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Monday, 9/29/08: In My Dreams

Monday, 9/29/08: In My Dreams
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Since I was totally stuck in the parking lot's stacked parking last night between two cars whose owners felt no sense of urgency at all to come back to their vehicles, I got home late. I got to bed much later than I normally do. And I was all giddy on a post-concert high and couldn't fall asleep! I'm getting too old for fewer than four hours of sleep, let me tell you.

I was definitely wishing I could crawl back in bed and fall back asleep instead of going to work this morning. This is the beginning of my walk, just out of the complex. The whole way to work, I had REO Speedwagon on repeat on my ipod. It actually helped make it okay that I was out in the world instead of in my cozy, comfortable bed.

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