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Day with mi madre

I spent the day today with my mommy. It was a lot of fun. I got up late, around 9:00. We went out to breakfast, which was tasty, and then headed to the zoo. I hadn't been to the zoo in probably almost a dozen years. I don't believe it's been that long, but the last time I remember being there was when my 13-year-old cousin was still very much in a stroller, and the 11-year-old wasn't born. And I don't *remember* my aunt being pregnant at the time. So.

The zoo was interesting. It ain't no Disney's Animal Kingdom, that's for sure. I felt bad for the animals in their cramped little habitats. There was a big brown bear swimming back and forth in his little pool. He'd back stroke to one end, flip, and doggy paddle back. That's all he was doing. The walruses had a little more room to move about, and the sea lions were entirely energetic in their area. We saw the dolphin show, which was a lot of fun. There was a baby dolphin, two years old, who was just training to be in the show. So he was off to the side with his trainer doing little tiny tricks while the more experienced members of the group showed their stuff. Good times.

When we were walking around after the dolphin show, it was nap time for most of the animals. Note to self: go to the zoo in the morning next time, not the early afternoon. We saw lots of sleeping cats, sleeping kangaroos, sleeping bears, sleeping everything. Ha. But they were cute. And there were lots of little kids. Little kids are always fun to watch. They're seeing these animals for the first time, and they're so amazed! It's adorable. All in all, the zoo was very uncrowded as it was cool and a little overcast today. It was nice, because we could just wander around at our leisure.

After the zoo, we went to Cold Stone for some ice cream. I got cake batter ice cream with Heath Bar. Yum! Then, as I had a headache, I took a little nap. After the nap, Mom and I went to Barnes and Noble and I got four new books to read. I'm excited!!

In other news, tonight, JC is supposed to be on the Tom Green Show. I have to look up when/what channel it's on and set it to tape. Since we're on the subject of JC, I thought I'd add a little goodness to my blog. I haven't posted pictures in a looong time. I didn't take any of these... I think most are tagged by who did. Credit where credit is due. The other, I don't know where that came from.

Silly boys... ::shakes head:: Playin' for the camera. Such goofs!

Boys will be boys. Always gotta play with the toys.

He shot... he SCORED! Go JC!

Oww, that looks painful. Poor sunburned boy. I've got some aloe I can rub on that... ;)

And that's all, folks. Once I get my pictures developed, if any turn out (which I'm doubting, based on the disposable camera and being more than 14 feet from what I was taking the picture of), I'll post 'em.

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