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Happy Birthday, Sugah!

Ah HA! It WORKS again! I actually had things I wanted to post about, and my blog was broke. I have to work tomorrow, so this'll be quick. Although he'll never, ever see this...

Happy 27th Birthday, JC!

Thank you for the great times, the great friends, and the great music. If your day was filled with half the happiness I've experienced because of you, it'll be a day to go down in history.


Not to be mean..... this day's post had me laughing out loud... like really loud! Did you make that all up on your own, or is that a saying that I am just not witty enough to know? Send that to Starcom and you would definitely have an 'amazing' writing sample to turn in... Now I am just kidding, and I don't mean it to be mean. I miss you Kate! There is no one in Columbus who makes me laugh like this and makes me smile just cause I know what they are thinking... See you soon!

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