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Thirty-six days and counting...

By the time this wedding comes around, we will have been planning it for almost a year and a half.

Last September, we celebrated our negative-first anniversary. How many people have the opportunity to celebrate a negative-first anniversary? I think it's kind of awesome.

There have been little pockets of panic or stress along the way, moments of I'm forgetting something major, aren't I? and I should have done that already! Ack! but it's been more or less easy-going. I attribute most of this to my mom, who has been absolutely amazing at juggling her life and my wedding.

Steve has also been a champ at getting things done. He put together invitations and came up with music and has tromped after me through Michael's and Bed, Bath & Beyond more times than I can count.

And now, just about fifteen months after Steve proposed, the wedding is right around the corner. We are inside the 40-days mark. We have four weekends before we leave for Chicago, one of which we'll be out of town for. Our To-Do list is down to mostly details, but there are a few big-ish items, like learn to dance. Also, learn French, which we have been sporadically working on (Steve is doing better at it than I am).

And there are all these little projects that I want/need to do. Like making table number displays, which is the one I'm most excited about. Or putting together the programs (we bought kits so there's a template, but I still want to give it my own touch). Place cards. Sewing a pair of ring bearer pillows. You know, little, unimportant things. *laugh*

Now I feel like every minute of my life has to be taken advantage of. Do you have fifteen minutes to write a blog post? DO YOU? I almost feel guilty spending my lunch hour in my car with the windows rolled down reading a book, which isn't even time I could spend doing wedding things if I'd wanted to! Silly.

But... thirty six days! I really can't wait. I guess I can handle thirty-six days of hard-core wedding stress when the end result, no matter what happens or doesn't happen, will be awesome.

And, just to make me smile, I have to share this picture that makes me laugh EVERY TIME I LOOK AT IT. Seriously! (You may have already seen it on Facebook, but it's just that good.)

Circa 1986

I have absolutely no idea what is causing Jessica to make that face. And look at her little hand! Whatever it is, it's not bothering me one little bit.


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