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Getting pictures developed is fun

I just got back a bunch of pictures from three rolls of film dating back, well, a long time, some of them.

Had pictures from Miami, which, yay! Got my Miami pictures back! Excitement. It was so beautiful there. And I was so tan. Ha. Got some reeeeeally teeny-tiny ones of the Skills Challenge and the game, some decent ones from the club, a couple beach shots (beautiful!), a couple pictures of the gang. Good times.

Rewind a bit to February, and the Nick Carter concert. Some cute ones of Nick at White Star and some cute ones of the group I went with at White star.

Back a little further to LA. Just one or two from that trip. The rest were on the digital camera.

Then there was Christmas of this year, with the classic cat-glaring-at-the-camera picture, from when we made Specks wear super-cool reindeer antlers with bells hanging off of them. He loves us for that. Every year.

Before that, we have graduation. Aarti and me climbing on the Alma Mater, standing below the arch. Aarti, did you get your pics back from that? Mine came out kind of small, and I only had one at each location. I thought we'd taken more. Bummer.

Going a little farther back, we have the end of school. Apartment-being-decorated-for-Christmas and whatnot.

A little earlier and we get the 711 apartment of two years ago. We have Aarti (as I am completely wiped out by the Attack of the Giant Thumb) dancing to Pop, we have me doing the Flopping Fish, a quality headstand against the wall... we have Shelley, Aarti and myself getting ready to go out somewhere, and Aarti and Shif all dressed up in Indian clothes.

Rewind some more, and we get, oh yes, New Years 2000 and the first Disney Reunion Trip. Pictures of All Star Sports, of the crew, of the lights at Epcot, of the Tapestry of Nations parade. Some pretty cool ones, too.

So, yes. The lesson learned here? Kate is HORRIBLE at getting pictures developed in a timely fashion. Horrible. But it was fun and exciting to get them back now! A great trip down memory lane.

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