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Smoke and Mirrors

Looooong day. I've been gone from 8 this morning until 10:30 tonight, except for running in and changing clothes. My feet hurt. A lot. I need better shoes. =/ I had discussion section for advertising, and I made a meaningful contribution which my TA had me repeat because it was such an important point. Heehee. Then social psych was fine... STILL haven't gotten our midterms back. Grrr.

Then I went to the Non-Profit Career Fair (which, they made sure to point out, does not mean you don't get paid if you get hired by those companies <.g>). The Fair was a bust. Nothin' for me. There was Girlscouts and Cancer Society and other similar jobs that would be great for a summer job if I was a sophomore and not trying to get career experience, but other than that, nothing had anything to do with PR or anything that would be beneficial to me, so. I didn't go to my research because of the career fair and now I need to make up 2 hours somewhere, and I didn't even get anything out of it. Ah well. At least I can tell my parents I'm ACTIVELY looking for an internship.

Then I had my children class, which was fine as usual, and then I had to head over to Assembly Hall to work TWO David Copperfield shows. The first time, it was pretty cool. I was up in C, though, but I was with a really nice girl and we chatted. He did some neat tricks, most of which I haven't come close to figuring out. Between shows we had to clean. YUCK!! That was the nastiest job ever. I so could not be a custodian. Yick. And then we were ready for Show #2. I was in A for the second one, which was cool. I wish it had been the other way around because they let us go at intermission for the second show, but what can ya do. I could have stayed (and I really want to know if he got the same numbers out of the audience for the license plate/lottery ticket trick), but I couldn't take any more of his cheesy, slightly-perverted (this is a FAMILY show, folks!) jokes, so I had to leave. Lol.

And that was that.

Oh, and one more funny thing. Girlfriend was on the radio as I was going into Assembly Hall for work... it was just ending as I turned off the car. I never hear it on the radio. Like, really never. So I was all excited. When I got back IN the car, it had just started again!! At first I thought I had a CD in, but then I realized that I don't think I even have my Celebrity CD in the car, and it was indeed on the radio. Heehee.


COOL K! You know I was a GirlScout of 13 years, so if you need any ideas for it if you decide to do something with them, I will be glad to help :) whoo hoo! It's funny cause before POP was even a single, didn't you hear Girlfriend on the radio like everyday...? weird...hee hee

Testing this post thing...

Grrr. For some reason I can't get my web address on my comments to change to my new address no matter WHAT I do. Oh well.

Yes, C, I remember that you were a Girl Scout. I don't think I will be working for them, though. I need experience in PR. =)

And yes, I heard Girlfriend on the radio a few times (maybe a dozen times between when the CD was released and when I went down to school?) But it was after Pop, before Gone. Heehee. The first time I heard it was on the way home from the airport after being in Washington DC, which would have been like July 28 or something. For your timeline. But yes, strange that I almost never hear it down here now that it IS the single. =/

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