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Bummer weekend

So this weekend is the State Fair. I went to the state fair with Sarah after our freshman year, and it was so much fun. A real bonding weekend before we became roommates for real. Well, since Sarah got married in May, I thought it would be fun to go again this year as one last little hurrah before she *really* gets used to married life. I've kind of been planning on/looking forward to this weekend all summer.

I can't go.

I don't like to complain about work here, but my journal, my thoughts. D, the "new" banker/soon-to-be assistant manager, has had many, many Saturdays off. Which is fine, because I usually don't mind working Saturdays. Aside from the initial waking up at 5:30 thing, that is. Hee. But really. I don't mind, and I don't ask for many off. I had one off for Sarah's wedding, I think I had one off in between everything, and I had one off when I went to FL on vacation.

W, my manager, has been admittedly working six days a week pretty regularly since March, when we lost all the bankers. I know she needs days off. I told her all along. She didn't need to work six days, but she felt she did, which was fine. So now she is taking Saturdays off permanently. Also fine. But I asked for this weekend off FOREVER ago, and got a "we'll see." When I asked again more recently, I got a lecture on why W needs her days off, too. Which I agree she does, but argh. I don't ask for a lot around there, I really don't.

This was supposed to be a fun weekend with Sarah and Aarti, who is coming into town from Ohio for the weekend. Instead, I will be working. It's not worth it to drive down to Springfield after work, because I wouldn't get there until 5 or so, and we would have to drive back up to Champaign that same night to stay. It would probably result in twice as much driving as the amount of time actually spent in Springfield. AND I'd have to drive separately from Sarah and Aarti.

It's a bummer. <.sigh>

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