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The Big Ten just is

The Big Ten just is a mess of numbers that don't make sense. First off, there are eleven teams in the Big Ten. Now, four teams are Big Ten Champions: Ohio State, Minnesota, Indiana, and our Illinois. Crazy, huh? What's even crazier is that these teams are champions with 5 losses each. Lol. So today was a HUGE game, because (if I understood correctly), if Minnesota won, they would be champions alone with 12-4. But since they lost to Illinois, all four teams have 11-5 records and share the championship. Go Fighting Illini!!! Now there is the tournament to conquer...

In other news, Kristine has been working on moving me over to Movable Type. It's almost there!! Then I will have to go change all my cliques and whatnot... project! But I will let you all know the new address shortly. Woohoo!

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