Miscellaneous Fandoms

Anne of Green Gables
Talk of the Town
After graduating from Redmond, Anne Shirley is the talk of Avonlea. Written for the 2006 Yuletide Treasure challenge. (Anne/Gilbert, G, 11k)

BabySitters Club
Late Night Talk
Dawn and Kristy have a quiet night. (Dawn/Kristy, G, 3k)

Embraceable You
Sally, Patrick and an expanding waistline, oh my! Written for the 2007 Yuletide Treasure challenge. (Sally/Patrick, PG-13, 12k)

Greg puts on a show. (Greg/Nick, PG, 3k)

Doctor Who
Past and Present Tense
A familiar face is what it takes for Rose to accept her new place. Post Doomsday, with spoilers for Torchwood. (Rose/Sarah Jane, PG, 29k)

Little House on the Prairie
Little Settlement on the Moon
The grasshoppers had driven them away from Plum Creek. They could go further West or they could just go further...to the Moon. Written for the 2008 Yuletide Treasure challenge (gen, G, 13k)

Stargate Atlantis
Rodney McKay and the Book of Doom
Rodney firmly believes the entire city has lost their collective minds. Written for the "Picture is Worth 1000 words" challenge, exactly 1000 words. (John/Rodney gen, G, 6k)

Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1
Vala is in the habit of picking up souvenirs, but Elizabeth is something she didn't expect. (Vala/Elizabeth, PG-13, 10k)

Stargate SG-1
Off the Beaten Path
Cam discovers that Vala is a good person to get lost with. (Cam/Vala, PG, 8k)

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