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I should be a lawyer. I went to get tickets for the Thursday concert for Aarti and myself today. We ended up in row 1 of Section 8. I'm not sure how good they are; they only cost $74, but they are on the floor. So I went to pay for them, and the guy took my newsletter to initial it... turns out you're only allowed to buy fanclub tickets for one show. Ha ha. Oops. Didn't know that. Probably wouldn't have stopped me from trying if I had. So I batted my lashes and put on my best puppydog face and said "Oh, really? But my friend bought tickets for two shows!" (which was a lie) and "My tickets for Friday are really, really bad" (also not entirely true, but they are in the lower bowl, behind the floor) and "couldn't you please make an exception?"

So he had me point out where my tickets were, and I somehow forgot to mention that they were in the first row of that section. I think it helped that the guy was fairly young. Lol. He said he'd make an exception for me, and he let me buy the tickets. He'd said when I got there that the non-fanclub tickets left were all behind the stage. As nice as *NSYNC's butts might be, I don't want to be looking at them all night. So I'm pleased that he did let me purchase the Section 8 tickets. I hope I didn't take fanclub seats away from someone who hadn't gotten them already... I feel kind of bad, but tickets went on sale a month and a half ago. I figure that if it's taking someone this long to get tickets, they shouldn't be expecting much. <.g> I was going to see if getting one and one would get me better seats than two together, but I figured I shouldn't push my luck any further. lol.

But that means now I need to try to get soundcheck tickets for Thursday...


Hee hee! And here we thought that flirting and using your femine wiles was a foreign concept to you. Though I am super happy you got it together in time to grab us some good tics. I hope you get soundcheck tickets... then you can finally ask 'THE' question you wanted to.

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