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November 07, 2006

Get Out and Vote!

So, just after 7:00 this morning I was at my polling place--somebody's two-car garage. At 7:45, I was on my way to work. No, there was no line. What took 45 minutes to vote, you ask? I wondered, too.

Yesterday, I called the county registrar's office. After a little trouble finding my name in their database, I was assured that yes, I'm registered, and no, it won't be a problem to vote at my "new" apartment's polling location. Fast-forward to today. I'm not on the roster. I waited (and waited, and waited) while she ran around talking to herself and the other poll workers, trying to decide what to do. Then she called her supervisor, but her cell phone disconnected her call. Finally, she decided I should just vote with a provisional ballot and call it a day. At that point, I was going to be late for work so I agreed. I guess I can call some number in 40 days and see if my vote was counted. *sigh*

I don't think any of the races in my precinct are going to be close, so my vote may not be counted. I don't know how that works. Whatever. I have to say, this is why a lot of people don't bother, y'know? It doesn't seem to be a smooth process. Lucky for them, I'm not easily discouraged. *g* And I suppose I don't blame the poll worker. She wasn't comfortable letting me vote without being on her roster, and she was just doing her job. I do wish the switching of the voter registration with the DMV had worked the way it was supposed to!

In conclusion: VOTE. I almost wish I'd be home tonight so I could watch the results trickle in! I'm such a dork.

November 05, 2006

Movie Stars at the Movies

So, wow. It's been a while. This is a record for me, I think. One of these days I will go back and catch up on the last two-plus months. Today, I report my most recent celeb sighting. Last time I went to the movies, it was Demi and Ashton. This time? Lex Luthor himself.

Caitlin, Sean and I went to see Borat. We got there a little early, and there were all kinds of people in line, many of them sitting on the floor. I didn't pay them much attention. When the line started to move, the sitting group got up, and one of them left his drink behind. We ended up almost standing on said soda, not noticing it at all until one of the guys ran back to us, apologized for leaving his drink, picked it up, and returned to his place in line.

The guy? Michael Rosenbaum. He's actually pretty good looking for a bald guy. Hee. ! I wouldn't have recognized him if not for one particular Smallville-obsessed friend, so I have her to thank. We ended up sitting in the row behind his group, so I can report that he seems very friendly and a little touchy-feely (not in a bad way).

So that makes it two for two in my recent celebrity-sightings-at-the-movies streak. I wonder who it'll be next time?