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August 27, 2006


Last night, Gen and I went to see Little Miss Sunshine (very good!). When we got to the theatre, we went to the automated ticket machines. There was a cluster of youngish teenagers croweded around the only working terminal and they were taking forever. Gen and I were getting quietly annoyed.

One of the girls stepped back for a moment and I realized she was older than a teenager. It was Demi Moore! And the tall kid with the knit cap and shaggy hair standing next to her? Ashton Kutcher. Ha! As they walked away, I whispered to Gen, That was just Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, 95% sure. She hadn't seen them, but upstairs in the concessions line we were able to confirm. (For the record, Demi is tiny (aren't they all?) and immediately recognizable, whereas Ashton alone probably would have made me think that guy looks a little like Ashton Kutcher! Together, though, they were unmistakable.) I never see celebrities! At least not ones I recognize.

Also, the automated ticket machine was ten kinds of messed up. I forgive them for taking forever and take back my annoyance, because it kept wanting to sell me three tickets, no matter what I did. I had to cancel twice, and the guy behind me had to help. So I apologize, Ashton and Demi, for being impatient.

So, that was exciting.

In other news, the company Bowl-a-thon to benefit Junior Achievement was yesterday. It was actually a good lot of fun. My office shared a two-lane area with my old office, which made me happy. And aside from my one employee who is out on leave and another who had a pre-arranged trip to Vegas, my entire group came. It was possibly the best turn-out of all the branches there, which was cool. Yay, team! And I bowled a 135 on my second game (let's not mention the 89 from the first, 'kay?), which is darn good for me and entirely based on luck, but hey, I'll take it. *g*

Today, laundry, grocery shopping, and cleaning. Most exciting Sunday ever. Y'all are jealous, I know.

August 21, 2006

Obligatory August Post

So today was my first real Day Off since starting this job back in May. (I did take a Saturday and a Monday off when my mom was here in the beginning of July, but that was pre-arranged before I accepted the position, and I was out of town that weekend.) I just looked at a calendar--I worked six days in Sylmar the weeks of May 2nd and May 15th, then started in Simi Valley May 23rd. From that day on, it's been six-day weeks nonstop.

It was WONDERFUL to "sleep in" today (until 7:30--ha!) and then laze around the house watching the Today Show and putzing around online until 11. I went to my old office for lunch, which was fun. Then off to the mall for a haircut (disaster! But that's a story for another day) and browsing. I tried on a whole bunch of clothes but bought nothing. I didn't find anything I liked well enough to justify the money, so that was good. Hee. Then dinner with a friend, and home.

I'm about to curl up with my book and call it a night. Lovely Monday.