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July 28, 2003

Day with mi madre

I spent the day today with my mommy. It was a lot of fun. I got up late, around 9:00. We went out to breakfast, which was tasty, and then headed to the zoo. I hadn't been to the zoo in probably almost a dozen years. I don't believe it's been that long, but the last time I remember being there was when my 13-year-old cousin was still very much in a stroller, and the 11-year-old wasn't born. And I don't *remember* my aunt being pregnant at the time. So.

The zoo was interesting. It ain't no Disney's Animal Kingdom, that's for sure. I felt bad for the animals in their cramped little habitats. There was a big brown bear swimming back and forth in his little pool. He'd back stroke to one end, flip, and doggy paddle back. That's all he was doing. The walruses had a little more room to move about, and the sea lions were entirely energetic in their area. We saw the dolphin show, which was a lot of fun. There was a baby dolphin, two years old, who was just training to be in the show. So he was off to the side with his trainer doing little tiny tricks while the more experienced members of the group showed their stuff. Good times.

When we were walking around after the dolphin show, it was nap time for most of the animals. Note to self: go to the zoo in the morning next time, not the early afternoon. We saw lots of sleeping cats, sleeping kangaroos, sleeping bears, sleeping everything. Ha. But they were cute. And there were lots of little kids. Little kids are always fun to watch. They're seeing these animals for the first time, and they're so amazed! It's adorable. All in all, the zoo was very uncrowded as it was cool and a little overcast today. It was nice, because we could just wander around at our leisure.

After the zoo, we went to Cold Stone for some ice cream. I got cake batter ice cream with Heath Bar. Yum! Then, as I had a headache, I took a little nap. After the nap, Mom and I went to Barnes and Noble and I got four new books to read. I'm excited!!

In other news, tonight, JC is supposed to be on the Tom Green Show. I have to look up when/what channel it's on and set it to tape. Since we're on the subject of JC, I thought I'd add a little goodness to my blog. I haven't posted pictures in a looong time. I didn't take any of these... I think most are tagged by who did. Credit where credit is due. The other, I don't know where that came from.

Silly boys... ::shakes head:: Playin' for the camera. Such goofs!

Boys will be boys. Always gotta play with the toys.

He shot... he SCORED! Go JC!

Oww, that looks painful. Poor sunburned boy. I've got some aloe I can rub on that... ;)

And that's all, folks. Once I get my pictures developed, if any turn out (which I'm doubting, based on the disposable camera and being more than 14 feet from what I was taking the picture of), I'll post 'em.

July 25, 2003

Nearing the end of July

This time last year was *NSYNC Weekend 2002. What memories.

It's also Gina's birthday. I suck as a friend, and can't remember the exact date (I *think* it's today... someone correct me on that?), but I do very distinctly remember celebrating her birthday this time last year. It was my first time with tequila. Heh. Card games, liquor, disposable cameras and a furniture-less apartment lead to good times. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GINA MARIE!!! Miss ya LOTS!

Tonight, my parents, grandparents, sister and I went to see Seabiscuit. What a great movie! I laughed, I cried, and mmmm, Tobey Maguire. And I forgot how great it is to see a much-anticipated movie on opening night. The theatre was PACKED, and the audience was so responsive! Everyone got so into the races, gasped, clapped, it was awesome. MUCH fun.

I have to work tomorrow. I have no desire to do this. And I actually kinda like working Saturdays. They're no-call days, because I refuse to make "sales" calls on a Saturday, bothering people at home on their day off. Saturdays are heavy on service, and that's the part of my job I like. So, yay. I also have to go downtown to pick up my shoes from Smita's apartment, and also possibly get tickets at Schuba's for the Joe Firstman show. Excitement!

But for now, bed.

July 24, 2003

This just means I have to go back!

So today. There was a letter sitting on my chair, which is what my parents do with my mail. Put it on my chair, so I either sit on it, or open it. Plain white envelope, came from Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Hmmmmm. Looked like the kind of envelope my bank statements come in, so I thought whoa, did I never notice that our statements come from near Disney? And why? We don't have branches in Florida... I think I had work on the brain.

Anywho. So I opened the envelope, as one would. What was inside? Comp tickets for Walt Disney World!!!

Um, yes. So. Imagine my surprise. I worked one day in 2003. January 2nd, to be exact. Apparently going from "College Program" to "Casual Temporary" for that one day qualified me for two comp tickets? Weeeeird. Hey, I'm not complainin'. Nosiree.

Of course, where was I last weekend? Walt Disney World. Where am I now? Illinois. Over a thousand miles away from Walt Disney World. What could I have used last weekend? That's right, tickets to Walt Disney World. I wouldn't have had to waste any maingate entries or anything. I'd've been self sufficient. But nooooo, I get these today.

I guess that just means I'll have to go back. Before July 2005. Yep.

July 21, 2003

The Vacation "Recap"

Shall I start from the top and go from there? I think we shall. Warning: LONG. Long-ass long.

My plane on Wednesday was an hour delayed. Bastards. I got off to many voicemails. Thanks for calling, Michelle! That was sweet. ;) Carolyn picked me up (thanks, C!!) and we went to Jen's where we pretty much just crashed. Er, *I* crashed, and Jen and her friends crashed, and C went home and crashed. Yeah.

So Thursday. C picked me up and she and I met Stephen at Animal Kingdom. Thanks, Stephen!! Then C and I went to Disney-MGM Studios where we ate at good old Toy Story Pizza Planet and saw some of my old fellow cast members. Good times! We headed over to Who Wants to be a Millionaire: Play It, and then Rockin' Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror. More good times. Then we headed back to C's for some air conditioning and FYC video-watching. Afterwards, we struck out again towards Epcot and headed straight for Mission: Space. It doesn't open until August at the earliest, but they were previewing and testing it, so we got to ride. It was an AWESOME ride. Wow. Makes you feel like you're lifting off into space. Like, the skin on your face gets pulled backwards with the force of it. Damn. Totally awesome. Makes you feel kinda drunk, though, so on that note, we headed to Mexico for some margaritas and ice cream. Yum. Wandered the World Showcase a bit, saw the Living Statue in Italy, and rode Test Track before heading back to MGM for Fantasmic. Ran into Cinnamon, our old GT at DAK ODF from 2000. Good to see her! After Fantasmic, we met up with Karen (good to see ya!!) at Margaritaville on City Walk for some Blue Stone Circle. Yay!

Friday, we headed out towards Miami. We had fun in the car, listening to our boys most of the way down. We caravaned, Jen, Danielle and Amy in one car and Carolyn, Leslie and myself in the other. We made it to Miami about 3:00 and checked into our hotel, the Kent. It was such a cute, trendy place! We did learn the definition of trendy, though. TRENDY: (adj) Consisting of low lighting and lots of mirrors. But very cute. The entire room was purple with light wood and silver furniture and wood floors.

Anyway. We weren't in Miami ten minutes, not ten minutes, when this guy came up to us and asked if we partied. Thinking he was going to tell us about a club or something, we said yeah. Well, he was trying to sell us drugs!!! I made it through twenty-two and a half years without having to use my D.A.R.E. training and Just Say No. Ha. So funny. So we headed down to the beach, which is topless-friendly. Whoa. So we saw Naked Lady having Sex in the Water, and then a cute little gay couple getting their smooch on, also in the ocean. Then Brandon, our wonderful concierge, suggested this place called Texas Taco to eat at. LOVE Texas Taco. Yum.

Friday night was the party at Crobar. C and Leslie didn't have tickets, so I went with Jen, Danielle and Amy. We met up with Tonya and her friends there. Good times. Mr. JT (aka the biggest ass ever) did not show up. This didn't bother me, because my boy JC was there representin'. And he looked gooood. But Jen was upset. He's a stinker. We danced up a storm, and I ran into a bunch of people I know, which was cool. Joey came down and danced with we peons, which was awesome. He made a Magical Moment. Cuz dude, I danced with Joey! Of course, it was me and the hundred girls crushing me against Joey's friend, but yes. He was having a great time and you could really tell. We also danced with Papa Fatone, but Tonya's friend Jen really danced with Papa Fatone. Like, whoa. Heh. Too funny.

So after the party, we saw a hooker. Like, honest to god. Crazy. Miami was an experience, let me tell you!

Saturday was the Skills Challenge. We thought it started at 12:30, so about 10, Leslie, Carolyn and I went for a walk to C's bank so she could get some cash. Yeah, we walked. And walked, and walked, and walked. We walked through a rather upscale neighborhood, which was pretty cool. We just freaking walked forever. It was fun, though. Walking tour of South Beach. We arrived at the beach for the Challenge about noon, and yeah, didn't start until 1:30. What's more, doors opened at 1:30, and the event wouldn't start until 3. So we walked back to the hotel for a bit, then back to the beach.

Skills challenge was great fun. Let me try to remember all the celebs involved. Of course, our boys. Joey, JC and Chris were on the Knights. Then there was Donald Faison (from Scrubs and Clueless), Trevor from O-Town, Beverly Mitchell, two guys from Good Charlotte (one on each team), Gabrielle Union from Bring it On, and some random football and basketball players. Justin and Lance were on the Daze with Alfonso Ribiero (?) (Carlton from Fresh Prince), Emmanuelle Chiriqui (no idea if I spelled that right, from On the Line), Shannon Elizabeth and others. Taye Diggs and Jermaine Dupri were there, but I can't remember what team. Anyhoo. JC was not dressed for playing. He came out in jeans and a long-sleeved white shirt (in Miami! Where it was freaking HOT out!). He looked mighty fine, but did not participate. We were angered. He ended up leaving early (more on that in a bit). But the challenge was good. Lance was HOTT and chisled out of stone. Mmmmbaby. They did a bunch of games that no one understood the rules for (as seems to be par for the course). There was lots of cheating and getting up in people's faces jokingly. Donald and Alfonso had a dance-off where Alfonso did the Carlton with his entire team joining in (SO funny!) and then an awesome Michael Jackson impression, and Donald just strutted his stuff. So much fun.

Afterwards, we walked BACK to Texas Taco for dinner. We walked over ten miles that day, at least. It was a LOT of walking. My feet were protesting in a serious way. I have so many blisters. No pair of shoes was sacred, they ALL hurt. But it was worth it.

After dinner, we met up with Tonya and her gang. She picked us up in her swank rental convertible and we did a drive-by of Krave, the club that was having the VIP party. Then we went to Eden Roc, the "official" hotel of CFTC, where the boys and all the celebs were staying. Everyone was at the VIP partay, but we just hung out in their outdoor bar area and had ice cream and chatted the night away. It was fun. There were a couple guys there we recognized from Skills, but we didn't know who they were and decided against finding out.

Sunday, we got up early and headed straight to the beach for one last time. We hung out there, witnessed a guy get totally hit on (too funny... "Your freestyle's GREAT. I love your suit; what's it made of? Nylon?"... ahahaha). Then we went back to the hotel, showered, and checked out. Bye, bye, bye, Kent Hotel! We love you! Leslie, Carolyn and I headed up to Ft. Lauderdale.

We were early, of course. We saw signs for highway A1A, which is the road that runs up the Atlantic coast of Florida, so we headed that direction for the beach. Oh my gosh, Ft. Lauderdale is gorgeous. Wow. That's what Florida looks like in the brochures. The sand was white, the sky was perfectly blue, the water was a gorgeous, clear blue-green, the palm trees were vibrant, and there were colorful sails on the beach. Wow. Breathtaking. We found a little cafe called the Oasis. The tables were swings! Like, the table and benches were connected, and on gliders, and you could swing while you ate your meal on the beach. Too cool.

After lunch, we headed for the Office Depot Center for the basketball game. Our team, the Knights, was down 10 points from the Skills Challenge. JC was ready to participate this time, and was a big ball of energy. Oh, back to his leaving early from the Skills. Turns out, he had been severely sunburned (hence the long pants and long sleeves) and ended up going to the doctor or hospital or something. When they asked him how he was feeling, he said "Greasy." Heh. That's mah boy! So the game was good. People played pretty fair, except for Justin giving Chris the most major wedgie I have ever witnessed. ha. But then they inexplicably gave Justin ten free throws. For no reason at all. The six points he got from the random ten free throws made the Daze win 106-101. So not fair. My team would have won! And they were DOWN 10 points to begin with, so yeesh. Unfair. But Justin had been pouting, and he'd been being his cocky self, and ugh. Really not impressed with him.

Other cute B-ball moment: Joey totally parodying Justin's songs. "I wanna wash my body every day (dance with me) I'm gonna take a shower each day (dance with me)" ... or something similar. Hysterically funny. They let Joey have the mic after a while, which was great fun. He made it entertaining. I felt like Chris was a bit off. Wonder why. Hmm. All in all, a jolly good time.

We headed up to Orlando after the game. But altogether, they raised $3.5 million dollars for the charities this year. GOOD JOB!! That's totally awesome. Anyway, we arrived in Orlando around 11. Jen had to take Amy to the airport at 4:30 and then be at work at 8. Poor thing. Leslie also had to work. I feel for them.

So today, Monday,Carolyn came and got me about 11 and we went to eat at Donato's, this really good pizza place on Kirkman. Yum. Then we wandered around Downtown Disney for a bit and then headed back to her place before going to the airport. Drama at the airport also! Our plane was a bit late leaving due to weather conditions in Kentucky. And what weather conditions they were! We ended up being routed towards New Orleans to avoid the weather, which we did only semi-successfully. There was turbulance. There was one point with BAD turbulance. Like, we DROPPED. A couple times. I seriously thought the oxygen masks were about to pop out. A flight attendant got hurt. They were like "If anyone is a doctor, nurse or paramedic, please come to the back of the plane." Bad stuff. I think they said she had broken her foot or something. Regardless, the paramedics were there to meet our plane when we landed. Other than the bumpy ride, though, it was good. We saw Chicago, which was great fun. But the drama was happening during Cell Block Tango, which was sad. They were talking through it, and that's my favorite song. Oh well. Better that the poor woman get taken care of. The other fun thing was that "Wish Upon a Star" sung by nsync was on one of their radio stations. *g* Good times.

WHEW! So that's it. My vacation in a nutshell. Um, a very LARGE nutshell, as I didn't leave out too many details. Ha ha. If you got this far, more power to ya. Now I'm exhausted, and I don't wanna go to work tomorrow! ::pout:: Can't I just move to Florida?

July 14, 2003

Happy 23rd, Amy Jo!

Last year's was an event to remember, and I hope this one lives up. ;) I miss ya, girlie. Hope you had a wonderful birthday, didn't party too hard, and got everything you wanted. Heehee.

I'm bummed. Aarti is in town tomorrow, for One Day Only, and I have a stupid sales meeting. Aaaaarrrrggghhhh. Maybe it will be short, but it is scheduled until 6:30. Our last one went until a little after 7. I am hoping we can wrap things up nicely and be out the door, but still. It'll be 7:30 before I get home, and after 8 before I could get into the city to meet up with Aarti and her work peeps. I have to work on Wednesday and there is no getting around it. Plus, my bedroom is going to be used while I'm gone, and it is nowhere near presentable. And I still have some packing to do and some last-minute things. Timing. Timing SUCKS. =(

Right now I am plum tuckered out. With very little sleep last night (due to waking up too late and thus not being able to fall asleep... the evil cycle), I was ready for a nap just about all day today. So I think I will catch some Zzzzz's.


July 13, 2003


This is mostly informational for me. A checklist of sorts. I'm going to be gone for five days. I have packed:

8 shirts
2 pairs of capris
1 pair of shorts
4 pairs of shoes (2 pairs of flip flops, one pair nice black sandals, one pair tennis shoes)
7 pairs of underwear
3 bras
4 pairs of little socks
1 disposable camera
1 digital camera
2 extra batteries
1 bathing suit
1 pair of swim shorts
1 pair of pajamas (t-shirt and shorts)
1 bottle sunscreen

So far, all of this fits into a small suit case. I'm impressed with myself.

Still to pack:

cell phone charger
battery charger (currently charging battery)
curling iron
hair drier
tooth brush
tooth paste
round hair brush
regular hair brush
contact stuff

Anything else? What am I forgetting? I need to take my CD player and CDs and a book to read on the plane. Maybe a baseball cap to wear at the skills challenge on the beach? In case it's really sunny?

Eeee! I'm so excited! In THREE DAYS I will be in sunny Florida. Home sweet hoooooome! Sorta. <.g>

July 06, 2003

Sunday Sunday

I finally finished reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It was wonderful! And I'm so glad I took my time and stretched it over a week and a half, because I got to enjoy it for that long. Now I want to read it again. Or read the 6th book.

The weather has been absolutely weird today. Thunder storms on and off, with perfectly sunny skies in between. There was a period of time, while it was sunny, when the tornado sirens were going off. I went with my mom to Target and got stuck inside for a while, as the rain was coming down so heavily we couldn't even see the cars in the parkingl ot from inside the doors.

Ten days until I leave for Florida! Eeeee! I think I'm as excited about visiting Orlando and spending a day at Disney as I am to go to Miami. Hey, C, we need to discuss plans and such. What park are we going to on Thursday? I get off work at 5 every day... if you have a day that you aren't working in the evenings, give me a call. After 10, people start going to bed, but I'm free between 5 and 10. We must discuss. ;)

July 03, 2003

Two weeks...

...from today, I will be in SUNNY FLORIDA! I canNOT wait. I need a vacation more than anything at the moment. And I can't wait to set foot in the Land of the Mouse. Hey C, we're still hitting Disney that Thursday, yes? I neeeeeed my shot of WDW. It's like a drug. I also can't wait to see all my Orlando friends!

Today was Casual Day at work, which was great fun. No jeans, but I got to wear khaki capris and a red button-down over a tank top. And tennis shoes! I got to wear tennis shoes!

This helped greatly after my, um, irritatedness over the whole "can't take a sick day, must take a vacation day to go to the doctor" ordeal. Did I write about that? Can't remember. I usually don't post work stuff, but what the heck. It's fact. I hurt my eye on Saturday. Scratched my cornea. While I was at work. It hurt like HELL. Like nothing I have felt in my memory. But I had to stay at work, because I was meeting Sarah afterwards for lunch.

Anywho, everyone there knew I had hurt my eye, but my boss was not in on Sat. The doctor was also not open over the weekend. So on Monday, I came in and told my boss what had happened. She was all sympathetic. I also called the doctor to see if I needed to go in (not knowing that I had scratched my cornea... just knowing that my eye had hurt like hell). They wanted me in at 10 am. I said I couldn't... they wanted me in at 3:30. Since I had gotten to work at 7:40, if I didn't take a lunch, I would have had 7 hours in by 2:45 when I would need to leave to make it to the doctor by 3:30. My boss would not let me go.

The only appointment on Tuesday was at 12:30, so to get there, have the appt, and go back to work, it would take about 3 hours out of my day. Well, my boss told me I would have to take the day off. But not as a sick day, oh no. I would have to take a vacation day for it. Even though I told her I thought going to the eye doctor's for a semi-emergency visit perfectly qualified as a sick day, she said that if I had a regular day off this week (which I didn't, because we have a holiday tomorrow for the 4th, and the extra day off was added to my vacation accrual), I could use it for the doctor, but since I didn't have that day, I would just have to take one from my vacation time. I told her it wasn't like I was doing anything fun (kind of joking, ya know?) and she said "We don't always do fun things on our days off." Right. So. That was that. Vacation day to go to the doctor. Wheee! I love my job!!!

Have I mentioned that I CAN'T WAIT TO GO TO FLORIDA?!?!?!?!