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October 31, 2010

Cold Turkey

I like Diet Coke. Not regular Coke or Coke Zero or even Diet Coke with Splenda. I don't like Sprite or orange soda or, god forbid, Diet Pepsi. I like Diet Coke. You might even go so far as to say I love Diet Coke.

I don't smoke, I don't really drink. My one vice is Diet Coke.

In the last several years I've tried limiting myself to one or two a day, but I still recognize that I'm drinking at least twelve ounces of chemical cocktail every. single. day. I realize this can't be good for me, but it's not the WORST thing I could be doing, right?

My coworker, S, is also a lover of soda, although I'm pretty sure she doesn't discriminate as much as I do. Diet Pepsi, for instance, is an appropriate substitute. Friday, a rare day during which the two of us were working together in the same office, we watched... I think it was Dr. Oz. During lunch, not while we were supposed to be working. Anyway, he had issued a 28-day No Soda Challenge. This got S and me talking about how much we love our Diet Coke.

And then she said, "Think you could do it? Not drink Diet Coke for twenty-eight days?" And I said, "Why would I want to do that? Besides, I have two twelve-packs of Diet Coke at home right now, waiting for me." And she said, "Let's do it. Let's not drink soda for twenty-eight days. I challenge YOU!"

And really, could I step down from a personal challenge?

She'll be checking up on me, and I'll be checking up on her. The twenty-eighth day will be the day before my 30th birthday. So at least I can enjoy a delicious Diet Coke for my birthday!

Yesterday was Day One. I made some Crystal Light raspberry lemonade to offset the water. (Side note: I have been drinking my water in addition to the Diet Coke; it was not an either/or. And coffee. Usually drink a cup or two of that a day, too.)

Today, I already have a headache. A Diet Coke Deprivation headache! I had two cups of coffee to at least get some caffeine in my system. But I'll be steadfastly ignoring my headache in favor of attending Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland this afternoon and evening. Should be an appropriate distraction, I think.

Happy Halloween!

October 25, 2010

Happenings from October

The Windy City
Steve and I went to Chicago to visit my family and to get some wedding stuff done. We went to the reception hall twice, survived a Bridal Expo, met with three photographers, two florists, and a DJ. We had our first of three sessions with my parents' pastor. We also got to spend a day in downtown Chicago with the Fam, saw my sister's new apartment, walked along the lakefront, and visited Lincoln Park Zoo. We took family photos and engagement pictures, which I can't wait to see. We got to see most of my favorite Illinois people between an engagement party for Meghan and Mark and a dinner party at my house. And we spent as much time as possible with my grandparents. It was a good trip.

Here, have some pictures:

N'awww.. Zoo! Trio in the trees Another trio in the trees... We really liked those trees! In our own world Elenid, Meg, Em, and Me

Inexplicable Injury
I somehow hurt my hip. Like, bad. Tears bad. I have no explanation or earthly idea of what could have caused this injury, as I simply woke up Saturday morning with a dull ache which turned into shooting pain over the course of the day, and hasn't gone away. I suddenly feel much older than my not-quite-thirty years. Oy.

Artistic Gourding
Last night was a pumpkin carving party at Ryan and Jessie's. So much fun! We watched Beetlejuice and Gen, Steve, and I ended up carving on a theme. Can you tell what it is?

Monsters, Inc Pumpkins!

October 06, 2010

Rain drops are falling on my head...

It's raining. Real rain, not the spitty, misty rain we were getting a few days ago. This is honest-to-goodness rain that pounds on the skylight and runs from the gutters and gathers into puddles in low spots in the sidewalk. It flows in little neighborhood rivers against curbs.

And it freaks Chloe the heck out.

It's been months since it last rained, and she and I both forgot what it's like to take her out when water is falling from the sky. She blinks and blinks, stops every third sidewalk square to do a full-body shake, from her ears down to the tip of her tail. And then, when she's just had enough, already, she runs straight home. Does not pass go, does not collect $200.

It was an interesting walk this morning. I hope it's stopped by tonight! Two soggy walks in a row might be too much right now. She needs to ease in to rainy season a bit.