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It's my mid-lab blogging break!

It's my mid-lab blogging break! I am SO sleepy. I don't know why. It's a gorgeous day outside, almost don't-need-jackets warm (but maybe not quite... haven't been out since 8:00 to know for sure). I am SORE. Wow. Aarti and I did the Cindy Crawford workout video last night, and damn. I didn't feel like I was necessarily dying while I did it, but wow. Lol. I guess that's good. It's not too hard of a workout while you're at it, but afterwards, you can sure tell what muscles it targeted. Ha ha. I can't wait to do the other one today! (Two come on a tape). I just hope I have time. I'm supposed to be taking Amie to see Peter Pan 2: Return to Neverland, and Aarti has her art class tonight, so unless I do it without her, we've got some squeezing of schedules to do. Lol.

Oh! I got my stats exam back already!! It's CRAZY because we took those yesterday from 9-11 am. There are 52 people in the class and it was an 8-page written exam, and today by 11, they were ALL graded. Amazing. The multiple choice scantron test I took on Monday won't be returned until next week. Ha ha. But guess what? I got an 89% on statistics!!! That is WAY better than I thought I'd get. Although now I'm doing counterfactual thinking (like that, Aarti? Incorporating Social Psych into everyday conversation <.g>) and saying "If only I'd studied fourth-spreads for three more minutes, I'd have had four more points and I would have gotten an A." But I can feel confident in the fact that the things I did get wrong, I honestly didn't know. I HATE it when I make stupid mistakes. So I feel better about that, whether that's goofy or not. Lol. And the one I sat and stared at for a good seven minutes trying to decide a) what it was asking, and b) how to go about it, I got right!! I used the wrong number for one part, but that's pretty good considering it was purely an educated guess on what equation I was supposed to be using. Lol

Oookay. 1:22. I'm in here until 1:45. And this guy whose interview I'm transcribing talks in hugely long paragraphs, so it feels like I'm not getting anything accomplished because I can listen forever and only get half a page typed. But it's half a page of SOLID words, whereas half the time, people switch off speaking so often that they can say four sentences and fill a page. Alright, back to work, back to work. <.sigh>

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