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Concert Goodies

I found more goodies on the concert. Really cute review. Lance getting left behind, Joey forgetting words, Chris shaking his bootie, JC having "strings attached"... I can't wait. Heehee. I only hope they're as fun at our show!!

I was looking at Ticketmaster for tickets for the Thursday show. I'm still not sure what the best route to take would be: Ticketmaster.com, going to the arena over spring break, or just going the day of and seeing if any publicity seats have been released. Any advice? On ticketmaster today, though, they had some $110 tickets up on the side available as well as some $74 tickets on the floor. I didn't know they SOLD $74 tickets on the floor. What should I do? What should I do?! I think either one of those options would be better seats than I've got for Friday night. Hmm.

Oh, and is TRL an hour long now? Yesterday and today it was. Strange. And the Nelly remix of Girlfriend is WPing on Tuesday! Woohoo!! Now, does that start over at Day 1 on the countdown, or will it be at 44, which is where Girlfriend will be on Tuesday? Cuz if it doesn't start over, they have a nasty habit of releasing videos RIGHT before their previous one is due to retire. If they don't start it over, the Nelly remix will only be on the countdown for 6 days. Sadness on BOTH accounts. =(


How is Girlfriend doing on TRL, anyway? Since Drowning retired, is it hitting #1? I can't watch TRL and don't get reports... :-( (Though I still phone in when I can.)

It was #1 yesterday. It's been hanging out at #2 lately, since BSB retired. Behind Enrique's Escape. I'm hoping it' hits #1 a couple more times before it retires. JC murmuring "What you thinkin' 'bout, mama?" is definitely worthy of being at the top of the countdown. Chills!!

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