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Saturday Night Ramblings

I have this one little hair that occasionally, every few months, starts to grow out of the side of my chin. It's tiny and I can usually pluck it out right away, but man! Hairs are supposed to grow out of your eyebrows, maybe, and certainly the top of your head, but not--not--out of the side of your chin. Is this what getting old brings?

Tonight was a barbeque with the girls from work. It was fun! Pretty subdued, as far as these things go, but enjoyable to see everyone outside of the work environment. Just to sit back with snack-y foods and Smirnoff Watermelon and talk about non-work things. All but two employees attended. Yay for being social! If anyone at my old office had ever suggested anything remotely social, I think I'd have died of shock. I think next weekend we're having our celebration dinner with money our office won for coming in first place with March of Dimes, and the weekend after is possibly a night out to celebrate a few July birthdays. Have I mentioned that this position is leaps and bounds better than the last? Because, yes. It is.

Hmm. It's almost midnight and I'm getting pretty sleepy. Also, brunch again tomorrow in WeHo. Which means early-to-rise, so off to bed I go.

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