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February 21, 2006

What Happens in Vegas...

Las Vegas was a success. I feel like we were there for four days, but it was really less than a day and a half. Traffic was somewhat horrendous on Friday and it took us over six hours (for reference: four hours home, exactly). We arrived after 3:00 in the morning and pretty much crashed.

We had our free breakfast Saturday, gambled a little on the penny slots at the Monte Carlo, and went over to New York, New York to explore. A few more dollars into the penny slots there and we headed to Mandalay Bay for the Shark Reef. So cool! The entire exhibit, which took more than an hour to go through, was full of predators. From alligators to piranhas to giant green turtles to a dozen varieties of sharks, it was very neat. There was even a petting pool where we got to pet baby sharks, sting rays, and horseshoe crabs!

Back at NY, NY we spent a few hours in the dueling piano bar, which was a blast and took me back to the many evenings spent at Jellyrolls in Florida. After that, Meghan went up for a nap and the other three of us went down to the casino. I had promised to play one round of Roulette. My favorite number is the same as Elenid's, so we put our money together and bet on it. No dice. Sad.

Then. Then the most bizarre thing happened. This random guy came up to us, said we looked sad, and asked for a number. Elenid gave him our number. And... he WON! 37-1 odds! And he gave Elenid half his winnings! Which she shared with me, because it was our number. CRAZY! We had coupons for a free dinner at the Luxor, so we took the guy and his creepy friend. Turns out they're from Woodland Hills and Hollywood respectively. If it hadn't been for the creepy friend, the original guy seemed alright. Don't bring creepy friends along, kids. Even the fact he was originally from Chicago didn't redeem him. Anyway.

After dinner, it was rush, rush, rush to get over to the Wynn for Avenue Q at 10:00, which was wonderful and fabulous and so much fun. It has the potential to be offensive if you don't go into it with a sense of humor, but oh goodness, love. I mean, what's not to love with songs like "Everyone's a Little Bit Racist" and "The Internet is for Porn" and "If You Were Gay"? And with muppets having sex. Muppets! Sixty-nine-ing! Muppets have no lower torso! Like I said, you have to have a sense of humor. Overall, incredibly entertaining. *g*

We were supposed to go to a club afterwards, but by the time we got back it was one o'clock and freezing outside, so we just went back down to the casino to play the penny slots some more. I won $33! That's a whole lot of credits in pennies. *laugh* But not bad for sticking a $5 in and playing for a couple hours. We spent some time in the bar there before collapsing into bed just after 4am.

We were up by 8:00 Sunday morning, did some last-minute shopping at the request of the Chicago set, grabbed brunch at the Luxor, dropped the girls at the airport and were on our way home by 11. There is SO much we didn't get to do, so we're already looking forward to going back. Someday. Good friends, good times.

February 15, 2006

[Insert Witty Subject Line Here]

I'm totally trapped under a purring kitten. I don't have the heart to move her, despite the fact I have about a zillion things to do before work. It's a dilemma of epic proportions.

Late to the party as usual, I finally got a MySpace. I still haven't quite figured it out entirely, but I'm working on it!

Things are happening at work. I can't really say much about it here, but my stomach is in knots this morning. Bah.

But this weekend is Vegas, baby! Gen and I are driving out tomorrow night to meet El and Meg for a weekend of what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. We (Gen and I) have tickets to see Avenue Q on Saturday, too. It should be a good time. A quick little trip, but it'll be so nice to get away, and to see everyone. The weather's supposed to be pretty much on the cool side, which is the only bummer.

Are y'all watchin' the Olympics? I get so into these things!

February 05, 2006

Superbowl #...whatever

Superbowl Sunday excites me about as much as a root canal would. I hate football. Out of some strange kind of patriotic duty, I turned it on (over an hour late... I didn't know when it started) because I figure there are at least good commercials. Problem is, I'm so used to tuning out advertisements that I forget to pay attention during commercial breaks until they're almost over. So I'm basically sitting here, reading my book and occasionally glancing up at the TV when it dawns on me that there are commercials on. But anyway, Go Bears! (Yeah, I know.)

Bring on March Madness. That's my one month a year of being a sports fan, sort of.

In other news, I've had a perfectly lazy weekend. Yesterday, all I did was read. I finished Honeymoon (hate, hate, hate his writing style, but he does weave an intriguing storyline), read all of A Mango-Shaped Space (very good!), and started in on A Girl Named Zippy (I'll weigh in once I finish). Today, all I've done is watch the rest of "Scrubs" Season Two, including all the bonus material. And episodes with commentary. You're all totally jealous of my fascinating and sophisticated lifestyle.