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Thursday, 9/25/08: Temple of the Forbidden Eye

I had the day off, so Gen, her friend, L, who was visiting from Illinois, Heather and I took advantage of our annual passes (with the exception of L) and went to Disneyland. It was deserted. I think the longest line was for this, Indiana Jones, and that took us 16 minutes. Most lines weren't longer than five minutes, and Pirates of the Caribbean was walk-on. Literally. We walked into the building, there was a boat already waiting--we didn't even have to pause for it to pull up--and we got in and were on our way! Crazy. And pretty awesome! *g*

Being that this week's theme is Leftovers, this picture was actually taken in March when Jessie and Nadine were visiting, and we all went to Disneyland with J.L. and Keri. I did take a couple pictures this time around, but nothin' new or special. Anyway.

Theme: Leftovers

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