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April 29, 2003

Day off

I was off today. Whooo!! Very exciting. Of course, come Saturday, I may not be so thrilled about having had Tuesday off, but such is life.

I have to work extra hours and late this week, too, because Saturday is Sarah's bridal shower in Danville. And I have to work. So I asked if I could get off at 11 instead of 1, and my wonderful manager said yes. So I will have to book it to Danville to get there by 2 (I've been told 3.5 hours... eeep!). So it'll be a long week of shortened lunches and working late to make up for the time and hit 40 hours with only working 4 full days and one 3-hour day.

Today, Jessica is home as well. She finished up with finals and arrived home early Sunday morning, and she doesn't start work until Thursday, so we hung out. We went to the bank, post office, and to get gas, and then we had lunch at Chevy's (had a tostada salad), and to see What A Girl Wants. It was a very cute movie! I had expected it to be so-so, but I enjoyed it a lot. Afterwards, we went to Ben & Jerrys for Free Cone Day. Yum.

I also bought a hands-free thingy for my cell phone. I was going to get a car charger, too, but those darn things are $30! Yeesh. The hands-free was $15, and that's expensive enough. But I talk on the phone on my way home from work a lot, and traffic is stop-and-go, and it's probably better than I'm not holding a cell phone up to my ear. So this will be safer. Hopefully.

I'm totally exhausted. I slept in until 9:30 and I haven't done anything but relaxing, fun things, and I'm still tired. What's with this? I think it's the rainy weather. The guy at Best Buy even asked me if I was sleepy (which totally came out of nowhere, and I think by my reaction, he was backpedaling and feeling like a dork. Heehee).

I talked to Carolyn yesterday, and that was so much fun. I miss ya, girl! And I miss ORLANDO. Hearing all her exciting adventures makes me want to move, and fast. I still don't know if I would rather go to Orlando or to Los Angeles, but I definitely want to go somewhere. I just need to save up some money first, because moving is expensive. And I really would like to purchase a condo or something, rather than throw my money away on rent. I've done enough of that. I want to get something out of all the money I put in. ::nods:: So, because of that, I think I'm going to be home for a bit longer. Not that I don't love my parents, and I really don't mind being here at all, it's just... after living on my own, it's different to be home. I want to feel independent and grown up, and I don't when I'm living in the bedroom I've had practically since I was born.

I think I'm going to reinstall Sims now.

April 26, 2003

Art and music

My cousins Vaughn and Weston were in town from Kansas City this weekend. Vaughn's orchestra was playing in a festival at Northwestern University.

This morning, we drove up to Evanston to see him perform. He uses my old, chubby violin! I miss that violin muchly. It was great fun to see it again, and to see it being used. Made me really want to play, though. Seeing Northwestern also brought back memories. Memories of solo and ensemble competition, of walking along the rocks lining Lake Michigan, memories of pretending we were college students when we were really just high school kids... the good old days. Northwestern is such a pretty campus.

So Vaughn first played with the full orchestra, and then again with the chamber orchestra. They're very good. Had some wonderful soloists (a cello and two violins) and some very difficult pieces. Like I said, memories. I wish I was still playing.

Afterwards, I pretty much went straight to work for the Art League auction. It was a lot of fun. Some really cool pieces of artwork were up for auction. Weston bid on a Lion King-esque (a landscape of a tree in front of a brilliant sunset that would have fit right in to the movie) painting that was valued at $200. He won it at $6. I hope the artist never finds out.

There was a silent auction for the first hour, and then a live auction. My grandparents, my uncle, Weston, and my parents all came to check out the bank, meet the couple people I work with who were there, and see the art. There was food and wine and music. It was a good time! I got hit on by a lot of old, drunk men. <.giggle> It was an experience, definitely, but also a whole lot of fun.

Another picture of my hair

I'm not sure if this link will work, because I was lazy and used Geocities, but here's a picture of my new 'do today. Kinda flipped out a bit. I really do want it to grow.

My hair

My poor hair

I miss my hair. Taking a shower today was so bizarre. There's nothing left! Ahhh!! I feel like a boy with boobs. I'm such a girly girl sometimes, too. I need hair to be a girl. The length wouldn't be bad if there weren't so many damn layers. I hate layers. When I get my layers done normally, I ask her to just have a few along the bottom. Why did I not stress to this guy that I still wanted to be able to wear a ponytail, or at least half a ponytail? I can't do anything with this hair. I should buy stock in hair clips. <.sigh> I'm so sad.

April 25, 2003

The Chop

I got off work at 1:00 today, which was great. I went home, got my car washed, got gas, and went to get my hair cut.

So. I got my hair cut. My girl doesn't work on Fridays, so I thought what the heck, I'll try this guy who's available. He was really nice, and he liked my shoes. He was very thorough in cutting my hair. He made sure each layer was perfect. It'll probably grow out nicely. This is the picture I took him to model my hair after. Specifically, the top left one. He pointed to the middle one, said "Do you like her layers like that?" I said yes.

This is how it turned out. I'm not really thinkin' Sweet Home Alabama with that. Not so much at all. I'm not sure what to think about it. I look a whole freaking lot like my mother. Which isn't a bad thing, but she is nearly thirty years older than I am. I suppose it'll grow on me, but at this point, I'm really just hoping it'll grow, period. And quickly. I'm reading in Sarah's wedding on the 31st of May. That gives me five weeks. My hair doesn't grow that fast. <.sigh> Ah well. The good thing is that I think it will grow out nicely. So I'll just have to hurry up and wait.

April 22, 2003

"My homey, JC"

Lately, JC's been in Boldt's studio, where he's been writing songs on a grand piano and recording them with live musicians, including experimental keyboardist Roger Manning Jr. (Beck, Air). He's also composed and recorded string sections.

Grand piano? Strings? Live music? ::dies::


"Since 'NSYNC's been chilling and we haven't been on the road or in contact with all our fans and everything, I needed to find a way to interact with them," Chasez explained. "I also wanted to show my appreciation. I'm gonna put songs out there, not only from my record, but I'm going to give them something free. After I'm done putting together my album, I want to give them something special because I want them to know that I still care."

Could I possibly love him any more? I think not.

Can't wait for the album. Can't wait for the album. Can't wait can'twaitcan'twait.

April 21, 2003

Easter weekend update

I had a good weekend. Friday, I got home from work about 7, headed over to Tammy's around 8. She was home for the night, only, to have an early Easter dinner with her family. Jamie, Craig, and I played Catchphrase for a long time while Lydia dyed Tammy's hair. The hair turned out really nice, though! Then we all headed to Bahama Breeze, where Emily and Frank met up with us. We had a little drinky and chatted, and kind of cringed at the music. Heehee.

On Saturday, the weather was kind of crappy-ola. I cleaned my room (it needed it!) and then went in to school with my mom to help her put up bulletin boards. The power flickered a bit, and then went out completely, while we were there. Her power came back on in half her room, which luckily was the half where her class's Fast Plants (an experiment they're doing growing plants) were. They need to be under the light at all times, or they will die. Another teacher's room was not so lucky, so we had to call the principal and see if he could get the power back on. It was exciting, what with the downpour and loud-loud thunder, though. ;)

After that, Aarti came in on the train, and we went to see Bend it Like Beckham. Great movie! It was quite amusing and entertaining, and the guy was hot. Hoo boy. I guess I like 'em kinda skinny and dorky, but dude. His eyes. Mmmm. Overall, the movie was very good, and I would highly recommend you all run out and see it.

Then we came back and colored Easter eggs some. Good times.

Yesterday, it was Easter. Obviously. Usually, my grandparents (all four of them) come over for dinner. This year, Jess was still at school (had finals starting today, so she could not come home), my mom's parents were in Wisconsin visiting my cousins, and my dad's parents were at my other aunt's house. So it was just the three of us. We went to church, and then downtown to the Art Institute. LOVE the Art Institute. We went through all the Impressionism rooms, which are definitely my favorites, and then saw some special exhibits on African American art and art of the Himalayas. Very cool. After the museum, we walked around Millennium Park a bit, which was gorgeous. The weather was absolutely perfect, and the grass was green, and the lake was sparkling blue in the background, and the trees were blooming, and the buildings lining Michigan Avenue just looked so classic Chicago. Definitely made me love the city even more. It's a great city, Chicago. I just wish it didn't get so damn cold in the winter. Bah. Anyway. After that, we ate dinner at Bennigan's and headed home.

Tonight, I should be studying for my retail exam. It's Wednesday, and it takes all day. Like, all day. I'll be in Oak Park, and the exam starts at 8:30. The girls who took it last week said they weren't done until after 4:30. If I don't get at least an 80%, I am out a job. So wish me luck!

April 13, 2003

billy joelton john

Wow. Totally, totally wow. Last night, I went with Meghan, Greg, one of Greg's frat brothers (can NOT for the life of me remember his name... it's a bit of an unusual name...) and Greg's parents went to see the Billy Joeyl and Elton John Face to Face Tour. Quite possibly the best concert I have ever been to. (I know, I know, you're shocked... but *NSYNC's Celebrity Tour was a close second <.g>)

They played about a half-hour together at the beginning, starting at about twenty to eight. They were both pretty serious at that point, dressed in suits. It was wonderful, although there are a couple songs they did that I'm not sure whose song it actually was. <.giggle> Songs that I know, but I am awful at knowing what artist sings what song, and with the two of them splitting up the parts, I wasn't sure who it originally belonged to.

After that, Elton stayed and Billy's piano disappeared beneath the stage. Elton was wearing a bright blue suit, blue shoes, and red sunglasses. Be played for about an hour. He and Billy had both been sick (they had cancelled Thursday's show... thank goodness for being well enough last night!), and I felt bad. Elton had to keep spitting in this pot between songs because he must have been all phlegmy. But he still sounded amazing. There are only a couple of songs he did not sing that I had hoped he would (Circle of Life, Candle on the Wind, This Train Don't Stop), but many, many more that he did play that I loved. And only a couple I didn't know. He would get up and stand on his piano bench between songs, or walk around the stage. He was very cool.

Then Elton's piano went under the stage and Billy's came back up. He, too, played alone for about an hour. I have to admit that I may have developed a slight crush on Billy Joel. I loved him! He was much less serious than Elton. He kept spinning around on his bench to sing to the people behind him when he didn't have to play the piano. He covered an Elvis song and played with the microphone, spinning the stand above his head, flipping it this way and that, and finally launching it across the stage to a stage hand. He danced, he bounced around, he played the piano with his butt. He was having a GREAT time, and it was very obvious. He also talked to us a lot, where Elton didn't say too much, just playing the piano and singing instead.

After Billy's hour, Elton came back out, dressed in a different suit. This one was all black and bedazzled all across the shoulders and back with sparkly jewels. He was wearing different sunglasses... kind of like J.Lo sunglasses. They played together, which was by far the best part of the show. They again did a bunch of their "hit" songs together. Billy was a hoot again. He did a jig on top of his piano (which were the biggest freaking pianos ever.... Meghan called it a "baby Grand" and I looked at her like she had lost her head. It was probably three times as long as a normal Grand! Like a stretch grand. <.giggle>). Then Billy slid across Elton's piano and ended up on his stomach, with his chin propped in his hands, staring at Elton as he played. They got goofy together, too. People were throwing roses on the stage, as well as bras. Elton put on a bra, put a rose between his teeth, and strutted around. Then he proceeded to take the rose and bop Billy on his bald little head with it as Billy played. Such goofy guys.

They sounded amazing, both of them, and together, even better. They left the stage and then came back for an encore... this time, Elton was dressed in a track suit. And different sunglasses. They did Great Balls of Fire at one point (can't remember if it was in the encore or during their "together" set). The last song they did was "Piano Man," which I had actually forgotten about. When Billy put on the harmonica, I was like "OH! PIANO MAN!" Love that song.

So, all in all, they played for about three and a half hours straight. We left there at about 11:15, 11:20. By the time we got out of the parking lot and home (and we took a detour that saved us a TON of time... when we went back by the venue on the expressway, there was still a parking lot FULL of cars trying to get out), it was almost 1:00. I was so awake last night that I couldn't fall asleep until about 2:30, after having worked all morning (a horrible, awful day I will spare you all from), so I'd had to get up at 5:30. On a Saturday. So wrong.

So I was completely exhausted, and therefore did not wake up when my mom tried to get me to go to church. It's Palm Sunday. I feel bad. I did not even hear her at 8:30 when she came in. I got up about 11. Oops.

Today, I NEED to do my taxes. I have put it off for just about as long as I possibly can, which is a Bad, Bad Thing. I should have been responsible and gotten them done in February. Oh well. So that is on tap for today. It is a gorgeous-looking day out, so I might want to go outside, but we will see how long the taxes take. It's already almost 1 pm. Eeep. The day is gone!

April 09, 2003

My poor, poor computer

Bah. My computer went kablooey. Kaputz. Pffffttzzz. Yeah. Basically, the hard drive died. The hard drive that is not even four months old yet. I lost everything. Like, all of it.

My wonderful, happy Sims. Gone. I'd built some beautiful and complicated houses. I had relationships that were a LOT of fun. Children had been born and raised. They were all so comfortable with each other that they'd do crazy, fun things on their own, like make out spontaneously. It's all gone (gone!).

That's the thing I was most upset about, my Sims. I also lost some pictures and things, but I think I can find most of it on the web here or there. I'd made some backgrounds and icons, most of which are gone, but that's okay, I suppose.

The good news is, I had the hard drive reinstalled today, got my outlook reconfigured, reinstalled PSP, and I have a new year worth of free Norton Antivirus. This is good. ;)

I had saved a lot (a lot) of "important information" in my Outlook, however. Such as phone numbers and addresses. Carolyn, yours is the one that comes to mind as something I had never transferred to my paper address book. Could you please email me your address/phone number again? T'would be muchly appreciated.

That's how I spent my day off today, though. Ran some errands (got gas, got my car washed, mailed off some things at the post office that had DESPERATELY needed to go out, went by the bank), then got a call that the computer guy was at my house waiting for me. He was SUPPOSED to call to set up a time, but did he do that? No. He just went to the house, without warning. So I raced home to meet him, and basically spent the rest of the day getting my computer back up and running.

So much for a day off. At least it was productive. I haven't cleaned my room yet, though, and the cleaning lady comes tomorrow. Bah. Don't want to clean.

I did get to talk to Heather for a long time today on the phone, which was wonderful. MISS my girls. Lots and lots.

April 06, 2003

Congratulations, Jill!

I was three years old when I attended my first Sunday School class. I was scared, but there was another little girl there, just as frightened-looking as I. I sat next to her and we held hands. From that day forward, we were inseparable whenever we were at Sunday School. As it turned out, we had baby sisters the same age, as well. Our mothers became fast friends, and that sealed the deal.

Jill and I played at each other's house. We, along with our sisters, created elaborate plots, wrote plays, drew pictures (to sell for twenty-five cents on our Sidewalk Art Sale), made friendship bracelets, threw ourselves onto the Slip 'n Slide, tried to kick our shoes up onto the garage roof while swinging as high as we could on my swingset, swam at the local pool, had sleepovers multiple times a month, made up jokes involving whoopie cushions, tried to learn to juggle, discovered the Simpsons, swapped sisters for a weekend, and had more adventures and good times than can be counted, tallied, or otherwise categorized.

Jill broke her arm the week before her seventh birthday by jumping off our fence. Her party was at the roller rink. She couldn't participate. Our families had garage sales together. We took road trip vacations through the Black Hills and Rocky Mountains, stayed in Estes Park, Colorado, and down to Hilton Head Island with their family. We've attended church with them. Jill and I went to Confirmation Camp for a week one summer, and on more than one weekend church retreat. Jill's mom was my Brownies leader, and taught us Princess Pat and a dozen other Girl Scouts songs.

Jill and I never went to school together, but we were always great friends. Our high schools were town rivals, but we joked through it all. She went with me to look at the University of Michigan, which I desperately wanted to attend, and she ended up going there when I realized I would never afford it.

I don't see Jill all that often, but I will always consider her one of my best friends. This is for the simple reason that when we do get together, it's as if we were never apart. We pick up right where we left off. For all the differences in our lives, we share just as much.

Jill just got engaged. Jill, my oldest friend in the world. Jill, the little girl I shared my fears with when I was three and afraid to be left alone. She's going to be married.

That's now, I think, seven of my friends getting married either this year or next. That's a lot.

April 01, 2003


You start to get comfortable, like you knew you probably would. You start to think, "this isn't so bad." You figure that, as long as you keep yourself busy enough to not have time for sales calls, you might be able to stick this one out. At least for a couple of months.

Then you're told that the administrative things you've been doing, those things you've been "keeping yourself busy with," they're not really your job anymore. You don't need to 'bother' yourself with them. The focus of your job, where you should be putting the majority of your energy, is sales. Calling off lists, promomoting this or that. And then you think that maybe you were wrong. That maybe 'comfortable' is not the word for it.

On the other hand, someone new is starting tomorrow. You're getting paid. And you like the people you work with. Life may not be how you pictured it, but it doesn't totally suck.

So you decide to take it day by day.

And by 'you,' I don't necessarily mean 'me.' Because it could be anyone, right? If the wrong people were to stumble across, say, something like this, it could mean anyone.