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March 20, 2006

The Pull of Disney

The world seems to be conspiring against me. Lately I've been reminiscing about Disney, and I'm not sure what brought it on. First I started to see a resurgence of those Chase credit card commercials with the Five for Fighting song, and the part where the parents are tucking the little girl in while the Disney Visa is shown... *sigh* Next, my boss started talking about talking her daughter to Walt Disney World. She was asking me about things to see and places to stay, and you know how much I love that stuff.

Those things in turn had me going through my scrapbooks, which really brought on the nostalgia. I had to take things a step further, then, and read through the journal I kept through my last program. Great times, those. Probably the best in my life. From there, I went onto MySpace to see if I could find any old friends, and started browsing WDW websites. SOMEBODY STOP ME!

And the final straw? Yesterday, my ipod, set to shuffle, brought up an I-4 song, followed by a Fifth Year Crush song, followed by another I-4 song and then an Nsync song. All in a row. That was like, Summer 2002 Music in a nutshell.

And just, is the world trying to tell me something?

March 12, 2006

The rain turned to blue skies and it's suddenly a gorgeous Sunday

I've been having a What Not to Wear marathon thanks to the three DVDs full of episodes my dad taped and sent to me. How adorable is he? His note said: Enclosed is a lifetime* worth of What Not to Wear. *At least my lifetime. Love my dad! And also, this is making me desperately want to go shopping. I need new clothes! I also need to wait until I've paid off my credit card from the computer. Ha.

On a completely different note, my mom sent me to this website, Misunderstood Minds. Shelley, I thought of you with your students. It is so interesting! There are activities in attention, math, reading, and writing that simulate what a child with a disability might experience. Frustrating and enlightening and very cool. Check it out.

This morning one of the kittens wiggled her way into a dresser drawer that couldn't have been open more than three inches, and then managed to get behind the drawer into the closed one below, and got herself stuck. I didn't even realize what had happened until Monet started poking her head into the open drawer, and then going around the back of the dresser and pawing at it. We finally did manage to get Cymbeline out. Silly thing.

I just bought Walk the Line at Borders. It's very good so far. I also bought The Secret History of the Pink Carnation by Lauren Willig, on recommendation by a friend. I have to stop already with this book addiction! I'm buying them faster than I'm reading them! But just seeing those shiney new books ready to be read is all happy and exciting. Finished The Da Vinci Code, which was wonderful, and I'm going to start... something tonight.

March 04, 2006

Computer Love

Greetings from the new laptop! It's lovely. It arrived Thursday, six days after I ordered it, but a good year after I picked it out and started saving for it. A Dell Inspiron 6000, as decked out as I could afford. And the best part? I'm updating from bed. Hee! So cool.

I right now have a kitten asleep across my lap, half of my laptop, and one of my arms, making typing very difficult. I'll try to finish this later.