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Wednesday, 9/17/08: Seriously?

Wednesday, 9/17/08: Seriously?
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I had a spectacularly craptastic day that started with spending my lunch hour with a rude DMV employee, continued through an awful afternoon at work that left me fuming, and ended with this. A ticket.

I had dropped Sandra off at the airport and was heading home on the 405. I'd left a message for Caitlin about this weekend and was listening to the radio and thinking about how tomorrow would be better when... I was pulled over.

I honestly could not imagine what I was being pulled over for! I wasn't speeding (evidence on the ticket: Max Speed 65, Speed Approx 55). I'd just renewed my registration--which wasn't due until the end of October to begin with--that very afternoon, so I knew it wasn't that. I hadn't even changed lanes. I didn't think I had a tail light out. I was baffled!

I rolled my window down and waited patiently for him to tell me what I'd done. He said he'd seen me talking on my cell phone. I looked at him, shocked, and said I hadn't been! I pointed to the ear bud still in my ear, picked up the phone from my cup holder and showed him my hands-free was still plugged in. He told me he'd seen me with my phone in my right hand, holding it to my ear, and my lips moving. I don't know what he saw, but it certainly was not that. Since I first got my phone in, what, 2000? I have always, always, ALWAYS used a hands-free.

He went and wrote my ticket, and when he came back, I told him again that even BEFORE the cell phone laws went into effect, I always have used my hands free, I promised I hadn't been using my phone without a hands-free, and asked him what could I do? He said I could go to court. I apologized, told him this was my first time having to deal with something like this, and how did I go about going to court? He told me the info was on the ticket. Then I asked how I got back on the freeway (I was on an exit ramp). He said to go to the end of the ramp and I'd find a No U-Turn sign, and to make a U-Turn. I asked him if I'd get a ticket for that, too (which he kind of laughed at, thankfully... I wasn't trying to be smart), and he told me he was giving me permission.

JEEZ. So now I have to go to court in downtown LA in November. BAH! So stupid. More so because I didn't do it! *sigh*

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