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Two Days in April: In Pictures

Our Second First Date Anniversary

If you'll think back to a year from this April 17th, you may remember it's the day Steve and I got engaged. And if you think back two years, you... probably won't remember anything special about it. Two days after taxes were due? A Friday? (If you even remember that...) But I will! It was my first date with this guy Elaina sort of set me up with.

Last year, we partially reconstructed our first date by going back to the same restaurant, Cafe Firenze. This year, we reconstructed last year by going to Cafe Firenze (a tradition by now!) AND to the park in which we got engaged. There was no proposal this time around, but it was nice to take in the details I was too preoccupied/distracted/excited to notice back then.

Stargazer Park

Stargazer Park

Site of the proposal, one year later

Site of the proposal

One year later
One year later!

Easter Sunday

We work so hard during the week only to spend our weekends catching up on all the responsible things we didn't get to, right? I decided I wanted one weekend of pure (or... mostly pure) relaxation. We did our cleaning and our errand running after work last week and left the weekend FREE! It was lovely.

We started our Easter morning with homemade Belgian waffles topped with fresh strawberries. We spent the day catching up on TV shows that have been stacking up on the DVR. (While we watched, I cleaned out my closet, we worked out, and cooked meals for the week, so it wasn't a totally lazy day.)

And then we colored eggs!

Easter Egg Garden

My Easter Garden

Steve's eggs
Steve's Eggs

We each colored six, then got tired and just did the last six ROYGBV. And would you know, the packages of egg dye we bought from the 99 Cent Store included twelve colors? There were three different greens! Two pinks and a red! A yellow, yellow-orange, and orange-orange! Twelve is too many to handle. Twelve is overwhelming. Twelve is too hard to find enough jars/glasses/mugs to hold! But overall, fun.

We also ate chocolate, because what's Easter without a couple of chocolate bunnies?

And what are chocolate bunnies without creating your own Easter card image?

"My butt hurts." "What?"

"My butt hurts." "What?"

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