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Every time I think of Ohio, I think of Big Bird in Japan. Or, possibly, it's Big Bird in China, as that's the movie that comes up on imdb.com, but I SWEAR it was Japan. Regardless. And yes, there is an actual correlation here. I haven't seen this movie since I was probably seven years old, but I distinctly remember everyone Big Bird met bowing and saying "Ohio." Apparently, this means "hello" or something of the sort in Japanese (or Chinese), but Big Bird thinks that everone he meets is from Ohio.


I went to Ohio this weekend, to visit Aarti. Columbus, to be exact. This is officially a Long Ass Drive. Especially to do alone. I left work about 1:45 on Saturday and drove, and drove, and drove. My butt got numb. My back started to hurt. And I got bored with every CD I owned. But I made it there by about 9:00 or so Ohio time.

On Sunday, Aarti and I got up late, watched some "Sex and the City," made chocolate chip pancakes, and then headed out for some shopping. We went to the Easton Mall, where I spent way too much money at the GAP. Oftentimes, the GAP doesn't have a single item I wish to purchase. But when it does carry things I want to own, it carries a LOT that I want to own. I came home with five new shirts and two new pairs of pants from there. But of those items, I bought four of the shirts and one of the pairs of pants specifically to wear to work, as my work wardrobe was getting mighty repetitive. So that was good.

After the mall, we did some furniture shopping. That was fun. Then we went to dinner at a Chinese restaurant, which was tasty, and then to see PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, which is, quite possibly, my new favorite movie. Good-NESS! Excellent. No one warned me that Johnny Depp was so freaking hott in eye liner, or that Orlando Bloom was so totally, adorably sexy. Yum. Good times. And the movie was hysterical! The man we sat next to REALLY thought it was funny, complete with roaring laugh and knee-slap, which upped the entertainment value by about threefold. Heh. It was fun.

On Monday, we did some more furniture shopping, had some ice cream, saw Freaky Friday (very cute and rather enjoyable), watched some more "Sex and the City," made dinner, and then Aarti headed to work and I headed to bed.

And Tuesday I came home. Another six-plus hours in the car, but I made it in one piece.

And that was my weekend. I just now watched my tape of JC on the Latin Grammy's from tonight (luckily, he presented first, so I can tape over the rest). He looked goooooooooood. And to hear him speak un muy, muy poco espanol was just... I love him. Hee.

Now, I only need to see him on the Wade Robson Project. Because, yes.


Oh Kate, I have been in love with Orlando Bloom for the longeest time, he so hot in Blackhawk Down. I love him, he's my secret bf. LOL!!!! Oh i loved that movie too, my bf and I thought it was great. Johnny Depp was halarious, good laugh. :D I'm glad you had a great time at ""OHIO". Sorry you're butt hurt. Sorry you got bored in your car...ah well. I'm glad you made it home in one piece.

I saw JC too on the Latin Awards, even thouhg I had night class I was still able to catch a tape recording of it. He looked great. :D

Okay enough me blabing time to go read. :D


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