young women keep journals, Mom tells me, so this is for me to keep track of my journey into adulthood. Julia gives me a new clip for my hair, the grown-up kind that makes you look sophisticated, and three new shades of nail polish. Two for summer – Rose Blush and Tangerine Spice, and one for when it gets cold – Raspberry Wine.

After breakfast, after Julia fixes my blush so that I don’t look like a clown or a prostitute, I sit on the front steps. The day is pretty, but hot. Julia does go to the bay with her friends, and I wish I could go with. Instead, I feel the summer heat move around me, lift my hair and make it tickle my nose.

Ronnie, my best friend, sees me out her window. She runs across the street, her freckled cheeks starting to get tanned from the sun, even though she’s a redhead and by all standards should burn, not tan. She has something for me, a little box. It’s wrapped, pretty. “Happy birthday, Nora!” she says, sitting next to me. “For your big day.” She hands me the box. She knows my plan.

I open it and my smile widens into a grin. It’s a beautiful necklace, gold, with a little pearl nestled in the center. “Where did you get it?” I ask, touching it gently.

“My mom helped me pick it out. You only turn thirteen once. Want me to help you put it on?” I nod and she takes it out of the box and slips it around my neck. I’m so glad Ronnie is my best friend. We spend most of the day sitting on my front steps, talking. Mom brings out lemonades, and after lunch we walk to the corner store to get some candy and a few firecrackers, which we light on the sidewalk.

Julia comes home for the picnic we have every year. Teddy, her boyfriend, is with her. Today is July the fourth, did I mention that? I was born on Uncle Sam’s birthday. That’s part of the reason I am named Eleanor, I think. Everyone in the neighborhood will squish into our backyard to eat hot dogs and burgers Dad grills on his new Weber, and then we’ll climb onto our roof and the Mattsons’ and the Westerbergers’ to watch the fireworks that get set off over the bay.

I haven’t seen Chase all day, but I know he came home from California two weeks ago. I saw his Buick, weighted down in back with his things, pull into his driveway. I haven’t seen him much since then, though. Maybe he’s been busy doing interviews with the Chronicle or photo shoots or maybe even a new commercial.

My heart speeds up so much that I have to press my hand to my chest to keep it inside when I see him through his window. Just then, Dad calls to me, “Nora, hand me the flipper-thing, will you?” I pull my gaze painfully from the window and trudge across the lawn to hand him his utensil. The Johnsons have arrived, and Nicky and Drew are toddling over to me. I sigh, throw one last glace over my shoulder, and tell myself he will be here later. I give the boys, twin angels, even at two-and-a-half, each hugs.

By seven thirty, almost everyone has arrived. Dad is still at the grill, even though most everyone’s plate is already in the sink being washed by Mom and Mrs. Sanders. Chase hasn’t come out, though. I hope his newfound fame has not made him shy.

I occupy my mind by playing Hide and Seek with the kids. Ronnie plays, too. Julia and Teddy sit with some of the older kids, their legs dangling off the back porch. Someday I will be allowed to sit with them, instead of assigned to be the entertainer and babysitter for the neighborhood’s under-tens.

My heart sinks deeper and deeper into my chest as the sun dips lower into the sky. Today I am thirteen, and today is my Big Day. Today is the day I will get Chase Mattson to ask me to be his steady girlfriend. But in order for that to happen, he needs to come over. I stomp my foot in frustration, but Nicky Johnson thinks it’s part of the game and stomps his, too. He dissolves into giggles, then comes and rests his cheek against my knee. I pet his soft baby hair for a minute, before his energy returns and he takes off after his brother again. I reach out instinctively as Nicky trips and pitches forward into the grass, but he is standing and off running again like nothing happened.

I’m sitting on the porch, too, but not near where the older kids are. I put my elbow on my knee, and let my cheek rest on my hand. My stomach feels full of lead, heavy with disappointment. It’s almost completely dark, now, and the fireworks will start soon. In a few minutes, everyone will make their way onto the flat roofs of houses, climbing ladders or out of windows. Chase has not made an appearance yet.

Something catches my eye to my left, and I see Julia and her friend Samantha. They’re talking to someone. Samantha is giggling and Julia is giving her The Look. Then Julia moves a little and I see that it is Chase they are talking to. I sit up straighter, my breath catching in the back of my throat. I catch Ronnie’s eye. She is across the yard, weighted down by half a dozen kids climbing on her back and pulling on her legs and twisting their fingers through her hair. She gives me a thumbs-up and a grin, nodding her head in the direction of Chase and Julia, before grabbing one of the kids to tackle.

There goes my heart again, and my stomach is twisting into all kinds of pretzel-y shapes. My fingers feel tingly and my mouth is cottony-dry. Someone says my name to my right, and I turn. Mom is asking if I want a Coca Cola to take onto the roof with me. I shake my head and look back to where Julia and Chase are, but they are gone. I see Julia rejoining her friends. They are going to sit on our roof.

“Hey, kid, happy birthday.” I jump a little and turn, and Chase is sitting next to me. His voice is like silk and his eyes are shining more brightly than the stars in the sky, I think. He looks even better in person than he does on the screen, that’s for sure.

I smile shakily. Somehow, the fact that he is in the movies makes me more trembly around him. I have always known I will marry him, but that adds a little bit of excitement to it all. To marry a movie star is every girl’s dream, and for me, I believe it is possible. I am the girl next door, after all.

“Thanks,” I whisper. My backyard is emptying out. It’s getting to be that time. I see Ronnie wink at me as she follows her brother towards my roof. It is a wink of encouragement, of good luck, and to tell me that I am lucky. Chase has only ever talked to Ronnie when she is with me.

“How does it feel to be thirteen?” he asks.

“Fine,” I tell him. There is so much I want to say. I want to show him that now I am almost a woman. I will be going to high school in a year, and I wish with all my heart that it would be this September, instead of next.

He smiles, and I have to close my eyes. It’s just like in the magazine, but it is for me.

“You’re going to miss the fireworks,” he says, looking at the sky where the first ones have started. Everyone knows the best ones are at the end – they light up the whole sky and fill your ears with their loudness – but the whole show is always spectacular. I am willing to give it up, this year, in order to sit here on my back porch with Chase Mattson.

I shrug. “It’s okay. I’ve seen ‘em before.”

“Yeah, but this year, there’s a special one. I helped the guy pick them out.” He nudges my shoulder with his, still smiling down at me. “You don’t want to miss it.”

I nod. I can’t miss the fireworks if he helped. That’s probably what he’s been doing these two weeks he’s been home. I start to stand, and he takes my hand in his. I feel myself shaking a little, and I want to stop but I have no control in the matter.

“Happy birthday, kid,” he says. I wish he would stop calling me ‘kid’. Yesterday I was a kid. Today, my age ends with the same word his does – teen. He’s called me that since I was six and he was eleven, though.

His eyes are so pretty, peering out through long dark lashes. I don’t have time to register what is happening, even though everything is moving in slow motion. Chase is leaning in towards me, a small smile on his pink lips. He presses a kiss to the corner of my mouth, soft and quick, and winks at me when I finally get my eyes to open. Every inch of my body is electric. “Now get up there before you miss the show.” He gestures to my roof, where Ronnie and her family are sitting with my family and the Halloways. I don’t say anything, but head for the ladder. I’m not sure I can make it up on wobbly knees and sweaty palms. He turns and jogs towards his own house, his own roof, and my heart sinks. If only I could watch his fireworks display with him by my side.

When I get onto the roof, Ronnie is grinning with all her might. I can tell she’s having a hard time containing her excitement. She saw it all. She grabs my hand and lets out a little squeak that gets lost in the boom from the sky. I notice that I have a silly smile on my face, and I can’t get it to go away. Even though I am disappointed that Chase Mattson didn’t ask me to join him on his roof, didn’t ask me to go to the A&W tomorrow for a root beer float, didn’t ask for my hand in marriage, even though my thirteenth birthday didn’t go exactly how I had planned, my chest can’t contain the happiness I feel at this moment. I can still feel his lips on mine, the soft puff of breath from his nose on my cheek, his fingers curled around my hand.

I see Julia giggling with Samantha. They are looking at me, and then across the gap between the houses to Chase. He is completely wrapped up in the fireworks display, I can tell. In the quiet between two explosions, I hear Julia say “—asked him to. It’s her birthday, you know.” I don’t want to know what she means, so I let the deafening crack from the next firework take away the words. Nothing can ruin my day.

There is one special firework, right at the very end. As the smoke is being swept away by the breeze, it explodes twice as bright and three times as loud as all the others, and the circumference of it seems to take up the whole sky. It is red and white and blue, all in one, and I look to see Chase smiling at the sky. I smile, too.

May 17, 2002


Rina testing....

Dude, Jacob Young SO should have not won an Emmy. That guy from GL was hot and blew me away with his acting. Need to find his name.


Anyone know how to use the "more" function on this thing? I just tried, and it takes me to "comments" instead. Hmmm.


Depressing news today includes possible snow in the forecast. It's the freaking middle of May!

More hopeful news includes the potential closing of the Browns Chicken Murder Case. After nine years, they have two suspects and some DNA evidence. This is what my town has been known for since 1993. It would be really nice to have this case solved.

odds 'n ends

Eeep. I have about 40 hours before I leave for Florida. Have I started packing? Nope. Ahhh! I hate packing, and moreso since I just packed last week to come home.

I stupidly didn't call the Orlando Science Center until today to see what their dress code is. Time just got away from me, I guess. Anyway, no one answered so I left a message. I don't know what kinds of clothes I should be bringing for that. Hmmm.

Even though I haven't started actually packing, I've been getting things together. The car's in tip-top shape, I went to the bank today, the hotel's booked, I think I have all the papers together (have to check the website again just to make sure), I have directions to the OSC, and I've been thinking a lot about what I need to bring, even if I haven't actually gotten it together. I think I'm about halfway there, don't you agree? <.g>

I went out to lunch with Jess and Kyle today. So good to see Kyle. She's getting married this summer, so I got to see dress pictures and whatnot. I'm sad that I will miss the wedding, but there really is no way to get back here from Florida. Plus, that's CFTC weekend. <.g> And besides, I don't know for sure that I will/would even get invited. My parents will, definitely, but I don't know if she's inviting anyone from work other than the bosses.

Hmm. That's about it. Must call OSC back. Must call credit card company to get address changed.

May 16, 2002


I just got the most interesting email. Lol. My AOL name, which I hardly ever use, has Starbuck in it, right? So this guy emailed me to ask a) if I work for Starbucks, and b) if I could cover his shift at the Starbucks on Belmont and Clark on Saturday from 6 to close for $5.18 plus $3 in tips an hour. <.giggle> I don't work for Starbucks, nor have I ever. Though I am a customer... grande skim decaf latte, thanks so much. So, sorry, Steve, couldn't help ya out there, bud. But he gets points for most creative way to find a sub!

Crappity Crap

I just wrote this whole loooooong post, and poof! Gone. Sadness. And I don't even really remember it, because I thought I'd posted it, and I hadn't, and then I closed the window, and, and... yeah. <.sigh> This is discouraging, ya'll.

So imagine this wonderfully insightful and witty post in place of what you're gonna get, k?

Sleep has not been my friend lately. I was up until almost 4 this morning, for no reason at all. My mom got up at 3:30, asked me why I was up so early, and then amended that to why was I still up. I had no answer. I stepped out of my usual slow-reading habit and read all of Durable Goods by Elizabeth Berg. So beautifully written. But then I got up at 7:30, wide awake and on almost no sleep. Hmmmm.

So I really can't remember what all I said in that post. (Must stop starting sentences with "So.")

You know what? I sent out so, so many resumes for internships this summer, and nada. Nothin'. Then I decided to go back to Disney. The day after I sent in my papers, I got a letter from NBC Atlanta. Since then, I've heard from Fox Peoria, the American Cancer Society, and most recently, Dynamics International. He called today. I wouldn't give up Orlando for anything (and actually, he has an Orlando office that he said I could work in, but I think three jobs this summer is a bit much. Sorry, charlie, should have called earlier), but jeez. Maybe I needed to be unavailable to get offers! Hopefully this trend of people actually wanting to hire me continues into next December, when I'm actually looking for a real job. <.g>

I forgot how much I miss my cat when I'm gone. I think he lives on my bed. He's been there for almost four days straight, now, only leaving to munch on some kitty chow or use the litter box, or beg for food. But he sighs in his sleep, and mews, and curls up and stretches and yawns and purrs. And he sleeps next to me, not on me like he used to. He's getting more considerate. And oh-so-cute, and so, so soft (and, and, and... I need a new word). He's calmed down a lot in his old age, and I'm gonna miss the boy!

Ooo, lunch time. I kind of forgot to eat most of yesterday, and breakfast sort of elluded me this morning, so off to warm up left-overs from Tuesday's dinner out with Mom. YUM.


Well said.

(I was pointed here by Miggie)

May 15, 2002

You're the only angel I know

Must. Stop. Watching. The Reel NSYNC.

I've been through it in its entirety four-ish times (between yesterday and today), and now I'm on my second time through watching just the highlights.

I just downloaded "Please Don't Go" and "Da Do Ron Ron" (or whatever it's actually called... that's the Kazaa name... the real version, not NSYNC's, sadly).

I need help.

And to think, I've accomplished so much today! How is it that I've been a bloggin' and Reel NSYNC-watchin' fool today? When did I find time for this?

I'm going now.

Yes, to finish watching the highlights of this tape. Shuddup.


Four inches. She cut off four inches. Do you know how long it takes my hair to grow four inches? Ah well. Now it's healthy and fuller... and just-past-shoulder length. Such is life.

So I went in to set up my grandparents' cable internet. When I called to tell them I was on m way, my grandma told me that she either had heart burn or was having a heart attack, but not to worry(!!!), she'd leave me a key if they went to the hospital. Just like that. When I got there, though, she felt fine. Hopefully she stays feeling fine. =/ Now I'm all worried about her, even though she's told me again and again and again that she feels great and it's nothing.

I couldn't set up the cable internet, though. Turns out their computer is only 133 MHz, and it needs to be at least 166. And apparently there's no way to upgrade that. I'm clueless about all that hardware stuff, so I called around to about eight different people, and finally the last guy told me I'd need a whole new computer. Well, gosh. They're 75 years old, don't know anything about computers past writing an email, and just wanted their phone line to be able to stay open while they're doing so. They don't need a fancy-schmancy $1000+ wiz computer. Their second-hand, slower-than-anything machine serves its purpose. So that was a bummer to my grandpa, who is now talking about getting a second phone line installed.


I just got my car waxed and shampooed. I'm about to get my hair cut (and probably shampooed as well <.g>). I must remember to tip the shampoo girl, because I always forget about her. When I got my car waxed, I found I only had a $20, which I was NOT giving to the guy, so I feel bad about that. And they gave me a free car wash, too. Even more reason to feel bad. Woops. Sorry!!!

Okay, this journal is cracking me up. Look at the smiley-icons! Just look! They're great. I should tell her. Lol.

And this picture... <.sigh>
I swear, Sleepy C gets me every time. I think those times in the Reel NSYNC when he was woken up are my favorites. Especially the disoriented/stretching/thumbs up/everyone laughing at him one. Okay, I guess they're among my favorite parts, because the "Do Run Run" segment has been in my head all morning, and... and... okay, I love it all. <.g>

May 14, 2002


I just received my copy of The Reel *NSYNC and oh my gosh. I have not laughed so hard in a loooong time. Aside from the concerts, this has been, as Carolyn said, the best expenditure of my money this year to date. Between pixie sticks, giggle fits, bad lyrics, worse hair cuts... I could barely catch my breath I was laughing so hard. They are truly, truly dorks. All of them. In every sense of the word. So thank you, Joey and everyone else, for sharing that with us. Now I can say with all certainty that they are not all sex-god like they claim to be, but mostly twerpy, dweeby, all-around hysterical boys. <.giggle>

May 13, 2002

The Golden Ratio for the Golden Boys

Who ever thought I'd stumble upon a website that's practically "Social Psych 201 Meets *NSYNC"?

We did this whole section on evolutionary psych and attraction and yadda yadda yadda. We learned all about symmetry, and how the "Golden Ratio" is 1 to 1.618 or something like that, and the most beautiful people have that ratio and also have perfect symmetry. Elizabeth Hurley is the perfect Perfect Woman. She fits everything to a T. Tom Cruise is also perfectly symmetrical and 100% in that Golden Ratio. There's a mask available to see what photographs fit the ratio. I haven't had time to mess around with it, but it would be interesting!

Anyway. My point. Those crazy sleep-deprived folks at the Shaaa-zay Cafe also learned about symmetry and attractiveness and all that jazz, and applied it to the guys. She didn't do the mask thing, but it's interesting just the same! Maybe someday when I get ambitious, I'll try to apply that mask to them, too.

Home sweet home

Well, I am home. I'm excited to see my family, but I already miss my apartment. Shelley left on Saturday, and boy was it strange to go upstairs and not only not see her sitting at her computer, but have her entire room be bare. And now my room looks like that, too. Empty rooms that were so extremely lived-in and comfortable just hours earlier make me so sad! =(

Yesterday I ushered graduation. It was very cool. First off, a lot of my friends were graduating. Secondly, I was ushering in front of the LAS student section, so all the graduates that had been in my classes were walking by me. It was nice to see so many people again. I saw John, who I hadn't talked to in ages, and I saw John's freshman year roommate, Alex, which was so funny. He even recognized me, without using my name tag. He's... a good-looking fellow. <.g>

Maya Angelou was the speaker, and she just blew me away. She'd come to my high school during Writer's Week one year, and it was excellent to see her speak again. She didn't read her speech at all. She was fantastic, and it makes me sad that I won't be graduating at an all-school graduation like this one... I think they only do departmental ceremonies in December. But at least I got to experience it once. =)

So I'd planned on leaving between 1 and 2, right after graduation, but I didn't get out of the arena until after 1 (people hang around TOO long after those things!), then traffic was horrible. Driving the five-minute drive to the book store to get my dad another diploma frame took me 25 minutes! Ack! So then I went home and finished packing, spent 30 minutes trying to get my computer open to extract the network card (Sarah's brother couldn't get it open, either, so I wasn't being dumb. Lol. Brad finall got it when he got home), then I had to load the car, which took forever, CLEAN the bathroom and my bedroom and vacuum the hallway. By that time it was 4, and Aarti called to say she was on her way home, so I waited for her. She got home about 4:30, I said my goodbyes and got on the road, only to get a disappointed phone call from my mom saying my grandparents had been waiting, but since I was just leaving, she'd send them home. =( Then traffic was AWFUL and it took me three and a half hours to get home (usually doesn't take more than 2.5). So that was my day.

But now I'm home, I get to see a little bit of my family, and then I need to pack again! Lol.

May 12, 2002

Celebrities' Moms

My sister told me that Friday on Eric and Kathy (morning show by us) they had celebrities' moms calling in. Mrs. Chasez called. She said JC was excited about going to the Kentucky Derby (was he there?), and that the guys are all looking forward to doing their own things for a couple months, but that the new album is due out in early 2003. They work fast on those. Yeesh! They also asked her what she was doing for Mother's Day and she said that she'd seen just seen JC, but that he was calling tomorrow and they already have something special planned for the next time he comes home. How cute is that? Jess also told me that Eric and Kathy were rushing to find an *NSYNC song to play in the background, and the only song they could find was "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays." <.giggle> Apparently they found "This I Promise You" halfway through and switched. Heehee.

And I guess that's my segue into...

Happy Mothers Day!

I'll just take this moment to say that my mom is the greatest. I can't wait to see her tomorrow, and I'm very sad that I'll only be at home for less than a week. =( She's been absolutely wonderful, supporting me in everything and even helping me out a great deal on my project this year. So for everything, I have to say Thanks, Mom! I couldn't ask for a better mom, so I'm really glad I don't have to. <.g>

May 11, 2002

Too Early

8:30 really is too early to get up when bedtime was almost 5 am. =/ My stuff is movin' home today. I'm so sad!! I LOVE this apartment. I love my roommates. I've had the most fun this year out of all four years I've been here. I'll still get to live with Shelley next year, but not Aarti or Sarah. Sarah's been my roommate for three years, and lived two doors down the year she wasn't. It will be a change not to be living with her. And I'm just gonna miss all the craziness with Aarti. <.sigh> So thanks, girls, for a wonderful year!!

My dad will be here in an hour and a half with the van. It's pouring rain and thundering, so this shall prove to be a not-so-fun move-out day. We had tornados on move-in day, storms on move-out day. Gotta love my timing. <.g> Then once he leaves, I have the rest of the day to myself, I'm ushering graduation tomorrow, and then I get to go home for all five days until it's time to go to FLORIDA. I still have not solidified my plans for how I'm getting there, and that's making me very nervous. Eeep.

Last night Sarah had a party. It was a lot of fun, actually. It was ALL Danville people, mostly, people Sarah and Aarti went to high school with, but I'm used to that by now. Lol. As the night wore on and I started to pack, Josh and this guy (I think his name was Aaron) kept coming upstairs to make sure I was making progress, and they got their hands on my DVDs. One, in particular. Darrin's Dance Grooves. <.giggle> I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. Watching a couple of skinny, scrawny, completely uncoordinated white guys try learning Britney Spears and *NSYNC was the funniest thing ever. What made it even moreso was watching Brad and Josh argue over which way they were supposed to be facing. Lol. To their credit, it is quite confusing, because he doesn't teach it to you in mirror-image, but they kept almost running into each other because they refused to change their minds on which way was right. SO funny.

So that was my night. Now I need to hurry and finish packing before my dad gets here. <.whimper> I'm too tired!

Oh, and everyone wish Shelley a Happy 21st Birthday!!!

May 09, 2002


I'm done. Finished. No more. YAY!! I sold my last book back, and with the money from selling four text books back (I spent nearly $500 on books and course packets this semester, which should be illegal), I got back enough to purchase a ticket to one CFTC event. That's really sad, considering, but at least I know I have one day covered. <.g> But finals are OVER, and now all I have left to do is pack. Eeep! That's a big job. Lol. Especially with all the things I've been collecting from home all year.

I rewarded myself for the end of finals with finally making my *NSYNC Live CD. I love it. <.g> Here's what's on it:

1. Believe in Yourself (Sesame Street, which counts as live because Elmo introduces it as such <.g>)
2. This I Promise You (Acoustic/Piano version... it's live, obviously, but I don't know from where)
3. Tearin' Up My Heart/I Want You Back (Atlantis)
4. Supersize It (SNL)
5. Gone/Girlfriend (2002 Grammy's)
6. God Must Have Spent (Rock in Rio)
7. I Want You Back Blues (Celebrity)
8. Beatles Medley (Celebrity)
9. You Don't Have to Be Alone (*Ntimate Holiday Special)
10. Celebration (that first tour I forget the name of)
11. Atlantis Medley (Uh... Atlantis <.g>)
12. Star Spangled Banner (World Series)
13. Masculinity (2000 VMA's)
14. Sailing (Celebrity)
15. Yo Te Voy A Amar (Latin Grammy's)
16. Pop (2001 VMA's)
17. Up Against the Wall (Atlantis)
18. Temptations Medley (Celebrity)
19. Bye Bye Bye (Atlantis)

Isn't that fun? I'm so excited. It's going to be on repeat forever. Lol.

May 08, 2002

Sim Babies

I did a little experiment. You see, Sim!Kate and Sim!David had a baby, Joshua. But at the same time, Sim!Kate was in love with Sim!JC. Shelley begged me and begged me to see if it was possible for Kate and Joshua to move in with JC if he proposed. And I have to admit, I was a tad bit curious. So I set it all up. JC was happy on all measures. He invited Kate and Joshua over, proposed... she turned him down. Ha! Lol. He's a persistent fellow, though, so he tried again a few days later. The second time, she accepted. Sadly, Joshua did not make the move with her. =(

So Kate's got a son she rarely sees. <.sigh> She has started her happy little life with JC, and worked up enough family friends while he was slaving away at work as a backup musician for him to get a promotion to studio musician.

But not before they had a baby. He got home from work and was standing out in the street and she went out to give him a welcome home kiss. Woops! Right there, in the middle of the street, a baby was born. Not technically in the street... the bassinet ended up on the sidewalk. No prob. I started putting all the necessary items into a room so that our dear Sims could nurture Scott (okay, I had to think FAST or else the computer names it "Sim Child Chasez," so we have a theme going), and when I went to move his bed into the room... no can do. Since he was born on the sidewalk, which is not their property, he could not be moved.

That posed a bit of a problem. I had to build a room outside the house, as near the baby as possible, with all things necessary to survive (microwave, shower, toilet, sink, doll house, couches, fridge, etc). Poor JC was working 11 am - 9 pm, so he really was no help in caring for Scott. So Kate was running herself ragged trying to care for herself and the baby. In the middle of it all, JC was promoted and now only works 11-6. Good deal. And little Scotty as grown into a Harry Potter look-alike. Lol. Wizard cape and all! (He's changing clothes as soon as he gets a dresser.)

Now all we need to do is figure out how to get Joshua to move in with his mom. I miss him! He's a cutie pie.

No more statistics. Ever.

I took my exam and promptly sold my book back. <.huge sigh of relief> I don't know how I did, and honestly, I don't care. All that I care about is that the exam is over. I think I performed the hypothesis tests correctly, it's just a matter of whether or not I chose the correct one to perform. So we'll see.

From this day forward, no one cares if I can do a Chi Squared test or a Multiple Analysis of Variance or compute a correlation coefficient or figure out the standard deviation of a sample. WAHOO!!!!

You know, it's strange (cue philosophical-sounding music). All through school, your life gets determined based on a handful of days and a handful of exams. But once that's all over, no one gives a second thought as to whether you got a 1470 or a 920 on your SATs, or whether your GPA was 3.98 or 2.01. Those things just give you a little shove onto the next platform in life and then are tossed away. I got into a good school, now those standardized test scores are history. Once I get a job, my GPA will be forgotten. It almost seems like a waste! I suppose that in the end, it's all worth it. Ultimately all of those things should add up to a satisfying and fulfilling career. ::crosses fingers::

May 07, 2002


I'm tired. I'm sleepy. I'm exhausted. (Maybe if I tell myself over and over, it will happen.) It's only 11:15, but 6:00 is going to come very quickly, and I want to be as well-rested as possible for my statistics exam.

I think the nap was a bad idea.

I rewarded myself for finishing that huge long paper by sitting down for two minutes... which turned into two hours. And then I've spent the rest of my afternoon/evening making a "cheat sheet" to take into my exam with me. Thank heavens for professors who think memorization is a waste of time, and application is what we should be tested on. I don't think I'd survive without this page of notes.

Okay. I'm going to try to convince myself that I really want to sleep now.

Can I be done?

I can see the light... I just can't reach it. I had my advertising final today. Hoo boy. Am I glad that's over! I spent basically all weekend and all day yesterday reading the book and the articles. I did that for the midterm, too -- read the entire half-semester's worth of materials in about three days, and I swore I'd never do it again. Well, here I was. <.g> So honestly, now, never again. I think it went pretty well, though. 16 short essays, we picked 12. I actually had a hard time picking the ones to throw out because I knew *something* on all of them. Some I knew better than others, but they're really, really hard graders. So. I guess we'll see.

Tomorrow I have statistics. That's the biggest EEEP! ever. Five credit hours and an entire semester of work hang on this one exam. I need an 85% on it to get an A. And I want an A. I mean, I really want an A. I haven't worked this hard on a class in, well, almost ever. So everyone cross your fingers for me and send me good "statistical" thoughts!

I also have to present my paper for my Children class tomorrow. It's almost done. I've been making tables and analyzing the numbers every way I can possibly think of all morning. And then after that, all I have is my cognitive exam (which is NOT a final, thankfully, just a last exam) on Thursday, then packing, and going home. I can't WAIT for Thursday at 4:30.

May 06, 2002

Which boyband am I?

I didn't even try. Heehee. I'm kind of curious as to what the other options were...

If I were a boy band I would be...

N*Sync Crazy and hip, you change with the times, rather than desperately grasping onto the past. Keep this up, you might be singing into your 80s, but hopefully not.
This quiz was created by Krazy K. Take it here!


How much money do I have?

- Dates: July 26 - 28
- Place: Orlando, Florida
- Ticket prices: $50 per day (separate ticket each day)
- Celebrity line-up: To be determined

- Daily events:
DAY ONE - SKILLS CHALLENGE (last year had guys in dunk tanks)
DAY THREE - FAN DINNER (Thank you for your support type of dinner)

So, Carolyn, whatcha thinkin'? <.g>

May 05, 2002


I just saw Spiderman. I'm totally and completely torn. Torn between liking the movie and being completely disgusted by it. I enjoyed it, I was entertained. I also think it was very violent, and that's the part that bothers me. The fact that there were at least five or six children under the age of seven (in a group of only twenty or so people in that theatre) made me want to throw up. That movie is not for children.

I knew that Children and the Media class was going to bite me in the ass one day. Violence in the media causes aggression in children. That is one thing that has been absolutely, without a doubt, proven. Obviously there are other factors that interact also, but the fact still remains. Children immitate attractive models. What makes a character attractive? Cartoons are very attractive. Bright colors, good guys. Heros. What is the very worst kind of violence a child could be subjected to? Justified violence. Good fighting evil definitely falls under the heading of justified violence. And to make it worse, no one seemed to get hurt. Spiderman and the bad guy went through plate glass windows, through brick walls, were punched, kicked, and thrown again and again. Weapons flew left and right, and guess what? They not only lived through it all, but they barely got hurt (I think Spiderman had a bloody nose once), and they got right back up again to fight! That teaches that violence is not only not a bad thing, but even a good thing. That there are no consequences for violence. And through it all, the characters giving these messages are attractive to kids.

Now I think Spiderman got a PG-13 rating. Fine. That's probably the kind of movie that thirteen year olds can go to see and enjoy and be able to differentiate between what is possible and what is not. But it makes me sick to think that parents are taking early elementary school children to see a film like that! And I've been told that Spiderman toys are in Burger King kids meals, which I think is totally and completely irresponsible on the part of Burger King. It's not a movie for children. Even if it's based on a cartoon, it's not a movie for children. And anyone who advertises it as such is just... ugh. It just kills me that there were so many young kids in there! The violence was bothering me, and I'm twenty-one years old. I can't even imagine what a child would think.

Okay, I'm off my soap box. Sorry for the lecture. <.g> I just wish there was a way to change the system!!

May 04, 2002

Long Day!

Boy does it seem like it's been a loooooong day. I got up early to start working on this paper of mine. My final project for my language skills class is looking to see if there are differences in classroom participation between non-ESL and ESL (native English speakers and not) students as well as gender differences in classroom participation. See, my mom's got an interesting class because they got rid of ESL classrooms in her district this year, so for the first time these kids are integrated into the regular classroom. So basically I gave myself a ton of work by looking at that for my project rather than something we've actually studied in class, like display behaviors or persuasion practices or non-verbal behaviors. As it is, I just spent half the day finding previous research on my subject, whereas I could have used our classroom readings if I'd chosen something else. Ah well. I never can do things the easy way!

So today I went through and coded one entire tape. Go me! The second tape, though, had some weird exposure thing where the whole tape looks washed out. It's really hard to code participation when I can barely see the students. =/

But I really did get a lot accomplished. I found some background information I can pass off as justification for the project, got some journals to back up my research questions a bit, and I got almost four pages written. The paper is supposed to be between five and seven pages, and since I haven't even started writing up my results, I think I'll be well past five pages. Yippee!!

Then I went to Dos Reales for dinner with Meg, Aarti and Greg. I ate way too much. I had Taco Loco, which was a tasty taco salad. Since this weekend is Cinco de Mayo, it was festive. $2 margaritas, but I decided that since now I only have a $5 bill in my wallet, I'd refrain. <.g> And now I'm extraordinarily sleepy, a combination of too much good food and too much studying.

Still to do before... well, still to do:
*Finish reading No Logo for adv final on Tuesday
*Read journal articles for adv final on Tuesday
*Study stats and make up notes sheets for final on Wednesday
*Finish coding tapes and write up paper for Wednesday
*Make charts to add to end of paper for Wednesday
*Write up abstract for class presentation for Wednesday
*Skim book for cognitive exam on Thursday
*Go over notes for cognitive exam on Thursday
I can do it. Yes.


I just noticed something interesting... apparently I really like to post things on the sevens. Look at the posts I've made this week. A bunch of them were posted at times like 9:27, 10:47, etc. Ha ha. Strange coincidence.

And now it's *time* for me to start coding those tapes from my mom. I wish I knew exactly what I was really and truly looking for. Anyone know any information on general tendencies of different cultures in how often they would be willing to stand out in a group and participate in class? Hmmm. Might need to find that out to have something to compare the data to.

Edit: Look at that! I've done it AGAIN! Lol!

Hookie Lau

I got another person finding my site looking for lyrics to the Hookie Lau. So I thought I'd look them up, which was unsuccessful. I guess there really aren't lyrics out there. =/ In fact, my site is the only one that came up under that search. So. For all you Hookie Lau-lovin' folks out there, here is how I remember the song (spelling butchered and all... you'll survive <.g>)

Oh we're going to a Hookie Lau
A Hookie, Hookie, Hookie, Hookie, Hookie Lau
Everybody loves a Hookie Lau
Where the mau-mau eats the pau-pau at the big luau.
Throw those nets out into the see
And all the oma-oma come swimming to me
Cuz we're going to a Hookie Lau,
A Hookie, Hookie, Hookie, Hookie, Hookie Lau!

I actually remember the dance, too, but that's pretty hard to type up. Lol. And I apologize once again for the spelling... all those hyphenated words are ones not in my normal vocabulary. I think they might be kinds of fish....

May 03, 2002

*NSYNC Merchandise

From Carolyn.

You are so sweet, and you are probably the first person your friends turn to when they need some guidance. You aren't over confident in yourself, but you know where you stand. You are the type of person that everyone likes, after all, doesn't everyone just love lip balm?

Much Better

I'm addicted to Snyder's White Fudge Mini Pretzel Dips. YUM. I just ate a whole bag (okay, they're not HUGE bags) in two days. Oops. But so tasty. My mom sent me a Finals Care Package, which was so, so sweet of her. I love my mom!

Speaking of my mom, my parents so don't want me to go to Florida. Surprisingly, it's not because they think it's going to be detrimental to my future or I need to make more money this summer or that I could get better experience somewhere else... they just want me to stay home. Lol. It's really cute, actually. Obviously I'm not going to live in my movie poster-decorated bedroom for the rest of my life, but it almost makes me sad that I'm spending my last summer ever 2000 miles from home. But not sad enough not go to.

My mom emailed me to tell me she is really going to miss me, but she's happy I'm going. She also wrote it into a note in my finals package. My dad called me up to tell me a letter had arrived from Disney telling me I had not been accepted to the program. He "read it" to me: "Dear Kathryn. We are sorry to inform you that you have not been chosen to participate in the Walt Disney World College Program for the Summer of 2002. There were many qualified candidates, of which you were one, but we feel that you need to spend the summer at home with your family." Nice try, dad. =) Isn't that sweet, though? I love my family more than anything, but guys, I just have to do this.

So all in all my day has turned out better than I would have thought from the first hour or so. Aarti and I went to Panera to study for social psych. I didn't study as much as I would have liked to have, but it was an enjoyable day. And I had a Mrs. Doubtfire encounter -- Went into the bathroom to wash my chocolate-croissant-stickied hands, and there were two other women in there. As I was leaving, one of the stalls opened, and a man walked out. Since I was on my way out, too, it didn't really register until I sat down at my booth. The other two ladies came out and caught my eye and we all burst out laughing as they said "Did you just see that??" Woops. Heehee. Wrong door, sir. <.g>

So the exam is over. It went... well, it went. I could have done better, had I focused a bit this afternoon. I guess we only have to wait and see. I had a pretty decent grade going into the exam, so hopefully this test didn't mess it up too badly. I'm sad to say goodbye to my TA, though. He was a constant source of entertainment. Completely adorable and totally dorky and I will miss him. He really made that class for us. I hope I bump into him as much next semester as I have this semester... I swear we have the same schedules, or something. I must have run into him an average of four or five times every week. Lol.

So three more finals and my classroom observation project, which I will start watching and coding tomorrow. Marathon Blog Post now over.

Oh for crying out loud

What a day. And it's only 9:30. This doesn't make me feel very confident about my exam tonight. =( Everything has been going wrong. I spent 15 minutes looking for staples so that I can organize my notes for psych. I got a snappy email from one of my friends about missing her graduation party, but I'm going to be in FL. I can't help it. My mom emailed me and told me the last tape she recorded had something happen to the exposure and it's extremely light and hard to view. And now, my blog is being evil to me! All I wanted to do was update one tiny thing on my sidebar. And it's been giving me problems for the last 20 minutes. Ugh. Can I just start over? =(

May 02, 2002

Interesting searches

Two people in the last week (not counting me, when I followed the path to see what post is pointing them to it) have found my blog looking for "JC's Home Address." That's kind of random. I don't have JC's home address, people. And if I did, why on earth would I post it on the internet?

It's funny. I haven't been at this address all that long. Then it took Google forever to get me in their database. Once they did, I had had like six people find me through the search engine in probably a month. All of a sudden, things have picked up considerably. I'm excited! Welcome, everyone!!

Nsync is still my most popular keyword. Wonder why. <.g> Funny enough, Britney's next, then Tony. In fact, a bunch of people in the last couple days have found me looking for Tony Lucca's afterparties or pictures. And Lance fanfic is another one that's popped up a lot. I had "Aunt Kate's Boobs" (don't wanna know), "Smiley piercings," "Britney Spears' Workout," "Michelle Branch Fan Fiction"... Hookie Lau is another one I have gotten more than once. That one, though, I have talked specifically about. The others.... not sure, man. Lol.

Reading Day

It's been a somewhat productive Reading Day. I read about 1/3 of my advertising book, which is a good start, I think. I also received Tape 1 of my mom's class, so I can start coding it for my observations paper. I should receive Tape 2 tomorrow, but I'll probably do most of the coding on Saturday. I have my Social Psych final tomorrow, and I really haven't started looking at it yet. Eeep. It's not till seven, though, so that gives me almost all day. If I can read another hundred pages in advertising and go through my notes for Social at least twice, I'll be good to go.

Amie came over tonight. We made herb chicken and mashed potatoes together. Yum. I hadn't made chicken all year long. Strange, since last year I lived on it. Living with Aarti has influenced me against making meat, I guess. Not entirely a bad thing.

Then Amie and I played some more Sims. We managed to keep Baby Kayla alive long enough for her to become a child. Go us! So Sim!Justin's a dad. <.giggle> He was so cute with the baby. He sang "Hush Little Baby," "Rock-a-Bye Baby," and "Amazing Grace" to her. And Sim!Amie sings in the shower. Heehee. It's cute. Kayla and Joshua need to become friends. Kayla looks pretty athletic, though, and Joshua's not outgoing at all, nor does he have many active points. So hopefully they'll get along.

ER's on. Mark died. =( Not that it's a surprise, but it's sad. And Christopher Burke made a guest appearance! I love him! "Life Goes On" was one of my favorite shows as a kid. I think I especially liked it because Becca wore glasses. No one (at least no kids) wore glasses on TV, and I wore glasses, so it was all very exciting. <.g> I wish they'd rerun that show. It was so great.


Nikki and Alicia posted some excellent pictures from the Florida concerts. I'm so glad I can live vicariously through people, because when I look at my own would-be-wonderful-but-got-ruined pictures, I get sad. So I will just spend excessive amounts of time looking at JC as a Mouse.

In other news, it looks like Lance is going to space, on May 13. So that's good news for Lance, bad news for Lance fans this summer, but good news for Lance fans once that documentary gets released. <.g>

In even further news, I started reading a marathon story that I know for a fact I'm not going to finish until well into next semester. I don't have time with finals, I won't have easy access to a computer while I'm in Florida, and I'm a much slower reader than to finish thirty parts in the few moments I will have between getting ready to go to Florida. So. The kid is so cute though. And I think it might just have inspired our little Alicia E. to write another story. Perhaps. <.g> I'll keep ya updated on that.

And now I need to study. Time is slipping away. I'm meeting with Amie for the last time this semester at 5 to make dinner and play Sims. The girl's addicted. But Sim!Amie and Sim!Justin had a baby (Kayla) last time she was here, so we need to get her grown up into a child (which will be a feat in itself... their first baby got taken away by Child Services for excessive crying). Now-child Joshua (shut up, Rina made me name him that), the son of Sim!Kate and Sim!David, needs some friends. And fast. Poor kid. Anyway! Studying! Really! Yes!

May 01, 2002

No more classes!

Well, at least for three months. And I still have finals. And my project. But still, no more classes! I'm wondering if I might be able to pull off all A's this semester. I'm borderline in a lot of classes, which stinks heading into finals. If I study like a good student for stats, I might even pull off an A in that class, which would excite me to no end. Aside from that awful history class I took last year, I think stats is the hardest class I've had at this university. Not my worst, grade-wise, but the one I've had to work the hardest in.

I completely changed my schedule for next semester around again today. My classes are entirely spread out, which will work to get my recommended 10,000 steps each day in. I exchanged the organizational communications class I really wanted to take (but hadn't taken the prereq for) for a language development class Shelley's currently in, which sounds pretty cool. I've had snippits of language development sprinkled throughout various psych and speech com classes, so that should be good. I also added Intro to Narrative Writing, which Shelley's also taking right now. That looks like a lot of fun. And I might try to get ahead on it and write some stories this summer. <.g> I think I'm going to still try to get into this Pop Culture class in the College of Communications, which I am not authorized to take right now. It would take me up to 21 hours, but considering I've got research lab for an hour and dance class for an hour (so they're each three hours a week, but still... not a ton of outside work), and the writing class I can get halfway out of the way before the semester even starts... I wonder if they'd let me. Hmm. Must look into that ASAP.

I'm so unmotivated to do classwork right now. I'm telling ya, being finished with classes must create a mental block against doing more schoolwork within the same 24 hour period. <.g> But tonight's Free Scoop Night at Baskin Robins, so I'm very excited! And Sarah's Friendship Pal, Tony, is making us dinner. Brown sugar pancakes, I think, which is so cute. He wanted to cook for all of us. Yippee!