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a is for apple

As nerve-racking as having three midterms in 18 hours last week was, I think it was actually a decent way to do it. I ended up with all A's!! I am quite pleased. Did I tell you how I argued my way from an 89% to a 90% on my stats exam? Lol. I know that's not much, but it has a different letter assigned to it, and that makes ALL the difference. <.g> It was a case of doing one part slightly wrong and using that answer to compute the next part, which was done correctly but yielded the wrong answer... anyway. He gave me a point back.

We got our social psych midterms back, which I figured I'd done pretty well on, because it wasn't TOO difficult an exam. I thought I'd maybe missed 10 out of 75. I got a 72 out of 75! I was excited. And THEN the kicker. Cognitive. Almost as impossible a class as statistics. I got a 43/50, which, amazingly, was one point above the lowest possible A. <.g> My lucky day!! Now if only that trend will continue onto my advertising midterm I took this morning...

I had Amie over today. We played the Sims. I had downloaded the Boys earlier this year and had built a Chateau Chasez (and the job that came up for him was Street Musician... how fitting! He'll work his way up...). Well, today Amie thought it would be nice to give Sim!JC a neighbor, and since her heart belongs to Monsieur Timberlake (WHY am I speaking in French? Do I speak French? Not an ounce.), we started building him a sprawling residence (complete with courtyard pool). Perhaps Sim!JC and Sim!Justin will team up and start SimSYNC.


Hey, congratulations on your grades! That's so cool. :)

And Sim!JC and Sim!Justin cannot start Sim!*NSYNC without Sim!Chris. They would only start Sim!MMC. *vbeg*


And LOL!! Sim!MMC. Heehee. We may get Sim!Chris and the rest of the gang in there eventually... I might have to bulldoze a few houses to do it, but I never play the games once I build the houses, anyway. The fun is in putting all the toys and cool things in to make the Sims happy. *g*

CONGRATS K! That is excellent :) I am so proud-I hope I did that well on mine as well-hee hee, later gator

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