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Car Woes

Today was my day off. I had grand plans for the day, I did. I would get up, work out, get my oil changed, get gas, go to the library, pick up something for lunch, head to Target for some necessities, and to Marshall's to return a coat and maybe buy a new one. And, if I had the time and energy, hit DSW to see if they had the New Balances I was thinking of exchanging my as-yet-unworn new Nikes for. I ended up keeping the Nikes. And wearing them.

As it turned out, I got up, worked out, and... tried to get home. Car wouldn't start. Again. It happened two Wednesdays ago, for the first time in my car's life. (Somehow, I knew I'd hear from Starcom today, since the last time the car wouldn't start was my day of Starcom-ness. Heh.) The car tries to start, gets most of the way there, and won't. It's like it's turning over, and over and over, but not catching. I don't know how else to explain it. Last time, opening the gas cap did the trick. This time, that didn't work. The car guy thinks it's an electrical problem with the theft system (didn't know I had one!), since the THEFT SYSTEM light kept flashing. But he can't say for sure unless he catches it in the act. So.

Anyway, it started up after about twenty minutes, and I went on my merry way. Got the oil changed and got gas, but then was talked into taking the car in to get looked at, by my dad. So my productive day ended there, after the getting of gas.

Now I have a full-of-gas car with freshly changed oil that's sitting at the garage. The guy said it would probably be fine, most likely a little glitch, but I'm driving the car six hours to Ohio on Saturday. Would rather not enjoy being stranded there, thankyouverymuch. So, just to be safe, the car is being looked at.

So I came home and watched A Wedding Story (twice) and A Baby Story and Trading Spaces. And plucked my eyebrows and watched an infomercial that I could. not. turn. off. on some make-up system. By Alex or Alexis something-or-other. And that was my day.

I also started looking at real estate in the Los Angeles area. Because I am a dork. It's utterly unaffordable, but who knows. Someday, perhaps. Someday.

Oh, almost forgot to say. Visited with Michelle last night! It was so good to see her. We went out for ice cream and looked at pictures, and I played all the JC song clips for her (more like MADE her listen to them, but she was a good sport about it *g*), and we chit-chatted the nice away. Good times. Glad I got to catch up. It WON'T be so long before visits next time, I promise!

Okay. So, time for bed, I guess. I'm all TV-ed out after today. Maybe I'll read. And Carolyn, I wanted to thank you for transferring your car issues up to me. Much love.


Hey Kate
THanx for having me yesterday. I was so glad to see you and hear all about your adventures at Disney and your trips to go see Nsync and JC. I'm glad you are doing those things because you're actually being yourself, which is sometimes hard for me to do, so I give you lots of credit. You are so cute with your JC fetish. :D Hey at least I'm not the only on that belongs to a fan club. I'm glad I got to see you and chit chat. I did enjoy the JC songs though. :D I'm actually looking foward to hearing his cd when it comes out. :D Keep meposted on when it comes out. :D Have to get u a copy of Jessica Simpson cds. *Make not to self* Or just maybe her greatest hits. :D Okay well I'm going to bed. Was going to update my journal, but I'm pooped out. talk to you later. :D

See you caught up with your TV :D


hee hee I am sorry Kate, at least yours seems like a "small glitch" LOL vs my "i have NO idea what is wrong, but everything is not working" kind of problem, LOL good luck with that, i have drama of my own here as well, wish me luck, later girl

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