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May 31, 2005

San Francisco, baby!

Our "Family" trip to San Francisco was a success.

They picked me up from work on Friday and we headed onwards and upwards, arriving sometime after 1 am. Our room was shite--one queen bed and one pull-out. Bah. But we only had to endure it for that one night.

On Saturday morning, we switched rooms and then took the shuttle to the airport to pick up the Bart train. We hadn't a clue where we were going or what we were doing, so we got off the train where a bunch of people got off. Seemed like a good enough idea. After a brief stop at Starbucks and an inquiry at the Ramada there, we formulated a plan: lunch in the shopping district, then a few blocks down to the Natural History Museum (which turned out to be an under-construction aquarium, but was enjoyable just the same).

Afterwards, we hopped on a cable car and went down to the Bay, where we hit Ghirardelli Square (for a sample of chocolate... yum!), sat on the beach for a while, and then decided to wander down the piers. We ended up at a second aquarium, although this one had an "Under the Bay" portion where you could walk through these tunnels and be completely surrounded by fishies! It was very cool. And then, at the end, there was a "Touch the Bay" exhibit where you could pet the fishies rays and starfish! Which we happily did. *g*

At that point, being aquariumed out, we got back on the bus and headed up to Japantown for some sushi. We split up at that point, as Caitlin and Sean wanted to try a seafood buffet, and Ryan and I, not fish eaters in the least, opted for a vegetarian-friendly Japanese restaurant. And then off to the movies it was--Caitlin and Sean saw Star Wars Episode III and Ryan and I (wanting to see Epsiode II before Episode III) saw Madascar. [Cute and mildly amusing, but "eh"... possibly due to exhaustion more than anything.] And then it was H-O-M-E to the hotel to crash.

On Sunday, we got up and hit I.H.O.P. before heading to the airport/Bart station. There was a carnivale thingy for some unknown celebration which we tried to attend, but we appeared to have been too late. Still huge crowds, but no entertainment to be seen. Or so we could gather. So we got back on the Bart and went to SFMOMA, where it was decided that size is greatly a factor in something being considered "art". I mean, really. A huge, white, three-panel thing that takes up most of the wall? Art, apparently. Although it was plain, flat, white. It was, in essence, a wall. On top of the wall. But it was big, and, therefore, art. There was some interesting stuff, some ridiculous stuff, some enjoyable stuff, and some nauseating stuff (film art, in all its epilepsy-inducing flashiness, was decidedly not my thing).

After the museum, we wandered past some Opera in the Park, so we popped a squat, basked in the sun, and listened to some music. Enjoyable.

Then it was to Chinatown for us. No really good buys, but we had some tasty Chinese food at House of Nanking, and then hit up City Lights Book Store. I bought a book of short stories, to be added to the mile-high stack of "to be read" books I have going here. Heh.

After shopping, we hopped back on the bus and made our way to Haight & Ashbury. Being Sunday evening, all the shops were closed, but we stopped for some coffee and conversation. Then we had to go to Amoeba Music, which is quite similar to the LA version, truth be told. There were some good deals to be had, and we made it back onto the bus before our transfer expired. Whew! Back to the hotel.

Monday morning was basically packing-and-leaving. We drove back with minimal interference by traffic. Whoo!

The weather was gorgeous all weekend. Possibly a bit cool and windy, but not uncomfortably so. We packed a lot into those two days. And there was some sort of twin epidemic--I saw SEVEN sets of twins in two days! Seven! That's fourteen little twins! Crazy.

I was off today, so I caught up on laundry and cleaning, hopped down to Hollywood to pick up "Wicked" tickets (yay!), and now I'm contemplating dinner. As my stomach talks to me. Shhhhh....

May 24, 2005

Three Decades Together

I want to tell the story of a boy and a girl, working summer jobs at a plastic factory. The boy--shy, possibly a little geeky--was studying to become an engineer. The girl, to be a teacher.

There was something about the boy that caught the girl's interest. She would take bathroom breaks when she knew the boy was on lunch, and sneak through the bathroom into the break room to talk to him. It took most of the summer, but she finally managed to get him to ask her out. Much to her parents' horror, the boy picked her up for their first date on the back of his motorcycle.

The boy and the girl both went back to their respective colleges that fall, but continued to see each other. The boy graduated, the girl went to Springfield to do her student teaching, and their romance could have ended there, but it didn't.

On May 24, 1975, the boy and the girl married. I may have gotten that story less than accurate, as it's been retold many times over the three decades of their marriage, but today, that boy and girl celebrate their thirtieth wedding anniversary.

In an age where it seems that more often than not marriages end in divorce, where many of my friends grew up with separated parents, I'm proud of Mom and Dad for making it this far. I'm sure it wasn't easy, but they've had thirty years of a solid, strong and loving marriage that I know will continue for the rest of their lives. I hope to have what they have.

Happy 30th Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

May 21, 2005

Sushi Sushi

I just tore up some sushi, and I think I'm about to burst.

There's this all-you-can-eat sushi place we go to, and it is fab-u-lous. Mmmm. I had ordered three rolls to start, and only two came. By the time everyone else had gotten ALL the food they'd ordered, and finished it, I still hadn't gotten my third roll. I told the waitress that if it hadn't been started, I didn't want it, that I'd have a different roll instead.

Well. The original third roll and the now-fourth roll both came on the same plate. I only had room for one of them. And the thing about all-you-can-eat sushi is that it's all you can eat, but if you can't eat it, you pay extra. So I had to eat both. Oh. My. GOD. I about didn't manage it. I had to creatively break apart the last few pieces and spread them around the plate to look as if they'd been eaten. My tummy is a-bursting!

But I got $39 worth of sushi for the low-low price of $23. I suppose I'm satisfied with that.

I can't stop thinking about CSI from Thursday. Did any of y'all see it? Man, it was Intense! With a capital I!

Here, have a puzzle. I spent a few minutes tearing my hair out, but the satisfaction of mastering it is sweet.

I thought I had something possibly worthwhile to say, but I guess I was wrong. Gym tomorrow morning at 8. This will hopefully help some with the sushi consumption of tonight.

May 16, 2005

Monday Morning

I usually time my mornings to the minute. Example:

5:00 Wake up, pull on work-out clothes, grab water bottle, ipod & banana
5:15 Leave the house
5:25 Arrive at the gym
6:15-6:20 Leave gym
6:30 Arrive back home, get in shower.
6:45 Dry hair, catch up on blogs whilst drying hair (multitasking!)
7:15 Curl hair if necessary, put on make-up
7:35 Pick out outfit, get dressed
7:45 Grab breakfast, make lunch
8:00 Leave for work

As you can see, I'm fifteen minutes ahead of schedule this morning. AND I stopped and got gas on the way home from the gym! Wow!

Saw Crash yesterday with Caitlin and Sean. SUCH a good movie! You should all go see it. I hadn't known what it was about, and it was pretty different from what little expectations I had. There were a few parts that were a tiny bit predictable, but as a whole, really, really good. And deliberate. With a good cast and excellent performances (even from Ludacris!) Yes. Go, now.

Part of the enjoyment was that the whole thing takes place in the Valley. The streets are my streets, the neighborhoods the ones surrounding me. Even the bus route is the one Sean takes to work. I mean, they could have used any random bus and any random numbers to make up the route, but they didn't. They used an LA City bus and an actual route that goes from the Valley over the hill. It was just fun to see on the big screen all the things I see day in and day out. Hee.

There are currently seven of Sean's band friends slumbering like babies in the living room. I can't quite figure out how they all fit, especially as there's only one on the air mattress that takes up a good portion of the floor space. Hmm. It is to ponder.

Well, that burned a good seven minutes. Have a good day, y'alls!

May 14, 2005

A bit o' Saturday Blather

I don't know what it is with me and spending money lately. I just can't seem to stop doing it! Like today, I bought a sport pack for my iPod (protective jacket that has both a belt clip and an arm band that can be attached... and will be perfect for taking to the gym), The Wicked soundtrack (I've been reading the book and will most likely be seeing the play in July) and a small little radio/CD player to take to work (my hope is that I can make it jive with my iTrip and listen to songs from my ipod at work). I can't wait to go to the gym and try out this little ipod arm band thingy!

But really, while all of that is nice and useful and worth the money, did I need any of it? Probably not. This is where I need a little work.

It was HOT today. I would venture to guess it hit 90 degrees. I love summer.

My little piggy bank is getting full! I keep throwing coins (and some odd dollar bills) in there. I don't know what I'm saving for, but it's kind of fun. Is this not in complete contrast to the above paragraph where I complained about spending too much money? Yeah, I don't know either.

Work is good. Really good. Example: the other day, I had to drop some keys off at another office before going in to work. This resulted in my getting there later than everyone else. When I was about ten minutes away, my cell phone rang. It was one of the girls saying she was doing a Starbucks run, and did I want anything? How utterly sweet was that? That would have never happened at my old job. Hell, my boss would purposefully NOT get me lunch when ordering for the entire office. And she had no shame about it when I confronted her. In short, SO GLAD I took this position. So glad.

May 11, 2005

Hump Day

First off, although I've already said it, it warrants saying again: Happy Lead Awareness Day, Shelley!

Okay, they're using that Five for Fighting song that I love, despite its cliche-ness, for a Disney Chase Visa (Mastercard?). Hello, just scream "KATE, YOU MUST GET THIS CREDIT CARD!", why don't you?

"Lost" tonight was really, really good. (Spoilers? Do I need to warn? This is your warning... only the single following paragraph will speak of "Lost." Then it'll be back to the Exciting Life of Me.)
Uncharacteristically of me, I'm kind of wanting another Kate episode. I got interested in her back story tonight. Damn her. And was the Charlie/Claire interaction not the cutest thing ever? Yeah, it usually is, but oh the cuteness! "Track two: The Monster Ate the Pilot." Ahahahaha! And Charlie inviting Claire to go back to LA with him upon their rescue? Yes, please.
Aaaaaaaand.... done.

The New Job, so far, is leaps and bounds better than the Old Job. Even though it's nearly twice as far, distance-wise, it's possible it takes less time to get there. Miraculously, there are a few freeways in LA on which there exists a reverse commute, and I take one of them to work.

People are nice, job is varied and interesting, boss is not the antichrist. There's a lot (a lot) to learn, but so far it's not overwhelming.

I had the day off today, and it was the most glorious day, weather-wise. The sky was clear and blue, there was a slight breeze, the sun was warm, and it was probably in the mid-70's. Perfect. I got up and went to the gym (and then got a caramel frapuccino from Starbucks to completely negate any burned calories), and then went shopping with Caitlin. Everything I bought (except the pair of jeans, which I badly needed as my others tore from overuse) was on sale, and everything was much-needed.

All in all, just about the best kind of day off. Hee!

May 01, 2005

Update-y Stuff

How many of my entry titles in the past year have included the word "update"? That's a sad thing. It means I spend a lot of time on the fact I don't updage as much as I should. Anyway.

I start my new job a week from tomorrow. I don't know that I've mentioned it on here before, so I will now. It's with the same company, just a different branch. But I'm getting away from sales, and will be a supervisor on the operations side of things. It will be a challenge, but I'm very excited.

Speaking of jobs, Congratulations to Emily on your promotion, and Aarti on your new job! 'Twas a week of job-related goodness, apparently. *g*

Lots of things have been happening in my life. Just before finding out about the job (which I had interviewed for in early February and, by this point, had assumed I hadn't gotten it), I was doing some heavy research into grad schools. I was even thinking of starting an online MBA this summer or fall. I was excited to be back in school. But then the job came along, and I decided to take a step back and slow down a bit, go for the grad school thing next year instead.

So there's that.

And then this week was insanely busy! Went for dinner with coworkers on Tuesday, for what may be the last time as my new office is fairly far in the opposite direction of where they work. Wednesday, J came over and cooked a huge three-course meal (fresh tomato-basil soup, homemade chicken parmesan, garlic bread and garlic pesto bread dripping with butter, and strawberry shortcake with homemade brandy whipped cream. Yummmm!) for us. Thursday was the Awkward and Awful Date that Shall Be Forgotten, and Friday was Matthew Bourne's A Play Without Words (read phrases like so fraught with mounting sexual tension followed by orgiastic resolution and One leaves the theater sated, utterly spent.

Then last night, the roomies and I went down to Venice where C has been house sitting. We had a cook out, and some friends came up/down/over, and we just sat and chatted and ate and had a good time. Sean, Ryan, Caitlin, Sarah and I stayed over and came home this morning. It was so nice and peaceful down on the canals with the ducks and the super-friendly little kitty cat that would rub against your legs and talk and purr and lay down to be pet. I miss my kitty!

All in all a very good weekend.