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May 13, 2009

A new BFF?

Today, Chloe made a friend! Of the canine variety! She was finally able to properly meet Emma, the boxer next door. At first, Chloe was a little timid and she really didn't know what to make of Emma's energetic lunging and pouncing. It wasn't long before she tried it out for herself, and pretty soon they were tearing around the yard, tugging their respective people around by the leash, and the tails were wagging wildly. It was pretty fantastic!

I'm pretty sure now that Chloe's well on her way to becoming a normal dog. LOOK OUT, WORLD!

May 12, 2009

The one with the waggily tail

Aside from not doing well when left unsupervised out of her crate for any length of time (I'll spare the details), Chloe's improving in leaps and bounds. Today we took our first walk *outside* the complex. There was a point not too long ago that we couldn't get her around the corner 50 feet from our door. Over the weekend, she was frolicking in the little field closest to our condo! Prancing and running and rolling and it was ADORABLE. *g*

My mom emailed me specifically to ask for Chloe pictures, so here, have a few:


Passed out on the couch, she cracked her eyes open for the camera. Sleepy Chloe.


Taken today after our walk. Happy Chloe! (Um, next up, Grumpy, Dopey, and Sneezy. Maybe.)