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Today was a pretty good

Today was a pretty good day. Of course I did next to NO studying for my three midterms (which will be all be taken between 7:30 p.m. Monday night and 2:00 p.m. Tuesday afternoon... they have a 3-finals-in-24-hours conflict exam rule... why doesn't that apply to midterms??), but all I had fun. =) Jess and I picked Amie up to go to the mall. Amie was on her cruise 2 weeks ago, and happened to hit New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Lucky girl!! Of course, that probably isn't as fun for an eleven-year-old as it would be for me, but she got lots of beads (72 strands) and gave me 6 of them. <.g> She's so cute. So we went to the mall and window shopped, because Amie had spent all her money on the cruise, and I had $3 to my name. Heehee. I did spend a gift certificate from Christmas at Bath and Body Works on a candle to un-stale my room. I HATE the fact that it gets all sealed up for the winter. I feel like it's stuffy and stale, even though Aarti assures me it's not. Lol. Can't I just open the windows? ("Not until it's warmer than 50 degrees." I know, I know.)

Then Jess, Meghan and I went to dinner at Cheddars and got hit on by our waiter, who sat down to chat with us for a while. Lol. He's a psych major, so maybe he's in some of my classes. I didn't share my major with him, though. Then we went to see 40 Days and 40 Nights, which was quite funny, but NOT a movie to take the 'rents to. <.g> We were planning on going to the High Dive for some dancing, but the Winter Storm has finally decided to arrive (although it's a lamb of a "storm") and slushy, icy sidewalks in clubbing clothes just don't sound appealing right now.

Then Jessica pointed me towards some surveys. Are you an IM Addict?

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