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Saturday, 9/27/08: Artsy

Saturday, 9/27/08: Artsy
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The last leftover picture! This was taken in Canada, while I was waiting with Simplybeing for the Wicked lottery. I just really liked this little artsy corner of the Arts Center, with its random and mismatched chairs and funky walls. Pretty neat.

My Saturday actually consisted of tons of wedding-related activities. We had our quarterly all-staff meeting after work, and combined it with a bridal shower for V, who is getting married in late October, and a groom shower for J, who is getting married in early October. It was pretty funny--V thought we were planning the party for J, and J thought we were planning it for V, so they were both surprised. Yay!

Afterwards, I went to the wedding of one of my old coworkers. It was very nice. She looked absolutely beautiful, and it was nice to spend time with several people I used to work with. I only wished (again) that I understood more Spanish--everything official was done in both Spanish and English, but most of the toasts were only in Spanish. And there was a lot of Spanish music, which all kind of started sounding the same after a while. All in all, it was a good time.

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