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September 10, 2007

September 10, 2007
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In just over a month, I'll be participating in my third AIDS Walk Los Angeles. This year, I've been involved in getting a group together from work, heading up my region. It's a very cool experience, walking with tens of thousands of people all gathering to support AIDS research and services benefiting men, women and children in Los Angeles. People walk with pictures of loved ones or with names across the backs of their t-shirts, and it's very motivational and emotional.

Here's where I use my Pic of the Day to pimp AIDS Walk. If you're able and feel so inclined, my donation page is right over here. You can make a donation directly through the website, or I can give you my address to send a check payable to AIDS Walk Los Angeles. Any amount is very much appreciated, and if there's anything I can offer in thanks (icons, what have you), I'd be happy to! If you're not able to contribute monetarily, please think positive thoughts and cross your fingers for good weather on October 21st. :)

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