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Earth Shake!

So, the earthquake this afternoon? Definitely felt it.

There we were, sitting in class in a not-ground-floor classroom of our downtown corporate headquarters, and things started to shake. Everyone lept from the table to huddle under the rows of computer desks in the back-end of the classroom. I, not ever having felt an earthquake while in CA, didn't think it was all that bad, but I followed anyway. I'm sure it was pretty amusing to watch... there was a split second where we all kind of froze at the table before the mass ducking-for-cover happened. Not so much as a styrofoam cup fell off a tabletop or anything, but I guess that's a knee-jerk reaction, ducking for cover? I don't know, I was just following along. *laugh* I suppose that kind of thing has been drilled into people from kindergarten on, though.

I realized that for all of our disaster drills in elementary school (of which the tornado drill included sitting in the hallway holding text books over our heads -- text books! Five-pound, hardcover science or social studies or math textbooks that would easily be ripped from tiny little hands and whipped around the hallway like flying... cannon balls (or something) in the case of a real tornado!), none ever included What To Do in Case of an Earthquake. And I'm sure I've heard here or there to be clear of glass and falling objects (of which there were none), but I never really thought about it. So I guess the thing to do during an earthquake at work is to get under your desk. *nods*

Anyway. I can now say I have no experienced (read: been aware of as it was happening) my first Los Angeles earthquake. And although it wasn't Big or Scary, I'm satisfied. No need for a bigger one.

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