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April 21, 2009

More Chloe-Pup

Today was my day off work, but we were a little short-staffed, so I went in for half a day. I left at 1:00, came home and had lunch, and then went back -- with the dog. I think she needs to meet people and experience new places.

She did really well! She didn't know how to get into the back of my car, but once she was there, I think she enjoyed the ride. She actually seemed excited to be out in the parking lot at the office, and she *almost* came off as not scared at all inside with my coworkers. (I'm going to ignore the fact that she started to poop on the floor--woops!)

The tail has been wagging so much lately. I think she's becoming a normal dog. I'm so proud of her! :D

A few more pictures below, because I couldn't resist that FACE. :)

April 12, 2009

Hoppy Easter!

Today has been all about Chloe, even if she's oblivious to it. After hauling her out of her crate--she does NOT want to come out, but once she's out, she's fine--I spent the entire day parked on the couch while she dozed on her blanket on the floor in front of me. I tried to get her up and out of the house for a little bit, so we went out onto the front lawn, but a scary woman with her scary pigtailed toddler walked by aaaaaaall the way at the far end of the sidewalk, and that was the end of that. Back into the house we went.

We did work on "come" and some mat training, and just being comfortable outside, so it was a relatively productive day.

Monet has ventured down to the bottom of the stairs where the baby gate is a few times. Once, she came all the way into the living room, but as soon as she remembered there was a puppy there, she turned right around and fled back upstairs. I think she'll come around soonish.

For Mom, because the ears are from her:

Chloe Bunny

April 11, 2009

And puppy makes five

So, we have a dog!

The trainer brought Chloe over at about 5:30, and we did some mat training and some exploring of the kitchen, living room, and yard just outside the front door. She did extremely well, much better than I expected her to!

We've pretty much just been hanging out. We had our first accident, which I didn't notice until I slipped in it. Ew. Let's hope that was the end of that. Ha. Monet was getting curious, lurking on the stairs, so I brought her down and introduced them. Even that went pretty well! Chloe's now sleeping in her crate*, and she's SO CUTE OMG!

Excuse me while I be a proud mommy. *g*

Chloe 12


Chloe 2

Chloe 7

Chloe 8

Chloe 9

Chloe 10

Chloe 11

Chloe 6

Chloe 5

Chloe 13 (+ Monet)

*I have to say, I never imagined I'd have a crate for my dog. It always seemed like doggie jail! I guess with a shy-to-the-extreme pup, it's her Safe Place. She obviously likes being in it, so we'll see how that goes.

I thought those were extinct!

I had a major geek moment at work this week. A work geek moment, which I never, ever thought would happen. But! A customer came in to deposit some cash she'd found in her house after her husband passed away, and she had a $500 bill. That she was just going to deposit! LIKE THAT!! I had never seen a $500 bill. I knew they'd once existed, sure, but I kind of figured they were extinct like the dinosaurs. (I had lunch at Subway, and they have a sign posted saying they won't even take bills over $20 anymore!)

Anyway, this was a 1928 $500 bill in pretty good condition with verbiage on it saying it's redeemable for gold. I googled it and found three 1928 $500 bills for sale on ebay; one was going for $3,750 and the other two were a set, going for $39,500. I MEAN. !!!! She was going to deposit it. For $500. That piece of paper is worth anywhere for a couple thousand to a couple dozen thousand dollars! Holy cow. (She ended up keeping it, by the way.)

It was totally the most exciting thing to happen at work since probably the day we accidentally tripped the alarms and the smokin' hot practically-SWAT team showed up.




Since I'm catching up on the last several weeks, March 29th was the Los Angeles Supernatural Convention. Last year, I went to the whole weekend and it ended up being kind of stressy. This year, I decided to only go to Sunday's panels to hear Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, both of them together, and Misha Collins speak. It was a lot of fun, totally stress-free, and I'm glad I did it this way. It was part of my Taking Advantage of Living in LA thing.

(Click for the whole set of pictures)

Mom & Dad

I totally meant to post about this earlier, but somehow the days have just squeaked by me without my noticing! Back in March (the weekend of the 20th), Mom and Dad came to visit. We did around-the-house things like fixing my ceiling fan and raising my shower head so it doesn't hit me in the neck and putting up vertical blinds in my bedroom. These are all things that were on The List, and it's sure nice to have them done! The few List items that are left are actually fairly far off in the future, like replacing the bathroom floors or the kitchen cabinets. We do need to repaint the front door... that could be done soonish. Hmm.

Anyway! Mom and Dad and I went down to Redondo Beach to have dinner with my cousin Phil (at El Torito on the pier overlooking the Pacific Ocean at sunset), and to the Reagan Library (the Magna Carta is there until June, and 1980's Air Force One is always there, and the gardens and VIEWS are always gorgeous), and to the Getty Villa in Malibu (more breathtaking views and beautiful gardens, and I'd never been before). It was a short trip, but really nice.

Here's Mom and Dad at the Reagan Library:

Enjoying the day (and the view)