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Tuesday, 9/16/08: Friends, neighbors

It was the cutest thing! This little cat (I have the inexplicable desire to call her Sasha) came over to play two nights in a row, and she and Cymbeline were nose-to-nose on either side of the glass for the longest time. When Sasha would walk to the other side of the patio, Cymbeline would follow her. When Sasha got up on the air conditioning unit, Cymbeline stood on her back legs and reached as high as she could. When Sasha rolled onto her back, Cymbeline laid with her nose against the glass. Seriously. Most. Adorable. Thing. EVER.

Also, you should see both cats discovering Sasha at the beginning. Also the cutest thing ever. And you can really see how different Monet and Cymbeline look from each other now.

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