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Make it stop!

(I hate Macs... somehow I just deleted my entire post. <.pout>)

I can't take it anymore. My statistics lecture was completely and utterly useless. I spent the last half-hour tallying up who popped up on my watch (Got Chris 6 times, Justin 7, Lance three times, Joey twice, *NSYNC six times, and JC once). I was getting SO frustrated spending so much time on things a) I don't understand (and his explanations were making it worse, not better) and b) we will learn in lab tomorrow, in much easier-to-understand terms. I hate feeling like going to class is a waste of my time, but this morning, it was.

Is it wrong that I have senioritis and I still have an entire year of this to go? I mean, I am a senior. I could graduate in May. And I think the senioritis-switch in me just knows that it's spring semester and time to be feeling restless. Stupid me decided to get another major and stick around an entire extra year. Lol. What was I thinking???


I don't know what you were thinking? I kept telling you to graduate, I really attempted to persuade you. But now you have another year to look forward to. But it is all good cause you can party up a storm for your final year of college!

As for the crappy professor, I know the feeling. It reminds me so much of a certain CS class!!!!

You did a good job attempting to persuade me. Boy do I wish I'd listened. *g* SO sick of this school thing. Ah well. One more year of my life. I can do it. And since we haven't partied up much of a storm this year, you should stay an extra semester, get your marketing degree, and we can partay next year! =)

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