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September 23, 2003

O-Town on TV. Hee!

Aww, I'm watching Newlyweds (first time ever.... heh! It's quite amusing!), and they're at Red Hot & Boom! Last summer, I was there! Brings back memories. <.sigh> I miss Orlando! I miss it a lot.

Tonight, I had my first Principles of Banking class. This means I was at work for twelve hours. I left my house at 6:55 am and walked in the door at 8:58 pm. I'm sleeeeeeeepy. <.yawn> It's going to be a LONG ten weeks.

Hey Carolyn...

According to Joe Fatone, Sr., in an interview with Kid Cruz of Orlando's 106.7fm, Joey will play the lead role of Danny in the musical Grease starting November 20, 2003 and running until November 23, 2003 at the Linda Chapin Theatre in Orlando, Florida. Auditions for other parts were held on September 4th. The cast also includes Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton from The Fresh Prince), and Jeff Conway who stared in the original movie as Kenickie will join Joey and the cast as DJ Vince Fontaine.

Performance Dates are: November 20, 21, and 22, 2003, at 8:00 P.M. and November 23, 2003, at 3:00 P.M. Please Call (407) 224-5478 for ticket info.

September 21, 2003


Since I don't know how to change my page design, and I felt it needed a little Johnny facelift (somewhat inspired by Miggie's awesome new layout could do without the smoke, love the piano), my little picture is all I could work with. Isn't he pretty? ::pets voyeur!Johnny::

And Miggie? I didn't get to Best Buy for the DVD, but I'm going to try my darndest to get there tomorrow. After working out. They're gonna love me, walking in all gross and in sexay shorts and t-shirt. Heh.

Wedding Bells

It's kind of funny writing this, as half of the people who will read it attended the wedding. Oh well. This is for my memories. ;)

It's so strange that Emily is married! This is my friend from sixth grade orchestra, co-violinist and bus-riding buddy. I remember when she told me her mom was pregnant with her little sister, who was a junior bridesmaid. I've known her a long time. Probably one of my oldest friends I still see on a regular basis, which is pretty cool, if you ask me. We survived junior high, high school track team, orchestra, and AP English together, not to mention a handful of school dances and a little class called Drama I that we didn't survive *together*, because I suck. Heh. There have been a lot of good times (and a couple not-so-fun "Kate... I threw up!" experiences), and it's so exciting for her to be a Real Grown-Up now. With her own husband and her own apartment and everything!

Friday was the Big Day. The day my dear friend Emily became Mrs. Frank. Er, well, you know. <.g> Meghan and I met up with a couple other people at the reception hall at 3 to take the trolley to the church. It was good times in the bouncy back of the trolley. Jamie, Meg and I thought we were going to bounce right out of our dresses. Poor Sean and Craig had to put up with us. Hee.

Emily was absolutely beautiful in her dress. It was such a pretty ceremony! Everything was perfect. The pastor read passages Em and Frank had written about each other, which was so sweet. Very cool. It was just a really nice wedding. Afterwards, there was a little fly by, which was quite fun. We took the trolley back to Beau Jolie, where the festivities began!

Let me just say, it was the most *perfect* place for their reception to be. Elegant and beautiful, and RIGHT by the airport. I'd bet a lot that the airport placement is what sold Frank on the place. Hee. We had a good table, Meghan and I, along with Nicole, Kim, Katy, and some friends of Emily's from school and work. The food was delicious, the toasts were good, the slide show was adorable.

After dinner, the dancing began. We had a ball. There was just the best group of people there, and I had SUCH a good time. Em, you throw a great partay! I hope you got to enjoy yourself some...

Anyway. After the reception was over, Meg and I headed back to the hotel. Let me just say, I stayed in that room by myself. Not too cool. But whatever. I can't be too mad because Meg and Anthony are adorable together, and he seems like a really nice guy. So I'm happy for them. Hee! Could have done without forking out money on a hotel room I stayed in alone, but all in all, not a horrible experience. Plus, I got to watch infomercials (Straight to the Maxx, baby!), Lil Bill, and Trading Spaces: Boys vs. Girls while I waited for Meghan to find her way back to our room in the morning. Could have been worse. ;)

Yesterday, I was dead tired (due to having less than five hours of sleep the two previous nights), but I couldn't for the life of me take a nap. No idea why. I finally fell asleep for about 45 minutes, which only resulted in making me more tired. Then, I went to see Underworld with Tammy, Darkeith, and Lydia. I love hanging out with them, but the movie was NOT my thing at all. Heh. It actually had a pretty good plot, but the violence and gore kind of overshadowed any good storytelling there may have been. Plus, the fantasy angle (vampires and such) and the DARK colors (the entire thing was in blue, black and grey, I swear) were not really my thing. But I got to see Tam again before she headed back down to Eastern, which was good. Miss her.

Today, once again, I only got five hours of sleep. I had to get up at the butt-crack of dawn to be in Naperville for the Crohn's and Colitis Walk, for which I was a team leader for Team Regency. It was a good time. My cousin has Crohn's Disease, so I felt like I was walking for a really good reason. It was a gorgeous day, and a nice walk down the Riverwalk, so that was cool. Then Mom and I went for lunch at Jimmy's Grill (yummy!), and then browsed through the art fair that was happening at the Riverwalk as well. Good times. I love going to art fairs!

And THEN (busy weekend!), Dad and I went to see Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Again, not really my kind of movie (lots of violence and gore again), but Johnny Depp was hot, and his character was funny. He was very good in it. That being the reason I wanted to see the movie in the first place, I was not disappointed.

So, here I am. All updated and such. Tomorrow, I have to go to almost-Indiana for a training class and luncheon with the Operations people in our company, which will be fun. I talk to these people on the phone every day, but have not met them. I am looking forward to putting a face to the voice. Yay! Shall be good times.

September 16, 2003

Today is Tuesday

Friday night, I had to go to the college in town to open up accounts. It was a lot of fun! We ended up working laaaaate (even later than our usual 6:00 end time on Fridays), but it was great to get out and do something outside of work. The international students we were opening accounts for were really nice, and I look forward to working with them again. After work, Kelly and I went to Jimmy's for some dinner and a couple drinks. It was good to go out with her. I'm glad I like the people I work with. Next time, maybe more people can come. Yay!

On Saturday, I worked again, and then went to see Matchstick Men with my parents. The jury's still out on whether I liked it. Hmm. Anyone seen it? Want to convince me of whether it was a good movie?

Sunday, I saw Aarti in the morning, got lost in the city trying to find the expressway (or, more specifically, trying to find a westbound entrance; the expressway was right there and there were plenty of eastbound entrances, but I needed to go west!). Sunday night I stayed at Em's place, which was great fun. Like the slumber parties we used to have in high school. Hee. And then getting up in the morning was wonderful, because it was only a 15-minute drive to work! Thanks for having me, Em!

Yesterday was our Call Night. It wasn't nearly as bad as I'd imagined. We got out earlier than expected (about 6:15) and I was able to meet Jamie and Michelle for another look-see at the bridesmaid dresses Jamie's thinking about. Good times. I think she's narrowed it down to two, and I love them both. So, yay.

Today is Tuesday. There used to be a song, Today is Tuesday, today is Tuesday, Tuesday string beans, Monday bread and butter, all you hungry children, we wish the same to you. Went through all the days like that. I don't know why that just popped into my head.

I need to get my eyebrows done. Need to. Do I have time to work out tonight and get my eyebrows done? Yeesh! Hope so.

September 13, 2003

I'm sorry.

I'm really, really sorry. For any misunderstandings, for anything I did or said or didn't do or say that hurt you. I think I'll write it in a big, long letter where emotions don't have to be involved and I can be relatively objective.

And I'm really not attractive when I cry. So I want to thank you for that. ;o)

September 10, 2003

Busy day off

I'm sick. Bah. I pretty much feel like total crap right now. Maybe it's allergy, I don't know. I've been taking allergy medicine, though, and it hasn't helped one little bit. You would think that going from not taking allergy medicine to taking it would make at least a marginal difference, yes? So I don't know. All I know is that my throat hurts and I have an awful tickle in my chest and I keep coughing and coughing. And my nose is stuffy on one side.

Um. Sorry for that. That was pretty much entirely TMI.

I'm reallyreally tired, too. I slept nine hours last night, have been awake for thirteen hours, and I'm just exhausted. This can't be good.

I did see Pirates of the Caribbean again today, though. For the *ahem* third time. Eeep. It's SO GOOD, though! I just can't get over the fact that I think a dirty, drunk, crazy pirate with gold teeth and dreadlocks and eyeliner is so very, very lickable. That's just very unlike me. *shrug* I won't argue, though. I can't wait until this movie comes out on video. I haven't seen a movie that I've wanted to buy in a looooong time. I'm trying to think of the last one. Maybe Chicago, but I haven't bought that yet. Before that, possibly Lilo and Stitch.

*cough, cough* I hate coughing.

I did everything on my list for today, though. This makes me proud. I got up at a decent hour (9 am), went to work out about 10:30, went to the bank to get cash and deposit my paycheck, came home and showered, did a couple loads of laundry, met Megan at the Loews to see Pirates, went to Marshall's to see if they had any cheaper dresses I liked better than the one I bought last week for Emily's wedding, went to DSW Shoe Warehouse to buy shoes to go with the dress I bought last week for Emily's wedding, got my car washed, and went for coffee (er, tea) with Meghan.


No wonder I'm tired. Heh. I'm trying to break in the shoes. They're higher heels than I normally wear, so I wore them around the house a bit tonight. They huuuuuurt. But in a way that means I need to get used to them, not in a way that means they're poorly constructed. I may still look some more on Saturday, just to make sure, but for now, I'm happy with these. They're cute and they make my legs look nice. ;)

September 05, 2003

A New Member of the Family

My mom just got a new car. It was well overdue, as the minivan she drove up until today was purchased before Mr. JT was even on the Mickey Mouse Club (a.k.a., circa 1990). It's an Accura, and it's pearly white, and it has a nifty navigation system.

My parents now own five cars. For someone with the last name of, say, Timberlake, this might not be unusual. But for someone with my last name, it seems... excessive. Ha. Except not, because they are needed. My dad has his company car, my sister has my dad's old company car, my mom has her brand-spanking-new Accura, I have my Malibu (for which the title is technically still in my father's name), and there's the van, which my dad refuses to get rid of in favor of having a vehicle to haul his wood and machinery and whatnot in.

So, yes. We are a Five Car Family.

Nothing much else exciting is going on.

The girls at work and I made plans today to go out after work next Friday. This excites me, because finally, I'm "making friends" at work. Not that I wouldn't have hung out with my coworkers before now, but the opportunity has persented itself and that makes me happy.

I work tomorrow. And then I have to exchange the jeans I bought last week (the seam lost a few stitches and is developing a hole... bah!), and maybe get a dress to wear to Emily's wedding. Except I don't like shopping for clothes all by myself. I need second opinions to tell me when I truly look hideous in something. Ha ha.

And I reallyreally want to see Pirates again. Maybe tomorrow. Anyone up for a trip to the AMC? Hee.

September 03, 2003


Every time I think of Ohio, I think of Big Bird in Japan. Or, possibly, it's Big Bird in China, as that's the movie that comes up on imdb.com, but I SWEAR it was Japan. Regardless. And yes, there is an actual correlation here. I haven't seen this movie since I was probably seven years old, but I distinctly remember everyone Big Bird met bowing and saying "Ohio." Apparently, this means "hello" or something of the sort in Japanese (or Chinese), but Big Bird thinks that everone he meets is from Ohio.


I went to Ohio this weekend, to visit Aarti. Columbus, to be exact. This is officially a Long Ass Drive. Especially to do alone. I left work about 1:45 on Saturday and drove, and drove, and drove. My butt got numb. My back started to hurt. And I got bored with every CD I owned. But I made it there by about 9:00 or so Ohio time.

On Sunday, Aarti and I got up late, watched some "Sex and the City," made chocolate chip pancakes, and then headed out for some shopping. We went to the Easton Mall, where I spent way too much money at the GAP. Oftentimes, the GAP doesn't have a single item I wish to purchase. But when it does carry things I want to own, it carries a LOT that I want to own. I came home with five new shirts and two new pairs of pants from there. But of those items, I bought four of the shirts and one of the pairs of pants specifically to wear to work, as my work wardrobe was getting mighty repetitive. So that was good.

After the mall, we did some furniture shopping. That was fun. Then we went to dinner at a Chinese restaurant, which was tasty, and then to see PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, which is, quite possibly, my new favorite movie. Good-NESS! Excellent. No one warned me that Johnny Depp was so freaking hott in eye liner, or that Orlando Bloom was so totally, adorably sexy. Yum. Good times. And the movie was hysterical! The man we sat next to REALLY thought it was funny, complete with roaring laugh and knee-slap, which upped the entertainment value by about threefold. Heh. It was fun.

On Monday, we did some more furniture shopping, had some ice cream, saw Freaky Friday (very cute and rather enjoyable), watched some more "Sex and the City," made dinner, and then Aarti headed to work and I headed to bed.

And Tuesday I came home. Another six-plus hours in the car, but I made it in one piece.

And that was my weekend. I just now watched my tape of JC on the Latin Grammy's from tonight (luckily, he presented first, so I can tape over the rest). He looked goooooooooood. And to hear him speak un muy, muy poco espanol was just... I love him. Hee.

Now, I only need to see him on the Wade Robson Project. Because, yes.