December 03, 2006

I have moved

Um, hi, everyone.

I think it's pretty clear that I don't post much here anymore. Or, you know, at all. It's been a great four years, but I think the time has come to officially close up shop. Everything will stay here, because it's a record of my life, but it's not likely to be updated again.

I also reserve the right to change my mind and come back here. *g* I love Blue Roses and my domain, so who can tell. But for now, good bye.

As always: if you think you know me in real life, please move on. This was me in college and if you want to know what I was like? I will tell you. With far fewer exclamation points and obnoxious emoticons. Thanks.

May 01, 2006

The countdown beings.

It's May! How on earth is it May already? My year is speeding by.

I set out to do something cool in each month this year. I think I skipped February. In March, I got accepted into grad school. In April...I think I skipped April. In May, I shall attend MWC with Melissa. It'll be an adventure. *g*

Only 5 more weeks of Noneck. I will miss her so badly. Then a summer "off" with only 3-4 jobs, and grad school in the fall. Ack! I need to slow down, enjoy myself, do more things. Preferably without spending any more money.

11 days until Lead Awareness Day!!

March 30, 2006


I updated my fic page! Go me! I am so bad at updating. LOL I added in a new section: Miscellaneous Fic. Currently home to SGA, CSI and BabySitters Club. I'm quite pleased with the way the graphic turned out on the main page - half of it was added in by me. LOL

Next up on that site, I want my original stuff to have it's own site/design and to try and put up a drabble page on it and the Zoo.

March 24, 2006

Oh. My. Word.

I've been horrid about updating this year. It's mainly been quiet. I spent a few months applying to grad schools for library science, working 5 jobs, etc etc.

Today I came home to a thin envelope from UWisconsin. I figured, thin, clearly another rejection, year four, who's surprised?

Me. Because it wasn't a rejection. It was an acceptance. I am in graduate school! It said congratulations! I am over the moon.

It bears repeating. I AM IN GRAD SCHOOL! I am a graduate student. I am working towards my masters in library science. Who would have thunk it? I'm extraordinarily pleased and excited. I imagine I will continue feeling like this until I get the first tuition bill.....LOL

Meanwhile, I celebrate. :)

January 10, 2006


Ostrich! The restaurant had ostrich!!

Years ago, when Melissa and I began our tradition of having one dinner a year at this ultra expensive restaurant, she had ostrich. (And I had the nachos appetizer because I was horrified at all the prices.) She made me take a bite of ostrich (I mean, really. *Ostrich*??) and despite myself, I adored it. And regretted not ordering it. So we went back the next year...and there was no ostrich. I lusted after ostrich while I enjoyed venison the next several years. And then came tonight.

Ostrich was back! Ostrich was back! And hot damn, was it good.

(SO was my marnier margarita that is making spelling a challenge. I say I want to drink more and stuff and then I go out and realize that it takes, like, 3 sips to get me dizzy spinny. But for the first time ever, I finished a drink here. Actually, most times when I go out I don't finish my drink. But I did tonight and it was good.)

Theme of the night was chocolate. Crabmeat tamale with mole, ostrich with mole and a mexican brownie. I'm so stuffed up that I'm gonna go watch the new GIlmore and take Benedryl and sleep. But they had ostrich! I'm so excited.

I told her my picture for that challenge and she came up with a murder suicide. Gotta love her. And then I showed her the 350 words I had - full of death and abandonment. Because of that's of course what you think of when you see empty deck chairs in a lush green summer lawn. If you're us.

I also spent my Gap gift card + $50 tonight, since it was down the block. A cute new bra, a white lacy sleeveless tank and a cute white/grey rugby hoodie. I love it all muchly. I love the Gap. And I love ostrich.

December 31, 2005

What are you doing New Years Eve?

I am watching SGA with Jennie. Wheee! And while we do this, I shall go over my year in posts. Just to see what all I did. LOL

*I went on vacation! Nashville, Panama City Beach, Disney World, Hilton Head, Atlanta, Memphis. Best vacation EVER.
*I started Brownies with C.
*Wrote an nsync story.

*Moved back into my room after 7 months
*Applied for library job (did not get it)

*Talked to Lady K when her mountain erupted
*Played Sims
*Went to Houston to see Jennie

I*I got my beloved Winnie!!
*Did a Sibshop
*TiVo #1 died a sad death

*Media*West con with Biz. Eeee! I can't wait to go again.
*Got re-hooked on CSI
*Celebrated my 24th Lead Awareness Day
*TiVo #4 moved in

*Got hired to keep working with Noneck
*It was hot.

*Played Sims - Lily and James and the conception of the twins. Heeee!
*Challenge for the Children. Yay Challenge! Aaron Carter and David Gallagher. LOL
*HPB. Yay Harry Potter!
*Dad got sick.

*Saw the Wiggles in concert. Ooooooooh.
*Saw Backstreet Boys in concert. Ahhhhhhh. LOL

I*I got hired as a librarian!
*My computer sparked a great big light and died.
*Lady K upgraded MT for us.
*Garage sale.
*Bought Trixie the Nintendog

*Hurt my knee walking
*Wrote 2 HP stories. Go me!

*Saw HP at midnight!
*Saw RENT and Anthony Rapp!
*Got sick at work
*Started my first novel

*Made Christmas cards
*Baked cookies with C
*Watched a lot of SGA
*Visited with Jennie :)

....well, according to my blog, my life was very very boring and uneventful this year. With a few exceptions, sure - Challenge, HP and RENT movies, getting a job in my chosen profession that I love. But still. Fairly boring.

My resolution: I resolve to do at least one new thing next year to make my yearly round up look really cool and interesting.

December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, and Happy Hanukah! We had a very quiet day and dad had to wake me and Josh up at 9 because they were getting impatient. *giggle* We opened presents and heated up the coffee cake and breakfast casserole that mom and I made last night, and played with toys. Heeee!

Joshy loves his new Cube games, especially NBA Courtside, which he asked for all last night. It was cute. Dad is way into his new DVDs. Mom hasn't taken off her necklace yet. And ooh, I got such cute things!! I love my new pink messenger bag. Finally, a purse where I don't have to choose what book to bring based on the tiny space available! I also got a gorgeous Irish sweater, fleece jacket, Mickey tshirt, Thomas Kinkade paint by numbers set and a bio of Abraham Lincoln. And PSPx for Winnie! I'm way excited. I also got scented pens and a bracelet in my stocking. So pretty.

So, quiet day. I stayed up by the tree on Winnie, while everyone else scattered. I read Yuletide fics and sesa fics and played with PSP. All in all, a quiet, relaxing, fun day. A good Christmas.

Now to find some leftover Chinese to nibble on, with mom's homemade ginger ale. Happy Holidays, everyone!!

December 18, 2005

Christmas time is here

Our big tree is up! It looks so pretty. The last three ornaments we put on were from Disney World last January. God, I loved that vacation so much. I loved Disney so much. It was wonderful.

I can't believe it's only a week until Christmas. That's just crazy. I have one more gift to buy, and it's actually C's birthday present. Not bad. Well, and stocking stuffers for mom and dad. I'll get those in town on Monday or Tuesday.

Sesa continues. I'm over 2000 words now, double the limit, but it just wont' END. I really like it, though, and hope my person does to. I think it's turning out well, I just want it finished. I have until Tuesday ay 2am, though. LOL

GREs and transcripts are on their ways to my 4 graduate schools, and I refuse to worry about any other part of applying until January.

I wanna Sim and not write. ::whimper::

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