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Midterms are OVER!! Well, until

Midterms are OVER!! Well, until next week, anyway. Lol. So I'll start studying for that one tomorrow. I'm taking the afternoon OFF. I didn't fail any of them. I think I did progressively worse... ha ha. I feel pretty good about social, better than expected (but most likely not better than a B) on statistics, and just so-so on cognitive. Oh well, I'm DONE with my crazy cram-studying session I've had going for the last couple days. BIG sigh of relief. <.g>

That picture of JC in glasses (see previous post) WAS at Pleasure Island. I was right. Just didn't have anyone around to confirm that for me. Lol. I was like "Wolfgang Puck is on PI, I *think* Virgin and the AMC are right in front of JC and the girls..." Man. I want to go back. Now. I was just telling Miggie about the to-die-for cookie sandwiches we'd sell at the Cookie Cabin (in Camp Minnie-Mickey at Animal Kingdom, if anyone is interested <.g> Other AK tasty treats: frozen coffee or any of the breakfast breads from Safari Coffee by the Tree of Life, soft pretzels (sorry Carolyn) from the exit to the Bug's Life show...)

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