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I went with my mom to see Amelie tonight. It was wonderful!! I loved it. Except for the excessively tall man in front of me who kept blocking the subtitles and making me stretch in all sorts of unnatural positions to read them. Luckily, people talked slowly. <.g>

I don't even know what to say about it. Go see it! Go now! It was so funny and so... I don't know. Subtle, I guess. It gave the audience the benefit of the doubt, assumed we were intelligent enough to "get it," and moved on without hitting us over the head with meaning and whatnot. It will never make it in mainstream America. Lol. But it was really, really good and so cute!

My cat is making funny little sleepy-dreaming noises. Almost like he's sighing contentedly. Quite adorable. I forgot how much I miss having him around. =)


You went and saw AMELIE...!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I am so jealous. I wanted to see that so badly. Well thats it, I will have to find someplace still playing it and go. Ah man, well I am glad you liked it. That stinks about the man blocking the subtitles.

If you find someplace playing it down by school, I'll go with you!

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