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March 29, 2003

It's been a week... oops

Last night, Meghan, Aarti and I went to Hala Kahiki for drinks. It's a really cute place! All Hawaiian-ish, with thatched walls and banana and pineapple lamps, and they only serve tropical/mixed drinks. No beer, no hard liquor, no food. I had a Ko Ko Mo, which was something like a pina colada with chocolate and no pina. It was good.

Did I do anything particularly exiting this week? I think not. My mom came to go out to lunch with me yesterday. It was fun. We went to Bar Louie's, which is a 40's-themed bar. Nice wood floors, round booths with grey upholstery, black and white pictures all on the walls... very nice. And good food. Yum.

We're getting a new banker. He's a boy. He's being transferred from another branch. I hope he's nice.

It was really sunny this morning. Now it's pretty cloudy. Hmm.

This is Kate, being random.

Oo, I really like Jason Mraz. Scott from I-4 told us to keep an eye out for him, and so I've seen him on a talk show, heard him in Target a few times, and now he's on the radio. I'm downloading some of his music as we speak, because I've only heard two songs of his so far. I really like, though. He even has a journal! The other day, I even got an email from House of Blues telling me to preorder tickets to his May 17 show. I don't know that I'll preorder tickets (at least not now... maybe closer to May), but I do think I'll go see him. Anyone wanna come with?

So, that's my excitement. I'm going shopping today with Aarti. We're also supposed to receive our new cell phones in the mail. Hopehopehope!

March 24, 2003

This Friday

This is a fly-by as I head off to bed...

Come one, come all!

Meghan found this little Tiki Bar place. It's around here, somewhere. I'm reeeeeal specific with the details, I know. But we were thinking it would be great fun to all get together and go on Friday. They only have mixed drinks, and Meg says they're quite good and pretty cheap. So I am officially extending an invitation to anyone who reads this. (Could be a scary, scary thing. <.g>) But yes, if you are interested, leave me a comment and I will figure out all the details and let you know.

I stayed up much too late last night, and I was a very sleepy Kater today. So now, I sleep.

So. Tired.

I don't know why I'm so sleepy this morning! I didn't go to bed until midnight, and thus only got five and a half hours of sleep, but it's not like this is the first time I've ever done that. Grrr. Wake up, Kate!

I had a good weekend. I picked Shelley up after work on Saturday and brought her back here. We went to see Chicago, third time for me, first for her. I love that movie. More about it later, though. Then we came back and made dinner (Betty's Boobs) and watched lots of *NSYNC-ish stuff. Two hours of MMC, my $1 tape, the Disney concert at MGM, a Disney concert at Epcot, and the Atlantis concert. We finally fell asleep about 2. I hadn't watched *NSYNC stuff like that in a looooong time. Long, long time. It's not our record for the most in one night (I think that honor would go to the night we were dubbing tapes for Miggie and Alicia, and ended up watching something like six or eight hours... overkill, I tell ya, even for me), but it was a lot. And it was fun. Good to see the boys together again.

On Sunday, Mom made lunch, and then Jessica took Shelley home on her way back to school. Mom and I went for a looooong walk to get coffee, because it was so absolutely gorgeous out. I love spring! I came home and got all handy-woman and cleaned my windows inside and out. You have to flip them sideways to clean the outside, and I thought I was going to yank the first one right out of the frame and end up with broken glass all over my floor, but it went alright. <.g> Now I have sparkling clean windows with screens, so I can open 'em wiiiiiide. Love spring! Love it!

Elaina called me. I really miss talking to Elaina, so I'm really glad we got to catch up.

Then, last night, Greg and I went to dinner. Usually, it's Meghan and Greg and John and I, but this time John was still down in Champaign and Meghan was going to dinner with her parents, so it ended up just the two of us. We got to chat, which was good. Lots of fun.

And theeeeen the Oscars. I was mostly pleasantly surprised. I was all geared up for a night of super-political acceptance speeches, but almost everyone kept it toned down. I hadn't seen a lot of the movies up this year (for any of the awards), which was sad, but I don't think there were any awards I really, really thought should have gone to something or someone else. Even from hear-say. I wish Far from Heaven had won something, but at least it was nominated. I was happy that Bowling for Columbine won, based on what I'd heard, but Michael Moore's speach was the most wretched thing I've ever heard. He was booed right off the stage, and rightly so. Gosh. I'm SO glad it wasn't a night filled with Michael Moores. Chicago did well, and I'm glad. It's the only Best Picture candidate I'd seen, but I loved it. And I understand that the Academy Awards are voted on by the Academy, and they're for excellence in filmmaking, but I don't think it's too much to assume the films up for something like Best Picture be ones that are enjoyed by the masses as well as being excellent films. Sometimes I think the Academy is all snobby and chooses films that are important or meaningfull or have credits full of distinguished names, but that most commonfolk wouldn't want to sit through if they weren't up for Oscars. So I'm glad that something won that was great and that people like. There.

Today it's back to the grind. First "real" workday as the only banker. Should be interesting. Especially if I can't wake up. Wake up!!

March 22, 2003

Great deals

I've been doing a little shopping lately. I discovered the dollar store. This dollar store rocks my socks. I spent too much money (okay, maybe not, because it was all in dollars, so even though I got many things, it wasn't that expensive) on goofy things, but you know what? It was so much fun, I don't even mind. And only $1 of it was for myself, so I'm justified. *g*

Then I went to Woodfield with Jamie and Emily, and I got a new shirt. Three, actually. Lol. One is silk and pretty and you can see it here. It's for work, and I wore it yesterday, in fact. Love it. Then I got a white tank top, also for work, that I can wear under suits when the weather is warm, so that I don't die of heat there in a long-sleeve shirt. The third was only $9 at JCrew, and it's just casual, but that's okay. I like it a lot. And I can be twins with Emily! What could be better?!

Last night, I hit up the dollar store again, this time with Jamie. We ended up going next door to Payless, where Jamie had gotten the cutest purse in the world. I wanted it. Well, they didn't have it anymore, but they did have a similar one, so I decided to get it. The woman rang it up... $3! SCORE! I was all prepared to spend $15 on it, which is still a pretty good deal in the world of leather purses, but $3... woohoo!

Today, I work. Whee. Imagine my excitement. Yesterday was one of my coworkers' last day, and last week was the other's, so now it's just me. Lonely little me. It'll be strange. They said they'll be hiring someone else in May. ::counts months:: That's two months away. I've only been working here just under two months. By the time we get our new banker, I'll be the old pro at everything. I guess that'll be good. Anyone looking for a job as a banker?? We're hiring!

Also, I'm not sure who all reads this, and I think I'll let her tell everyone herself, first, before I do, but one of my oldest and greatest friends just got engaged last night. I'm so excited! {{HUGS}} You know who you are. ;)

And now, I really, really need to get ready for work.

March 19, 2003


I got something in my mail yesterday! From Carolyn! And it's Tony's CD (which I asked her to pick up) and a picture! Of Tony and JC singing at House of Blues in November! Eeeeee! Thank you!

Wow. Abuse exclamation points much, Kate?


That made me happy. Thanks, girl. ;)

Let's see. Haven't updated since Sunday. Sunday night, I went out for coffee with Emily. I may have forgotten to call and invite Jamie... oops. Sorry!!! It was a good time, though. Since the weather was so wonderfully awesome, Starbucks was not overly crowded, which is a good thing.

On Monday, the weather was even more beautiful. In the low 70's. Daniela (one of the tellers) and I went to lunch together, and we walked around and found this little park real close to work. We sat on a bench and ate our lunch and chatted, and it was a lot of fun. Monday night, I went to dinner with Jamie and Michelle. Yay!! I hadn't seen Michelle in, gosh, probably years. It was great to catch up. We went to Houlihan's, because all the Irish restaurants were going to be crazy-busy because of St. Patrick's Day. So... British-themed worked well. <.g> I had a rueben, which is as close to corned beef and cabbage I'm ever going to eat. All in all, a really good time. We have to do it again, girls.

Yesterday was fairly uneventful. Actually, I did nothing after coming home. I read some... that was all. I have tomorrow off, though, so maybe I will try to actually do something tonight. I have this crazy urge to go see a movie, by myself, but I don't know if I'll end up doing that. Ha ha.

Oo, it's 6:30. I need to get ready for work! Ack!

March 16, 2003

A weekend of adventures

First things first, for anyone linking to my Weight Loss Journal, could you please use this link, instead: http://www.livejournal.com/users/katerpotater/friends? They have this little option where you can use an icon, only it doesn't show up on the main page, only on my Friends page. And I love icons! Must use them! And I want you all to see them, too. So. If it wouldn't be too much trouble to change your links? Thanks!

Okay, on to the updates.

It is gorgeous out this weekend! In fact, I'm sitting here with my window open as I type. Love it. Love it!

Friday, after work, I went to my grandma's. She had to take an egg casserole to a brunch, so she had three recipes she wanted to try out, and needed taste-testers. My mom and I stepped up to the task. From my grandma's, I went downtown to meet up with Aarti, Smita, and two of Smita's friends. I drove round and round looking for parking, because I refused to pay $12 to park. Found a primo spot at a meter. Free! Score!

We went to Howl at the Moon, a Jelly Rolls-esque piano bar downtown. It was so much fun! Had a great time. Had a little bit of a scare getting to the expressway, as the Ontario entrance ramp was blocked off, and I found myself winding through some Really Not Good neighborhoods trying to find another on-ramp. Frightening.

Yesterday, I went back downtown with Aarti to meet my dad, Mark, Gary, Joel, and two other employees my dad works with for the Big Ten Tournament Semifinals game -- Illinois vs. Indiana. It was great fun. An awesome game, which came down to free-throws as the deciding points. Illinois won by one point, a real nail-biter.

After the game, Aarti and I went back to her place for some movies: Fried Green Tomatoes and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I decided against driving home when I realized it was after midnight and St. Patrick's Day Weekend, and thus, lots and lots of drunk people would be out and about.

Today, Aarti and I went off in search of Chinatown. Again, we managed to find ourselves in a Not Nice Neighborhood, but this time on the South side. We had to ask a policeman how to get to Chinatown from there. Decided against bothering the ones in the middle of arresting someone, and opted instead for one hanging out along the side of the road. <.g> I sure have a knack for finding the most undesirable places to drive through!

We finally found Chinatown, and a while later, found parking. Another free meter. Score #2!! We ate at Joy Yi's (I hope I spelled that correctly), and it was SO good. And so wonderful to be out walking in 67.8 degree weather!

I drove home with my windows open the whole way.

I love spring.

March 12, 2003

Hump Day

I'm trying to blog every day. Or at least every other day. I have absolutely nothing to talk about, though! Bah.

Oh, I just talked to Carolyn! I SO want to be in Florida. She gets to do all the cool stuff. She's seeing Tony Lucca tonight. Jealous! We chatted about Challenge for the Children some... I'm excited. Justin and Christina are also having a concert that week before CFTC, so I think I might go. Just get day-of tickets with Carolyn and Jen and their friends, see what I can see. Noora is almost definitely coming, as well, so that should be fun. I asked for the time off today, so I will officially have a vacation from July 14-21. Woohoo! I'm almost as excited at the prospect of having an honest-to-goodness vacation as I am to be going to Florida.

It looks like I will not make it down to Champaign this weekend. Sadness. I had had it ALL planned out. Drive down from Naperville Friday after work, get in about 9, probably. Spend the night with Shelley. I had a hair appointment in Danville for Saturday afternoon, and then I was going to drive down to Eastern and spend Saturday night with Tammy, come home Sunday.

But on the brighter side of things, my dad came home yesterday with news that he had gotten Big Ten Tournament tickets for the two of us for this weekend, which would be the reason why I can not go to Champaign. I am excited about that. Should be fun.

For now, West Wing and then to bed with me. I'm still sick. I need my rest. ;)

Weight Loss Journal

If anyone's interested (and you may not be... it's really boring and basically consists of what I've eaten and my progress), I made a Weight Loss Journal. It's mostly for me, so I can keep track of everything myself, so I don't expect anyone else to read it, but if you're interested, it's there. If I know people could potentially be looking at it, it'll probably help keep me honest, which is why I'm at least telling you all about it. ;)

March 11, 2003

All productive-like

I finally updated my sidebar with all the new blogs. Go me!

Carolyn met Joey from *NSYNC. At work (as an Epcot Guest Relations cast member). She helped him with his Disney Annual Pass. How cool is that?

I finished up my repeat of training today in Oak Park. Tomorrow I'm back in Naperville. It was a nice change of pace, and one of the guys I had training with did the Disney College Program summer of 2000. I drove him and another woman to Subway for lunch, and he saw my WDWCP window cling. <.g> We had a nice chat. It was fun.

Today, I am back on my diet. I'm considering starting a weight loss journal, because I need to hold myself accountable for it. I want to have lost 20 lbs by July, and 30 by the end of the summer. And I need to keep it off until Jamie and Craig's wedding. Ideally, I'll keep it off forever. I figure, the wedding is a year and a half away, so if I can do it for that long, it'll be habit by then. It'll be a way of life instead of a diet. And Jamie? I really want to go to Women's Workout World with you. We'll have to find a day that's good for me to try it out.

Randomly, it bothers me that none of the radio DJs can pronounce JC's name right. They all say "Shah-zay," (pretty much equal emphasis on both syllables) which is definitely better than "CHA-sez," but still not right. It was to the point where I thought *I* was pronouncing it wrong, but he's gone over it a number of times, one of them being in the studio in LA. So my little ears have heard the pronounciation straight from the source. I don't want to speak for him, but I'm pretty sure "Sha-ZAY" is how it's supposed to be said. Short first syllable, empasized second one. As someone who has a name no one likes to pronounce correctly (including my own family!), it bugs me to hear names repeatedly mispronounced. I even called the Kiss today to set them straight, but I freaked out after it rang nine times and hung up. <.giggle> Talking to JoJo and Natalie has not helped my nerves for calling other radio stations.

March 10, 2003

Could I just stay home?

It's not fair. My ears are plugged, my eyes are watering, I'm sneezing every 2.4 minutes, and I can't breathe out of my nose. And I have to go to work. My mom, on the other hand, is staying home today, with the cold I gave her.

I have training again today. I say "again" instead of "more training" because I've had this training before. They just want to make sure I know everything like the back of my hand. I'm not sure if that's code for "you don't know things as well as you should," or if it really is because my two coworkers are leaving and I will be the only one left, so I've got no one to ask if I'm not sure on something. I'm not sure this particular training is all that helpful, but I suppose it'll do something, at least. The good thing is that I'll be in Oak Park instead of my branch, and we usually get out about 4:00, so I should be home by the time rush hour's really picking up, instead of stumbling in the door at a quarter past six because traffic sucks.

I had fun this weekend. Went out for coffee with Meghan Friday night and chatted. Good to catch up with her. I had to work Saturday, but I went straight from work to pick up Anjali in the city and then head down to Champaign. Shefali was performing in an Indian dance show, so we went to see that. It was really good. I was impressed, and enjoyed myself a lot. Then we went back to Danville, where Aarti and I stayed up talking for way too long. On Sunday, we had lots of yummy food made by Mrs. Gopal, and then I headed home. I forget what a looooooong drive that can be if you're all by yourself, though. I rediscovered my Lilo and Stitch soundtrack, and was rockin' out to "Hawaiian Rollercoaster" and Elvis most of the way home. <.g>

I suck at updating things. I have to update my sidebar, and I haven't forgotten about you girls!

I want to go to sleep. Instead, I go to work.

March 07, 2003

I'm gonna have you nekkid by the end of this song

This post has nothing to do with songs or "nekkid"-ness or Justin Timberlake whatsoever. I just heard it on the radio. It's in my head.

How wrong is it that it's not yet 10:00 on a Friday night, and I am about to get into bed?

In my credit, I have to be up at 5:30 and at work by 8. Joy of joys. Just how I want to spend my Saturday, believe you me. Two of my coworkers (coincidentally, the two who have the same position as I do) have put in their two week notices. I will be all alone. Me, after only having been in this job a month. Me, who will not finish training until April. Me, who is completely clueless in this position. Me.

But I'll deal. I always do, I suppose. And I shouldn't complain about work. I have a job, and that's more than I can say for a lot of people these days.

In other news, Jamie, Emily and Michelle all have blogs/journals. I need to update my sidebar to link to them. I'm workin' on it, girls, I promise! Just. So. Tired.

Bed sounds nice right now. My cat is already there. He's got the right idea.

Welcome to the World of Random.

March 04, 2003

Let it snow... in March

It's snowing. They're saying 6-10 inches, but they've said similar before and we've only gotten one or two, so I'm not holding my breath. I fear the worst for traffic tomorrow morning, though.

I'm very excited about CFTC. My friend Noora from Finland is coming! She's so totally excited that I can't help but not be bouncing for her to come. Carolyn, we are going to have so much fun! I can't wait to see you again!

Eeeeee!! Friends! Disney! Nsync! Vacation! What could be better?



Today was great. I got to SLEEP IN until 9:00, which was wonderful. Then I sat around and chatted on the computer for a couple hours, got to talk to C again! And Noora (where all the CFTC madness came in). Then I went to lunch with my sister, which was great fun.

After lunch, we went to the mall where I spent WAY too much money on clothes for work. Working is expensive, man. But I got a pair of pants to wear with my black suit jacket, and a pair of grey pants that *hopefully* I can wear with my grey suit jacket. If not, I have sweaters I can wear with them. And I got a shirt to wear with my blue suit and one to wear either with my black suit or my tan one. I have now two complete suits (jacket and pants) and two just-jackets (unless the grey pants work out). I need blue pants to wear with my blue jacket, and all will be good. It will be nice not to have to recycle the same outfits every, oh, seven or eight days. Lol. I was beginning to feel stupid showing up in the same outfits every week and a half. Now I could probably stretch it a little past two weeks, which is a good thing.

Tonight, plans are to watch Sweet Home Alabama, which my sister bought. I saw it in theatres, but I've been told there is an alternate ending on the DVD. Exciting.

And Eeeeee!!! CFTC in July! Eeeeeee!!

The Weekend of Nick

This weekend was Nick Weekend. What fun it was!

On Friday, I got to leave work almost two hours early. Got on the road about 4:10, and traffic was awful, so I made it into the city around 6. Everyone was already in line, so I joined them, and met Jenn, Karen, Nadine, Glace, Erica, and two girls I forget the names of (oops), as well as seeing Alicia and Karey again.

The concert was great. Nick gets SO into his music, it's adorable. He covered a few songs I had never heard (but sounded good on them just the same), sang a few Backstreet songs acoustic (sounded really good on those, too), a couple songs that hadn't made his album, and then most of the album. He does very well live. I was impressed. He did introduce "Heart Without a Home," saying it was time to slow it down, when he meant to introduce "My Confession." He got flustered for a moment, laughed, and carried on.

The best moment by far, though, happened when he was singing and bouncing around and being all into his music... He had tipped over the microphone stand (but held on to the mic) a moment before. The stage was a foot or so lower than the heads of the people in front of us (we were in the back), so we couldn't see him from about mid-shin down. All of a sudden, Nick dove at the stage, and all I saw was his rump, shortly followed by his feet arching up over the heads of the crowd. He bolted upright in a "nobody saw that" manner, grinning like a goof, and kept singing. He giggled through the rest of the song. When it was finished, he said "I just busted my ass!" Yes, folks, Nick Carter took a diving fall onto the stage, tripping over his microphone stand, and I will never forget it. SO FUNNY.

He needed better pants. His pants were ugly and unflattering. His tummy, however, is ever-poke-able and ever-tickle-able. I love me some Nick Tummy.

After the show, we headed over to the White Star for Nick's afterparty. Vi3 (a boyband-rap group who opened for Nick) was there. The Guest of Honor showed up a bit later, and we snapped some pictures and basically gazed at him for a bit. He is awfully pretty. And I am twelve.

We went back to the hotel and crashed, then regrouped for lunch at Lou Mitchell's, which is very yummy. Very, very yummy. Everyone but Karey had to leave after lunch, so Karey and I headed out to Woodfield for some Build-A-Bear-ing and some random shopping. We ended up back in the city for dinner at Lalo's with Aarti, Megan, and Megan's friend Craig. Very yummy margaritas, very yummy fried ice cream, passable dinner. But it was okay, because we had a blast at dinner.

Back to the hotel, in the snow, out to Walgreens for Fabreeze and Advil, still in the snow, back to the hotel once again. We rented Princess Bride from the front desk and I fell asleep from my headache.

On Sunday, I said goodbye to Karey and met my mom, Grandma, and sister at the Oriental Theatre for sing-along Wizard of Oz. Don't knock it before you try it. It was one of the most entertaining events I have attended. Half the people were dressed up. We were not. They give you a magic wand to wave whenever magic happens, a bottle of bubbles for when Glinda comes on the screen, a ratchet noisemaker for the Tin Man, and a kazoo for "singing along" to songs without words. We were also encouraged to cheer for the Good Guys, boo the Bad Guys, and bark for Toto. And, of course, to sing along to every song.

It was an experience to be sure. All the kids were adorable, and it was great fun watching them get so into everything. It was just as fun watching my grandma get so into everything. We were celebrating her birthday, and I think she had the time of her life. I'm so glad she did.

So all in all, the weekend was good. Probably the busiest I've had since being home, but it was well-spent and well worth it.

March 03, 2003


It's official and we're hoping that you're hearing it first from the *NSYNC fan club!! CFTC V will take place in Miami on July 18, 19 and 20th. The skills portion of the weekend will happen outside on the beach as opposed to inside. It promises to be HOT and filled with fun activities for fans and celebrities alike!! The actual b-ball game will take place in Ft. Lauderdale at the Office Depot Center.

So, I think I'm going to take my vacation for then. I was thinking, if I took the week off before, and left the 13th or so, went down to Orlando to visit (Carolyn? You be around?), then drove down to Miami for the weekend... I could fly out Monday, and maybe use that Monday as my regular day off that week (working the next Saturday), and only use five vacation days. We'll see how things pan out, but I'm excited. A vacation! Not that I didn't just have one or two... <.giggle>