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Gettin' down to business

My M.O. throughout college was to do things at the last minute, but the last minute that wouldn't leave me without sleep or missing out on anything. I never pulled an all-nighter, never skipped a birthday dinner or class because I had to study or finish a paper or project. Time pressure helped me not wander aimlessly (ha!) through a task, not over-think or dawdle, but I think I was a good enough planner to leave myself just enough time to do whatever it is that needed doing, and do it well. Not half-ass or throw together anything.

Hopefully, this time-management finesse is carrying through to the wedding.

I've had to kick it into high gear lately. My To-Do list is divided out by weekend.

This past weekend, I: got my veil, picked up my dress from alterations, got my wedding band engraved, ordered Steve's wedding band, got most of the gifts bought, made half of the table number displays, sewed two ring bearer pillows, trial-dipped pretzels, trekked to two different office supply stores (unsuccessfully, unfortunately) for various items, figured out the guest book, cut our cell phone bill in half, cleaned the house, and ran our usual weekend errands.

Together, Steve and I were a lean, mean, productivity machine.

But much like in college, when I really put my nose to the grindstone, I miraculously still have time for the fun stuff. Like our Sunday afternoon.

Gonna play!

Run, run, run!




Perfect Sunday



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