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Is it Saturday yet?

Just a quick update here. Worked today, joy of all joys. It wasn't bad, actually, but you know. Working on a Saturday. It's just the principle of the thing.

After work, I went to see Emily's new apartment. It's so cute! They're going to have it decorated all adorable-like. Yay! I'm jealous. I want an apartment. I actually want a townhouse/condo. I think I'm actually seriously looking at purchasing something. It's a definite possibility. I just don't want to throw more money away on renting. I've rented for five years, and it's such a waste. "Here, have a couple hundred dollars. Here, have some more. Next month you can have more of my hard-earned cash. What do I get in return?" I know, I know, a roof over my head.

Then, Em, Dor, Kim and I went to see Uptown Girls. I liked it. I had thought it would be a lighter, happier, more-fun movie, but I did like it a lot. That little girl, Dakota Fanning, or whatever her name is, is excellent. Like her a lot. Brittany Murphy kind of looks like she's on drugs, but that's okay. She was still good in this. Two thumbs up.

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