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Warm and Sunny

Today was such a gorgeous day out! I carried my jacket and wore a t-shirt. <.g> Amazing. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, but I could enjoy the wonderfulness of the day today, at least. I bought tickets to the Other Guys concert... I can't WAIT! I missed their Christmas concert because it happened to be on the same night as Meghan's and my 21st birthday party. So. It will be all new songs, so I'm very excited.

I got some reading done for my Advertising midterm. Reading this stuff is soooo boring. Right now, I'm reading a book on the history of public relations. ugh. I have 8 more chapters to read (somebody put me out of my misery) and THEN I have like 200 pages worth of articles. WHY do I let my reading pile up until 5 days before the midterm? Why?? I also proceeded to fall asleep. I got into my work-out clothes, all ready for Aarti to come home at 4, and reading that book just did me in. I didn't even hear her come home. I woke up when Sarah came into my room to put my paycheck on my desk, and I was like "It's 4:30? Aarti's late!" and then I heard Aarti upstairs. Woops. She'd even come in and stuck a note on my PR book! Lol. I was dead to the world. And I'm not typically a napper. That's what this history stuff will do to a girl!

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