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By Hand Update!

At long last, I have updated BY HAND.

There are a few more drawings, and I added the Step-By-Step section. Whoo!


Aside from working on that *points to above* all afternoon, I had a fairly productive Sunday. I went to brunch in West Hollywood with A & friends, which was nice. We saw some guy from "NYPD Blue" whom I did not recognize in the slightest (having never seen the show), but the rest of the crew was excited about. *laugh* I suppose I was excited vicariously, or something.

Then I came home and promptly went out to Target (it's a sickness! Somebody stop me!) and Ralph's. I actually went to TWO Ralph's locations because the first was so damn crowded. Turned out the second was more of the same, but by then, I didn't care. I was in desperate need of groceries.

Holy mother of love, it's 9:00 pm! In writing about groceries, I thought to myself self, your tummy is feeling a little hungry, perhaps you should have some dinner. And then I looked at the clock, and good lord, where did the afternoon go?! No dinner for me; it's too late to eat. Maybe I'll grab a Jell-o cup or something. Meh. Oh well. Breakfast'll taste good in the morning, then.

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