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Now I've got my own JC to cuddle with at night. *g*

I'd meant to post about my day on Thursday, but I forgot. So I will now.

I had a very frazzled morning. Couldn't WAIT to get out of there, man. It was nuts. K, the other banker, and I left at noon with C, a banker from a nearby branch, to head downtown to one of the branches in the city. All the "new" bankers had to give presentations on our banker projects. These presentations were for all the branch sales managers, the regional managers, the Illinois sales manager, and more. The room was full of "higer-ups" in the company. MEEEEP!!

My presentation went fine. I had done my project on home equity credit lines, comparing five other banks' products to ours. Had a nifty power point presentation and everything to go with it. And, as it turns out, my manager used my power point when trying to convince a customer that ours really IS the best product. Ha.

But anyway. After the presentations, they took us all out for drinks at a little bar down the street from the bank. Very fun. I got a Trixie, or something. It was tasty. I had to leave the bar early, though, to go to the White Sox game with my dad and sister. It was hotter than heck out (heat index of 112 in some parts), but exciting to be at the game just the same. I'm not really a Sox fan, per se, but it was a good time. Our seats were excellent -- five rows behind the Sox dugout. And the Sox are in first place, apparently, so that was fun. They won. Good times, good times.

I got home waaaaaaay late, though, and was totally exhausted at work yesterday for the Day of No Power.

Today, I worked again. It was fine. Just a normal Saturday at the bank. Afterwards, I met Megan at Woodfield and I made a Build-a-Bear. My first ever! Hee.

The lady tried to sell me on girls' underwear for him, but he is a BOY. No matter how sparkly his outfit is, he's very much a boy bear. Meet JC. And his shirt, see? It's BEDAZZLED. Hee! He's got a sparkly silver belt on, and his visor has a cute little paw print on it. And the coolest velcro ever. Heh. He doesn't have any undies on, due to the absense of boy underwear, but he'll get some next time. Yes indeedy. Isn't he cute?

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