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Day of Emily's Office

It's been kind of nice to have the house to myself. The cat and I have been bonding. My parents are coming home (three days early) tomorrow. The wake is tomorrow, and the funeral is Friday. I don't think I can get off work to go to the funeral, but I might go to the wake. We'll see how it goes.

I borrowed Spider-Man and I Am Sam from the library. I am completely in love with the library. They have an awesome film collection (both on DVD and video), with quite recent movies (might get 8 Mile next), and they're FREE! May not ever go to Blockbuster again! You only get the movies for three days, but at the same time, if you don't watch them... didn't cost you anything but a trip to the library. So I don't feel so bad. I watched Spider-Man yesterday. Tooooooobeeeeeeeey! I'm so hooked on Tobey. Heh. I even drew a picture of him, for which I used this (only, a bigger version thereof) as my "model".

Today was a long and draining day. I am completely exhausted. I was at the train station by 10:00, made it down to Emily's office about 11:45. We went out to lunch to a really tasty cafe and I got a buffalo chicken rap. Yum. We chatted, and then headed back to her office for a bit. After a draining three hours, I ended up on the 4:39 train home (had to boogie back to the station... more tiring!), and got back to Palatine about 5:40. Well, my car would not start. I called my dad, and he was convinced it was the battery. I know what a dead battery sounds like. This was not that. It's like it was trying-trying-trying to start, but just couldn't catch to actually get all the way there. So after trying for twenty minutes, I finally tried opening my gas cap and trying again, and there she went. Started right up. Apparently, since my car was out in the sun on the top of the parking garage all day in the heat, I had vapor lock. I'm just glad it's alright now. I might drive my dad's car to work tomorrow, just in case, though.

I did get the August (and July and September.... thanks, Em!) issue of Biography Magazine because Tobey was on the cover. Hee. Good reading for the train. So, if for nothing else, today was not a total loss. ;)

I came home and was STARVING so I had the rest of my chicken wrap and then a brownie sundae with peanut butter and homemade-by-Grandma fudge sauce. It was soooo bad for me, but sooooo good tasting. I needed a treat.

Now I have to clean the house for the cleaning lady. Joy of joys. And work tomorrow. Can I manage a woo and a hoo? Not sure.


YOU are SO talented. That pic rocks! Thanks for the congrats comment, you rock! hee hee, miss you, talk soon, ps..AMY JO IS HERE, you should be too!!!!

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