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Tonight was the much-awaited Other Guys concert! How much do I love them? They sounded amazing. Did I ever mention I like guys who can sing? <.g> They sang (among others) More than Words, In the First Light, Fields of Gold... I'm forgetting. It was a 2-hour concert (well, singing and comedy skits in between about every other song). But they just sound wonderful. None of them are music majors and yet they arrange most of their songs themselves. 7-part a capella harmonies. Whew.

This was the last concert for the seniors. Kyle is graduating, I think. He has the most beautiful voice. I will miss him. Gaurav got his chance to shine this evening, and I hadn't realized what a pure, deep, RICH voice he has. He's a bass, and yet he's got the most incredible range. I'd say he can sing as high as Justin and still sound beautiful. And Carolyn calls me a traitor, but I think Gaurav's bass is richer and purer and just generally prettier than Lance's. Sorry, Lance. Lance has got an awesome voice, but I really was kind of stunned by Gaurav's.

Oh, and Shelley, slashiness abounded. I thought of you. They did this video at the beginning, "A Day in the Life of an Other Guy," and it started out with Matt waking up. When he crawled out of bed, there was Gaurav, and behind Gaurav, all the rest of them. Lol. And throughout the concert, they were jumping in each other's arms and stuff. It was really funny, actually, but Shelley, yeah. Totally thought of you. <.g>


LOLOL! That sounds like so much fun. *giggle* Whoo-hoo for slashiness! LOL

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